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Cortisone injection for degenerative disc bulge

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LIZMAC59 Wed 30-Nov-22 09:55:57

Hello everyone I am new here. I was a member of Mumsnet but thought at the grand old age of 63 probably this website may be more appropriate :-). I am booked in to have a cortisone injection in my spine next week for chronic lower back pain which I have suffered from for at least 7 or 8 years. I am a bit apprehensive as to whether its going to be worth it or not? and also any side effects? I understand its not a permanent solution. I still work and the back pain is mostly worse after a day sitting at my desk at other times I am able to cope with the discomfort perhaps I have just got used to it. Just hoping to canvass some opinions on this subject. Thanks in advance for any replies. Regards Liz

henetha Wed 30-Nov-22 10:04:02

I sympathise, as a back pain sufferer myself. Mine is different from yours though, but I'm interested to see how you get on.
Back pain is so difficult to endure and we get little sympathy as there is nothing for others to see, and some even think we are making it up.
Good luck with the injection.

LIZMAC59 Wed 30-Nov-22 10:05:16

Thanks Henetha, I will let you know how it goes. So frustrating

benadams201 Wed 30-Nov-22 18:30:23

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grannydarkhair Wed 30-Nov-22 18:31:05


LIZMAC59 Wed 08-Mar-23 12:05:27

Hi Henetha just to let you know I had the injections a few months ago and unfortunately they did not work for me. Instead I have started Pilates classes and its made the world of difference. Cant believe the difference its made

LadyGracie Wed 08-Mar-23 15:16:28

I had injections and had some relief but unfortunately not for very long. I ended up having surgery.

LIZMAC59 Wed 08-Mar-23 15:42:22

Hi LadyGracie, my friend had surgery too and has never looked back, will stick with the Pilates for now as its working wonders!

dogsmother Wed 08-Mar-23 15:42:28

Ooh I feel it. I take paracetamols and have naproxen ( with something for my stomach) when it’s too bad. But….exercise is the best, as soon as it starts I’m on the floor for my exercises and I try to walk as much as I can daily.
I have a lot of arthritis in varying parts of my body and a couple of discs are now bulging with spondylitis threatening.

tanith Wed 08-Mar-23 16:35:24

I had lots of physio, acupuncture and Naproxen but I ended up having surgery which fixed the problem.

henetha Wed 08-Mar-23 19:05:08

So sorry LIZMAC that it didn't work, but the pilates sounds great. Thanks for letting me know.

LadyGracie Wed 08-Mar-23 19:53:08

LIZMAC I'd definitely keep on with the pilates if it's helping you. Surgery was my only option.