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The pleasurable pain of a Thai massage.

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Sago Sun 26-Feb-23 10:56:56

I have a dodgy back at the moment and a neck and shoulder full of knots so I bit the bullet and booked a Thai massage.

Either the lovely little lady sneaked out of the room while my eyes were closed to be replaced with. 20 stone trucker or she was trained at the SAS school of massage.

She pummelled away for an hour, it was at times painful but perversely that was okay, at no point would I have ever fallen asleep!
She found the problem areas and with the help of tiger balm she popped the knots one by one.

After a week of little sleep I slept so well last night, the problem areas feel a bit bruised but so much better.

Today I feel like a new woman.

Obviously this is not to be recommended if you have serious issues but it was the best £40 I’ve spent.

Sparklefizz Sun 26-Feb-23 10:59:19

I like the "SAS School of Massage" Sago .... I think I've been on the receiving end of one of those!

Glad you're feeling the benefit!

1summer Sun 26-Feb-23 12:20:54

A few years ago my husband had a Thai massage, in Thailand. He said she looked like Miss Trunchbull. He said never again he was covered in bruises and ached for days. Eventually he said he felt better but wasn’t sure it was worth the pain.

Squiffy Sun 26-Feb-23 13:47:05

A couple of times I have had a massage, not Thai, carried out by the same lady, whilst on holiday. I can only say that the effects were profound! She took no prisoners! I don’t know exactly what happened to my body, but I couldn’t even stand up afterwards and had to be carried ‘home’ (only a few yards!) and I slept round the clock. The next day I felt absolutely amazing! All the stressed muscles etc had been released. Well worth the ‘punishment’!

Oreo Sun 26-Feb-23 16:35:42

😂 I had a look at this thread thinking it may be a dodgy site, sure sounded like it from the title, a bit of S and M haha.

Glad it helped you OP but I wouldn’t consider anything painful at all.

Marthjolly1 Thu 09-Mar-23 16:18:37

It's not really pain you feel during massage but what is known as a 'good hurt'. Although you think it might be a discomfort you also know it is doing you good. As the OP and Squffy said, the after effects are well worth it.

halfpint1 Thu 09-Mar-23 19:03:45

My daughter and I had a few days in Istanbull and booked
a massage in the Hotel. My daughter went first and as she
exited said to me 'I need to lie down , I'll send a stretcher for
you, she wasn't far wrong. The very large muscular lady
masseur took no prisoners.

GagaJo Thu 09-Mar-23 19:05:36

A friend and I had a hilarious experience in China in a massage place. It was a real 'local' venue, with a couple of tiny Chinese women giving the massages. First they made us have a shower and then tried to get us to wear (far too small) paper knickers. They eventually compromised on us wearing our own underwear.

For the next hour these very petite ladies mauled our flab around, causing all sorts of screams and howls of agony from us. They found it hilarious and even called the receptionist up to come and have a look at us.

My friend swore she was covered in bruises the next day and the member of staff at school who had recommended the venue to us found the whole situation hysterically funny.

M0nica Fri 10-Mar-23 17:23:49

I have had two massages in my life, both done well by competent masseurs in a safe environment and I hated both and woud not willingly have a nother one.

I have no idea why I dislike it.