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BigBertha1 Thu 12-May-22 22:09:22

Is anyone here ,n this. I just started today for sciatica. The list of side effects look scary. If you are on it are you tolerating it well? Thank you in anticipation of responses.

Charleygirl5 Thu 12-May-22 22:13:27

I was on it but not for long because I developed a rash covering my body.

HowVeryDareYou Thu 12-May-22 22:14:50

I was on Pregabalin for the pain of a rotor cuff injury. Apart from making me drowsy (I only took it at night, didn't bother with the daytime dose), I didn't have any side-effects

BlueSky Thu 12-May-22 23:46:59

My DH stopped taking them because they made his legs swell. Give it a try and don’t worry too much about side effects.

MissAdventure Thu 12-May-22 23:49:18

My mum was on a very high dose for years, with no problems (except they didn't help her particular pain)
I was always surprised how well she tolerated such a high dose.

BlueSky Fri 13-May-22 00:02:37

MissA my MIL was similar but she could take virtually any drug with no problems.

Shinamae Fri 13-May-22 00:04:46

My doctor put me on it about three weeks ago because I’ve got muscle pain in my shoulder, It did absolutely nothing at all so I’ve stopped taking it…

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 00:06:27

Strange isnt it?
I thought my mum would at least be a bit drowsy, but no..

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 00:08:02

It seems it is almost a miracle for some.
It's pot luck.

BlueSky Fri 13-May-22 00:11:42

Yes for her it was a miracle drug as it got her back on her feet.

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 00:17:06


It's good to hear a success story.
What a life changer!

Chestnut Fri 13-May-22 00:18:27

The leaflets that now come with these drugs are terrifying. The possible side effects include every conceivable illness you can imagine. They can even make you feel suicidal, very encouraging. I've seen this with a few drugs lately, so I wouldn't worry. It's no good asking anyone else because we are all individual and your side effects will not be the same as anyone else's.

After starting Pregabalin I developed very swollen legs and feet. I was looking at that darn leaflet again, so I stopped them for a month and that made no difference. So maybe just a coincidence, so I went back on them, two a day. I'm also on Baclofen (both started this year) as I have started falling apart I think.

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 00:20:01

Antidepressants carry a warning that they may make you feel suicidal, I think.

BlueSky Fri 13-May-22 00:26:51

My DH had to take an antibiotic recently and I couldn’t believe some of the side effects. I didn’t tell him not to worry him but I was watching him every day just in case!

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 00:32:56

They can be really nasty.
Horrible rashes, plus the shi.... erŕ, digestive issues.

BigBertha1 Fri 13-May-22 06:44:33

Thank you for your responses. I took my first one last night and had the best nights sleep I've had for agrs. Better not take place me this morning as I will be playing golf don't want to drop off in a bunker. The reason I ask is it's not a drug I have come across before so it's useful to hear other experiences.

MerylStreep Fri 13-May-22 06:53:15

They have to list everything you don’t die of to cover their arses just in case you decide to sue them.
Then they can point out that they warned you that this could happen.

FannyCornforth Fri 13-May-22 07:03:34

I’m on it for sciatica and nerve pain. I take it in the middle of the night and it makes me nice and drowsy so I drop off again.
If I’m in extreme pain I’ll take it again in the afternoon.
I take 50 - 100mg at a time.
I’m impressed that you are playing golf Bertha!
Well done, I can barely get out of bed!

Baggs Fri 13-May-22 08:08:09

I don’t read about side effects until I have some and then just to confirm that it might be the medication. That most people don’t have the scarier side effects is worth bearing in mind.

I do read about what the med is used for and the reasons why you shouldn’t take it but I also trust my GP not to prescribe something I shouldn’t be taking.

Allegretto Fri 13-May-22 08:19:10

I was on it for years and it was effective in reducing nerve pain. I eventually decided to try to stop it to assess my pain level. I reduced it gradually over a number of months and my pain was indeed manageable by then. I felt as if a cloud had been lifted. I hadn’t realised how much it was fogging my brain. I don’t think I would take it again if the was any alternative way of managing pain, but it did do the job at the time it was needed.

Chestnut Fri 13-May-22 09:03:52

I hadn't considered brain fog, but I have to admit I've been slower working things out and can't remember people's names etc. I thought old age had suddenly arrived but maybe it's the Pregabalin.

Kalu Fri 13-May-22 09:53:37

I have been taking pregabalin for 4 years, 2x24 for peripheral neuropathy but I have decided, as it hasn’t given me much relief to gradually stop taking it.

The brain fog is having such an adverse effect, difficult to concentrate and some loss of confidence, I will continue to use Capsaicin cream, for nerve pain, prescribed by my GP as and when required.

Chestnut Fri 13-May-22 16:11:35

Wow, I think I'll stop the Pregabalin. I'm definitely feeling brain fog lately. I've been doing a lot of writing these last few days but finding it very difficult to put the words together. So it's taking AGES to write anything. Is it the Pregabalin? I'll let you know if my brain starts working again. But don't forget everyone is different, it won't affect everyone like that.

Kalu Sun 15-May-22 12:59:35

Quite so Chestnut. Pregabalin won’t have an adverse effect on everyone. This is just an account of my own personal experience. I wouldn’t prescribe what meds. may or not be suitable for another.

Hoping the brain fog lifts and you find an alternative to deal with your symptoms. 🤞