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Gadgets for wonky hands?

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BigBertha1 Sat 11-Mar-23 06:19:58

Can you please recommend and gadgets/tools you find helpful for arthritic hands? I now drop everything, cannot open anything or cut anything. Thankyou.

Marydoll Sat 11-Mar-23 20:16:38

I was referred to the OT dept at my local hospital, where I was given certain gadjets, including blue silicone sheets for gripping jars, a walking stick with an ergonomic handle and a litter picker, to name but a few.

OP is there any way you can get a referral? They also are able to direct you to sites, where you can find reasonably priced gadjets.

Marydoll Sat 11-Mar-23 20:20:36

I meant to say, I also have a Ninja chopper for cutting veg.

BigBertha1 Sun 12-Mar-23 07:11:51

Thank you for all your responses will certainly follow these up. Xx

Callistemon21 Mon 13-Mar-23 19:54:38

Hope you find some gadgets to help.

Callistemon21 Mon 13-Mar-23 19:55:51


We bought DS1 Bertha which he loves.

I've got one, usually use it for chopping onions.
It's very good.

Katek Mon 13-Mar-23 22:56:59

Have a look at this site - it has specialist aids for spreading bread, easy handle knives, kettle stands etc. Hope it helps