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BRCA1 variant cancer gene linked to Orkney.

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Scapa1 Fri 17-Mar-23 20:22:44

I am one of those who have Orkney grandparents. Any other gransnetters out there who are in the same positions and are you worried?

ElaineI Fri 17-Mar-23 23:48:16

This is very alarming for people with Orkney connections. My connections are with Shetland which I believe has a higher than normal rate of MS. Will you ask for a genetic test Scapal?

Scapa1 Sat 18-Mar-23 11:58:09

Elaine1 there hasn’t been any incidences of cancer as far as I know in that side of the family. I am on Scotlands People and can view death certificates but as you will be aware in these northern islands there does seem to be a lot of very close connections between families. If it is opened to wider Orcadian ancestry I may well do. Can you get tested for MS?