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cellulitis/ lipodermatosclerosis

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tiredoldwoman Sat 04-Mar-23 20:41:57

Hello again , I'm back seeking more advice ! After being treated for cellulitis I've now been told I've got lipodermatosclerosis . Doctor pooed my self help care of massage and body brushing and said to ignore anything other than the NHS advice of weight loss and exercise but I'm struggling with pain and the thought of this being classed as a permanent thing is awful .They call it 'champagne bottle' leg , anyone else had this but managed to get themselves better ?

Callistemon21 Sat 04-Mar-23 20:51:46

Is it fat accumulation and a skin problem rather than fluid retention?

Fluid retention might respond to gentle massage in the correct direction, as demonstrated by someone trained in the procedure, but this is something different.

Perhaps your GP could refer you to a specialist.

tiredoldwoman Sat 04-Mar-23 21:37:39

Definitely fluid retention , I'd already started following a demonstration that I'd seen online prior to my final diagnosis but the dermatologist angrily scored her pen through my written questions about massage and nutrition !
I'm planning to approach my local physio /sports injury clinic privately to ask for a lesson and kindness !