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purplehead Wed 28-Sep-22 18:34:30

I have had insomnia for years and have tried lots of lotions and potions to help.
I have no tv/radio/mobile in the bedroom.
I need something to help me stay asleep for longer than 4hours but don't want to wake up feeling groggy.
Any advice would be appreciated.

foxie48 Wed 28-Sep-22 18:54:24

Have you tried Nytol? I use the One a night when I really need a decent night's sleep, they work for me but not something you can take all the time. It doesn't make me sleepy the next day.

growstuff Wed 28-Sep-22 19:15:40

purplehead Sorry, I don't have any advice. I've had insomnia since I was a teenager and it's never gone away. I don't think there's anything I haven't tried, including being referred to a consultant at a sleep clinic. My problem is falling asleep in the first place.

All I can say is that since I've retired (sort of), I live my life round insomnia and work through the night, if I feel alert and sleep late, if I don't have anything arranged.

I get enough sleep most of the time - just not at the same time as most other people. When I first got together with my partner, it caused problems to begin with, but now he understands how I am and I try very hard to adjust my sleep pattern to a more normal regime, but I don't get stressed out if I don't manage it.

My blood pressure and diabetes are now so much better than when I was getting stressed about sleeping to fit round a job and family responsibilities. In the summer (when it's light) I even go out for a brisk walk or cycle ride very early in the morning, so I'm fitter.

Ebb83 Wed 28-Sep-22 19:25:19

Thank you for advice

GagaJo Wed 28-Sep-22 20:51:52

I've had chronic insomnia since the age of about 18. A friend gave me some melatonin once. They worked quite well.

growstuff Wed 28-Sep-22 22:42:02


I've had chronic insomnia since the age of about 18. A friend gave me some melatonin once. They worked quite well.

Was prescribed melatonin - didn't work.

Georgesgran Wed 28-Sep-22 22:45:32

Nytol gave me hallucinations!
DH had to stay awake all night to keep an eye on me.

LadyGracie Wed 28-Sep-22 23:28:19

My Dr told me to try Piriton, it does work but can make you feel groggy next day.

Zoejory Wed 28-Sep-22 23:30:59

I've tried everything going. The only things that work are sleeping pills prescribed by my GP.

growstuff Wed 28-Sep-22 23:38:58


I've tried everything going. The only things that work are sleeping pills prescribed by my GP.

Same here, but my GP won't prescribe sleeping pills any more.

pieinthesky Wed 28-Sep-22 23:44:35

I am on steroids that interfere with your sleep and I use an organic magnesium spray before going to bed. Just spray it behind your knees or in the crook of your elbow. Doesn’t always work but it’s worth trying.

Allegretto Wed 28-Sep-22 23:46:05

I sometimes take some Night Nurse, when I’ve had a run of sleepless nights.

crazyH Wed 28-Sep-22 23:50:18

I have been prescribed Zopiclone - couldn’t sleep without it. I don’t stress out about getting dependent on it (which I am, probably) . I am an owl- take my Zimovane about midnight. It takes about 45 mins to work. I then sleep fairly undisturbed (except for a p-break) till about 8.
I know someone who does most of her housework overnight. Dishes, washing machine, ironing. She says she is fine if she doesn’t get her 8 hours sleep. As we get older, we don’t need 8 hours anyway - that’s what I tell myself.

growstuff Thu 29-Sep-22 00:09:08

I used to be prescribed Zopiclone. I didn't take it every night, but it worked when I needed it. The NHS started advising against long-term use of sleeping pills, so my GP won't prescribe them any more. I wish they'd come up with some alternative rather than the same old sleep hygiene stuff. I have seriously tried everything and have given up.

Kim19 Thu 29-Sep-22 04:40:32

I note you have no 'electrics' in bedroom. Is this because of past experience? I find a soothing bit of music or gentle chat very acceptable. My choice rather than the medication route.

FannyCornforth Thu 29-Sep-22 09:47:08


Nytol gave me hallucinations!
DH had to stay awake all night to keep an eye on me.

Really? DH had hallucinations last year and I suspected that Nytol might have played a part.
Thank you for sharing

nadateturbe Thu 29-Sep-22 10:17:28

I sympathise. I wish I knew the answer. I have problems too. Have had for years but worse recently.
My problem is I don't actually feel sleepy. I am going to sleep around 4am. Still awake again at 8am ish.
But I don't function well during the day.
It's getting to be a real pain.

purplehead Thu 29-Sep-22 19:15:42

Firstly thank you all for your advice. I take magnesium tablets already / I have tried piriton and night nurse and yes they really help but leave me feeling groggy in the morning.
I have not tried melatonin yet so maybe will be giving this a go.
I don't think my GP will prescribe sleeping tablets.
I will just have to accept that as we age we need less sleep.

Laurely Thu 06-Oct-22 09:04:32

I am three weeks in to the Sleepstation course. It's not available on NHS in my area, so I paid: £160. (Over the years I had tried all sorts of things, including Nytol, booze and Amitryptaline, and ended up with an earpiece in my ear all night every night listening to audiobooks.) This is CBT and it's working for me. Recommended are at least 30 mins daily outdoors, 30 mins exercise, a wind down routine; you keep, sleep diaries. Sleep restriction is key to reset. I was scared of that, but desperate. Possibly the upfront payment has made me determined it must work. Good luck.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 06-Oct-22 09:10:59

In the middle of last night I saw something on the Internet called ‘brown noise’ similar to white noise apparently, but it calms your mind. I’ll have to try that.
If I could have been bothered to get up and find my headphones I would have tried it. My head was all over the place from 12.47 (exactly) until 5.20 ish and I could shut it off.
I blame the over the counter painkillers, I think I took them too late and they woke me up rather than sent me to sleep, if that makes sense.
Nytol gives me terribly restless legs.