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Total knee replacement

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lynnettewilson Tue 09-Aug-22 14:09:24

Hi just 1 week after my op
Finding things painful and emotional. Would like to
Hear any ones opinion on recovery ect . Many thanks

Aveline Tue 09-Aug-22 14:16:27

Have you checked the previous threads on this? Also do check out Bonesmart site. You're not alone! The first couple if weeks after a TKR are not for sissies. But as I look down at my two TKR scars I'm so glad I had the ops.
Take it easy. Sleep when you can. Walk about. Ice and elevate. Good luck.

Visgir1 Tue 09-Aug-22 16:08:35

Had mine week before Christmas.. So nearly 8 months on..
Perfect it's painful at first but after having so much pain prior, you know the end is in site. My site is still warm but I was told its still healing.
Agree Ice, Ice, Ice and elevate I took painkillers but only because I am due a Hip Replacement, which is tomorrow..woohoo!
So I will be balanced again and hopefully pain free at last.

Good luck, you will be fine soon get the first month or so over and it will be great. You have now achieved the worse bit, it all positive now. ?

Charleygirl5 Tue 09-Aug-22 16:18:01

I have had both knees replaced and I am so glad I only have two legs.

My last was done in 2018 and even 6 weeks post op I was still in a lot of pain so much that I rang my GP who was amazing and sorted me out with stronger pain relief.

Everybody is different. A male friend of mine was up and down stairs about 3 days later with virtually no pain at all.

Hang on in there, you will not regret it 3 months from now when you are free as a bird.

Technically it is more difficult to do than a hip replacement and takes longer.

JenniferEccles Tue 09-Aug-22 17:22:13

Have you looked at the hip replacement thread on here which is on its second one as the first one filled up !
Although it says hips there are knees on there too so certainly worth a look.
Also you will hopefully get some response on here.

I only have experience of hips but I think it’s accepted that the recovery time for knee replacement is longer as they are more complex joints.
Having said that, even after my hip operation, at the one week stage which you are at, I was still saying “what the hell have I done?” as I was still in quite a bit of pain.
Honestly though it does get better, it really does.
They are fantastically successful operations for the vast majority of people, transforming lives almost beyond belief.

I was lucky in that, although my hip had deteriorated to a point where it definitely needed to be replaced,I only had a five month wait from when I saw the surgeon to the operation. In fact I was still doing the supermarket shop a week before the operation, before I had to stay in away from people.
This was just before Christmas when covid cases were quite high, and a couple of negative tests were required just before I went in.
I am sure you will gradually feel better and I hope you find the threads useful.

lynnettewilson Tue 09-Aug-22 21:38:05

Thankyou so much everyone, feel uplifted with the comments

cornergran Tue 09-Aug-22 21:52:27

Hang on in there lynette. It does get easier. Mine was September last year. I was lucky I think as pain was usually manageable. The awkwardness of it all and struggling to sleep comfortably were the worst. No NHS physio available so I paid for some which really helped. After four weeks the world looked very different. I could move around comfortably, no need for sticks indoors and at 6 weeks no longer needed sticks anywhere. I remained easily tired for about three months.

We’re all different. It’s not a competition. If you need more pain relief do speak to your GP. Listen to your body. Sleep when you can and do rest, it’s major surgery and our bodies react emotionally as well as physically. As I said, hang on in there. It will get better and is definitely worth it. Let us know how you get on. Always someone here to chat to.

Deedaa Tue 09-Aug-22 21:56:12

I had both mine done 16 years ago and never regretted it. I was in hospital for five days for each one and just taking paracetamol when I went home. It as only a few days before I was beginning to stagger up to the shops. Do keep going with the exercises they make all the difference and it's worth working through the pain (can't believe it's me saying that!)

Aveline Wed 10-Aug-22 06:47:32

All you need to do is walk. That's what legs are for! Physios were made redundant at our local hospital. Success rate and mobility exactly the same without them.

Nannytopsy Wed 10-Aug-22 06:53:09

When I eventually get a new knee, will I be able to kneel down again?

Aveline Wed 10-Aug-22 07:32:51

I don't kneel at all since my ops. Not sure why. I suppose I could if I wanted to but I just don't fancy it somehow. It's great to be pain free and to be able to walk easily.

dragonfly46 Wed 10-Aug-22 07:40:42

I have a friend who has had both knees done and she cannot kneel.

FannyCornforth Wed 10-Aug-22 07:46:07

Hello Lynette
Sorry to hear that you are feeling grim.
I felt awful for the first few weeks after my THR, and I understand that knees are even more difficult to deal with.
You are most welcome to join us on this thread. We are a friendly bunch! smilethanks

cornergran Wed 10-Aug-22 08:10:44

After one tkr I can and do kneel down nannyt. Asking the surgeon he said after healing no physical reason not to, any pain usually comes from kneeling on the scar not from the joint. In his view people who had a good reason for kneeling, he cited gardeners and decorators, did so. If I want to kneel for any length of time I use a cushion or a pad in the garden. I’m ok for a short while without. Getting up is ok as long as I think about it.

