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LadyHonoriaDedlock Thu 16-Mar-23 17:26:16

On Tuesday I went into the pharmacy for a couple of things. One was a wee syringe for irrigating my sinuses. That was fine, no problem. The other was a new spacer for my asthma inhalers. Oh no, can't have that! It's strictly prescription only and not even one of the scrips the pharmacist can write.

So I had to phone my GP surgery and order a script, which they pass on to the pharmacy and I can collect from there 48 hours after the order. I think this is bizarre. After all, it's just a plastic tube with a silicone seal with a slot to plug in the inhaler at one end and a mouthpiece with a valve at the other. It's not as if you can accidentally overdose on it!

Do any of you know what this is all about?

Do any

Riverwalk Thu 16-Mar-23 17:38:19

They're prescription only because different devices are more suitable to different medications.

MiniMoon Thu 16-Mar-23 17:46:00

I have no idea. You can buy them online from Amazon, eBay and other outlets.