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Worried about 80 year old friend falling asleep suddenly

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Mazgg Sun 12-Mar-23 18:20:09

I am worried about my friend who seems to suddenly fall asleep. He has to get up during the night for the toilet (sometimes 5 or 6 times) but says he gets straight back to sleep afterwards. He can sleeps 2 or 3 hours during the day but falls asleep suddenly, sometimes with a cup in his hand. He said that he felt himself fall asleep standing up this morning and jerked awake.
I have encouraged him to speak to his doctor about it but he says he has mentioned this tiredness in the past but nothing was done about it. My concern is that he drives although he says he never feels tired when driving.

Pammie1 Sun 12-Mar-23 18:24:42

Could be a number of things but given his age a severe B12 deficiency seems likely. The symptoms you describe mirror those of my 92 year old mum last year. She now has regular B12 injections. He needs to visit GP for a full blood panel.

aggie Sun 12-Mar-23 18:26:58

I second that , he definitely needs to see the GP , you are right to be worried

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 12-Mar-23 19:21:50

It could also be narcolepsy. I knew someone with the condition who would suddenly fall asleep in the middle of a meal. He should see his doctor.

Visgir1 Sun 12-Mar-23 19:54:01

He should stop driving. He's at risk of hurting himself and some other poor person in his car.
Please get him to a GP it very worrying.

Deedaa Sun 12-Mar-23 20:01:01

It could be diabetes. DH was like this before he was diagnosed, waking several times in the night and then falling asleep in mid conversation sometimes.

Greenfinch Sun 12-Mar-23 21:04:31

It could be sleep apnoea.

M0nica Sun 12-Mar-23 21:08:01

You say he has seen his doctor and mentioned his 'tiredness'

But the problem isn't tiredness. The problem is falling asleep without warning. This is what he should be discussing with his doctor

Hithere Sun 12-Mar-23 21:16:28

Talk to GP and NO driving!
What a danger for the public

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 12-Mar-23 22:04:01

Of course he must be tired if he's getting up so many times during the night. He really shouldn't be driving.

dogsmother Sun 12-Mar-23 22:16:40

He needs a a jolly good telling…..if it happens standing up it can happen when he is driving! He must get medical advice….end of.

lemsip Mon 13-Mar-23 07:36:53

so are you going to tell your friend all these remedies and advice you've got for him?

BlueBelle Mon 13-Mar-23 07:41:38

It could be anything we are not doctors on here you need to encourage him to a) see a doctor immediately and b) stop driving before he kills himself or worse still someone else or a family
You can report him to DVLA if he won’t do it himself I know that seems awful but if it saves lives !!

NotSpaghetti Mon 13-Mar-23 07:43:47

You are in an awkward position here - I hope you manage to get your friend to see a doctor. As someone said upthread they are not just suffering from tiredness they are falling asleep suddenly and without notice.

Shelflife Mon 13-Mar-23 09:49:39

Please persuade him to visit his GP .

Mazgg Mon 13-Mar-23 14:55:16

Thank you all for confirming what I already thought, and thank you NotSpaghetti for the flowers. It is indeed a difficult subject to approach (male pride etc.) I intend to show him your replies and try to get his daughter on board with this.

AGAA4 Mon 13-Mar-23 15:22:02

Involving his daughter is a good thing. Firstly he needs to stop driving until a doctor has diagnosed his condition. A car becomes a dangerous weapon if the driver is asleep!

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 13-Mar-23 15:31:20

Indeed it does - and his condition, even though undiagnosed, may invalidate his insurance. Please emphasise this, and that he must not drive unless a doctor pronounces him safe to do so. If necessary ask his daughter to take away the keys. Many years ago a colleague of my husband had undiagnosed epilepsy. He knew he had it but refused to go to the doctor for treatment. He had a seizure whilst driving, his car mounted the pavement and a child was killed.