Interesting the different views over exercise. My knee bent relatively easily post surgery, fully straightening it was more of a challenge. My (private) physio explained how important that was for joint stability so I persevered with the gentle exercises she gave me and have a knee that both bends and straightens to the same degree as the non operated one. Discharged from hospital with a huge exercise sheet I own to ignoring most of them once I was walking about. We’re all different and advice post surgery seems to vary enormously.

Aveline Wed 10-Aug-22 08:26:28

Interesting re kneeling. I'm sure I could but just don't. After reading this thread I might try it. I suspect not kneeling has just become a habit as I wasn't able to for so many years before my op.

Charleygirl5 Wed 10-Aug-22 13:27:16

I have had both knees replaced at different times and I definitely cannot kneel. I have had 2 falls within 6 months and had mega problems getting up again. I did try to kneel but I could not do it. I will be interested to hear if you manage Aveline.

After my first TKR, the physio plastered exercise charts on every cupboard in my large kitchen but all I ever did was bend easily to 90 degrees and straighten fully.

Because of the amount of pain I had following my second op, again I made sure I could bend and straighten and nobody would know I barely carried out 10 minutes of exercises in total!

We are all different- you will be fine given time.

lynnettewilson Thu 11-Aug-22 00:07:48

Thankyou all for your support, had first physio apt today and it turned out to be a fairly good day
I am finding the compression stockings very uncomfortable but I suppose that is something to get used to smile

Charleygirl5 Thu 11-Aug-22 08:00:23

I agree re the compression stockings and it does not help with the weather being so warm. At least they would keep you warm in January!

Hang on in there. you will wake up one morning and think that something has changed, I do not have so much pain in my knee.

Funnygran Thu 11-Aug-22 08:42:23

I had one knee done three months ago. First few weeks were painful but I persevered with the exercises and I think it pays off. When I saw the physio last week and she measured how far I could bend the new joint it was 125 degrees which she said was good. I can’t stand in one place for long but am walking ok. Get some electric shock type pains in the nerves which is apparently normal. I haven’t tried kneeling yet and feel nervous about that. I’m glad I had it done though, my old knee was getting so painful it was affecting my balance and how I walked.

JenniferEccles Thu 11-Aug-22 09:41:15

Oh my goodness those compression stockings must be almost intolerable in this heat.
As I said on the other thread I stopped using them soon after I got home. They were such a struggle for my husband to get on, even with the plastic bag trick.
I knew I wouldn’t be just sitting for hours but would be having regular walks around the house as well as doing the prescribed exercises several times a day.
Not every surgeon prescribes them, I was given blood thinning pills to take for several weeks, so weighing everything up, the dreaded stockings were discarded!

silverlining48 Thu 11-Aug-22 09:57:45

I had a new hip and asked if I could avoid the stockings, as I knew it would be awkward taking off:put on. Was given 4 weeks of self injections instead. That was punishment enough. I knew it was important to keep moving so I did. Op was 4 months ago and will see the consultant today.

Aveline Thu 11-Aug-22 10:07:19

Ooh those self injections!! I was prescribed Apixaban as a blood thinner and as I was pretty mobile I took a policy decision to dump the compression stockings. I seem to have got away with it so far (it's a year now!)

Charleygirl5 Thu 11-Aug-22 10:12:54

Aveline you and I pretty much did our own thing and we are absolutely fine, having done few exercises.

Carolinerose2 Sat 09-Sep-23 16:50:09

Having a total knee replacement soon, does anybody have any tips about how to manage at home post op? I live in a small house where the bathroom/WC and bedrooms are on the first floor. There is no space downstairs for a WC and I know the stairs are going to be a big problem for me. I am a bit squeamish about asking DH to empty a commode! Thanks

Fleurpepper Sat 09-Sep-23 18:50:36

Depends on your stairs- are they steep? You must make sure that your learn how to use crutches on stairs and practise going up and down before getting home.

Stairs were fine for me, but they are not deep and not steep and a good ramp, and I was taught how to go up and down safely.

Do you have a shower over bath? You may struggle with this- so may have to skip showering for a while. If stairs are steep and deep, you may have to sleep downstairs for a while, and make necessary arrangements. Depends on your age and fitness too.

If you don't want OH to empty commode, maybe you will have to organise help to come in twice a day. We are all different, different stages of fitness and strength, and certainly different stairs.

Do you know how long you will be in hospital?