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The cough that won't go.

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Elless Fri 10-Mar-23 13:37:24

Anyone else got it? I hardly ever suffer with coughs but this one is driving me mad - it's like glue in my lungs and I just can't clear it. Poor Hubby is severely asthmatic and he's had it for weeks, the doctor has given him steroids to help fight it but nothing is really helping.

micmc47 Fri 10-Mar-23 13:52:51

I do sympathise, but may I suggest that a forum such as this is not appropriate for seeking advice on medical problems. There may well be appropriately qualified people reading it, but how would you know who they are? Stick with your GP, and if you're unhappy with the treatment offered, ask for a second opinion, or even a specialist referral. I do hope that your health improves soon.

Greenfinch Fri 10-Mar-23 13:56:50

I think Elless just wants to know if there are fellow sufferers out there. I don’t think she is seeking medical advice.

25Avalon Fri 10-Mar-23 13:57:16

I seriously suggest you go and see your doctor asap and get checked out. I don’t want to frighten you but this can be indicative of a heart problem as my dh found out. Best to get checked.

silverlining48 Fri 10-Mar-23 13:59:38

The forum is called Health fir anyone to ask about anything.
We can’t diagnose obviously but can give an opinion based on own experience.
Coughs can hang round for a long time. If you have had it checked and you don’t have any infection it will go in it’s own time. If you feel worse go back and get it checked. Hope you feel better soon Elless.

fancythat Fri 10-Mar-23 14:25:54

Elless, have you been prescribed anything yourself?

Yes, there are coughs around here that are not going away. But maybe for different reasons than yours and your husband's. But maybe not.

Squiffy Fri 10-Mar-23 14:48:01

Elless I have, what would appear to be, the same thing. I saw my GP on Monday and he said that he thought I had a viral infection. So far, I’ve had it for two weeks, non-stop coughing.

Your description about the catarrh is spot on. It quite frightened me, as I just couldn’t cough it up, despite coughing until I retched. It’s been really wretched. I’ve either coughed or slept my way through most of the last two weeks!

Seeing your GP would be sensible, just to rule out anything untoward. Hope you feel better soon flowers

Whiff Fri 10-Mar-23 16:24:34

My daughter's mother in law has had a cough on and off for a year. Had every test available . And tried different antibiotics. The latest course seems to be helping hopefully they will do the trick. But she on a long course of them .

MayBee70 Fri 10-Mar-23 16:34:52

Might it be a post nasal drip. I had a cough that lasted for ages. I was sleeping in a chair and even developed stress incontinence. I think I did eventually have antibiotics or I might have been prescribed an inhaler to use. But if I do get a persistent cough my first port of call is to get a Beconase nasal spray. You do need to see a doctor, though.

Marydoll Fri 10-Mar-23 16:43:32


I think Elless just wants to know if there are fellow sufferers out there. I don’t think she is seeking medical advice.

I agree with your comment.

Many of us on here have chronic conditions and sometimes it helps to receive support from others in the same boat.
I'm sure the OP knows she needs to see a GP, if it continues and is not seeking medical advise.

I am extremely grateful for the support I received from fellow posters, especially Massimo, when I started biologics for my RA.
Without offering medical advice, she advised me of what to expect, which got me through the six months horrible side effects. Otherwise, I would have given up.

Marydoll Fri 10-Mar-23 16:44:04

Advice! I am a pedant!

Redhead56 Fri 10-Mar-23 17:23:21

I have had a cough and wheezing crackling chest on and off for five months and have finished by second course of antibiotics. I got my first meds via a phone consultation only with a doctor.

The cough eases off then slowly gets worse this cough returned and my breathing was shallow. I went to the walk-in next to our doctors surgery and was triaged first by a nurse who asked lots of questions. I was called into to see another member of staff. He gave me a physical examination and checked my records and noted I had complained about this problem months ago. He explained the symptoms I now have are brought on by a bacterial infection that have lingered and not cleared up. This is because it is highly likely that I have COPD and could be specific to my occupation nearly forty years ago.

It was suggested I request an X-ray and tests to see how this can be managed. At least after all this time I might have a reason why I have been coughing.

Grammaretto Fri 10-Mar-23 18:23:21

I've had catarrh (coughing up phlegm) for months. It's worse morning and evening.
It never seems bad enough to see a doctor but is frustrating.
I wondered if it was caused by dust, or a hangover from covid or an allergy or postnasal drip.
I wish it would end.
I hope your cough goes soon Elless 🌺

Elless Sat 11-Mar-23 10:21:51

I was actually just asking if there were any fellow sufferers. Redhead56 your description is spot on 'crackling and wheezing'. It's a horrible subject I know, my DH has seen the doctor as he is far worse and he was prescribed a simple linctus, antihistamines and a salt water nasal spray, he then spoke to the practice nurse who gave him steroids. I'm not really suffering but it is very annoying, I sound like I've smoked 40 a day when I laugh.

Grantanow Sat 11-Mar-23 11:16:26

I think pooling information can be helpful. I found websites of patients dealing with hip replacement and resurfacing very helpful.

fancythat Sat 11-Mar-23 11:23:38

I have post nasal drip. Prescribed flixonase on repeat prescription.
Rarely use it now, as I find that if I keep my chest, and weirdly, left chin warm, that keeps most of the symptoms at bay.