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Plantar Fasciitis

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Foxygloves Wed 05-Apr-23 09:41:38

I know there have been threads on this and I am assuming that is my problem, burning, painful soles and heels especially first thing in the morning.
I know about not walking around barefoot or in just socks too, but has anybody had any success with local analgesics such as Voltarol applied directly to their feet?
I have bought some very soft cushion soled Hotters which are very comfortable and am living in them, but the constant pain even in bed(!) is getting me down.
Finally, does it ever go away of its own accord?

Witzend Wed 05-Apr-23 09:45:54

Mine went away only after Id bought arch support insoles (Scholl, from Boots) continuously in both shoes, for several weeks.
I know this doesnt work for everybody, but it did for me.

Sago Wed 05-Apr-23 09:52:49

Acupuncture worked for me.

Aldom Wed 05-Apr-23 10:07:25

Arch supports worked for my daughter too.

crazyH Wed 05-Apr-23 10:10:51

Roll a can of very, very cold Coke or Lemonade, under your feet - 3 or 4 times a day - worked for me ..

Rosepaul Wed 05-Apr-23 10:14:58

I use the support socks from Amazon they are very good and wear them to bed when the pain is bad.

Harris27 Wed 05-Apr-23 10:25:05

Arch supporters x

HowVeryDareYou2 Wed 05-Apr-23 11:50:11

I first had this very painful condition about 20 years ago (and have had it since). I tried:

wearing trainers (no heeled shoes or flipflops)
various painkillers, some on prescription
exercises from the Podiatrist
shoe insoles from the Podiatrist

The only thing that worked fully was steroid injections, done by the GP

HousePlantQueen Wed 05-Apr-23 11:59:23

This is a very painful condition isn't it! I visited a podiatrist who confirmed my self diagnosis, gave me some exercises and advice on footwear. The most important is slippers; she said she was astonished at the number of patients she has who spend money on comfortable shoes and then slob around at home in 瞿2.50 supermarket slippers which are nothing ore than felt covered cardboard. If you are at home all day, spend as much on your indoor footwear as you would have on shoes to wear at work all day was her advice, and although an initial expensive outlay of around 瞿50, the Haflinger wool clogs (handmade in germany) are still going strong after 3 years which included lockdown therefore almost continual wear. Perhaps too much info, but despite this constant wear, because they are pure wool, there is no feety smell. I bought DH the equivalent from Birkenstock. too.
I did the exercises she recommended, wore an arch support for a few weeks, but have had no further episodes of this painful condition since I started wearing decent supportive footwear in the house. I hope this is of help, you certainly have my sympathy.

FannyCornforth Wed 05-Apr-23 12:15:30

Foxy I have pmed you

AmeliaLW Wed 05-Apr-23 12:23:57

Has anyone tried shock wave therapy for PF? Or taping?

clementine Wed 05-Apr-23 15:40:06


Has anyone tried shock wave therapy for PF? Or taping?

Had physio, did exercises, wore orthotics, nothing worked. Changed to different podiatrist who recommended shock wave therapy. Only thing that worked couldnt recommend it highly enough.

silverlining48 Wed 05-Apr-23 16:31:34

Its very painful but does go in the end, though it can take up to a year, well that was my experience x2.
As has been said, trainers with insoles, no bare feet, exercise and a good deal of patience.

Nannytopsy Wed 05-Apr-23 16:38:05

My podiatrist said to do calf stretches as it was tight tendons causing the problem and he did some ultrasound treatment. No problem since.

Grannysmith Wed 05-Apr-23 16:43:24

I agree that it is a very painful condition but hang on in there, it will go away. I had it recently for about a year & one day I just noticed that I was no longer in pain. I found (as someone upthread says), rolling your foot on a cold bottle or can did help me. I also found that resting did not offer any relief. Good luck

Windee Wed 05-Apr-23 16:57:28

I was told the same about indoor footwear and invested, on advice, in crocs - I emphasis I only wear them indoors and my pain has improved no end.

Dollymixtures Wed 05-Apr-23 17:09:20

All of the above. Lasted about 18 months for me. I had some sort of laser therapy which was very expensive, bought Scholl insoles etc etc. In the end it was some support insoles from physio at the hospital that did it. That and wearing supportive shoes all the time. That was all twice. The third time, our lovely older GP gave me a steroid injection in my hell, magic, gone! None of the present GPs would do it now. Its a question of patience, good supportive shoes, rolling your foot as described and standing on the edge of a step and letting your heel hang off, Im afraid.

MayBee70 Wed 05-Apr-23 17:18:55

When I had plantar fascitis it hurt to walk if Id been resting but I dont remember my feet hurting in the night.

Tamayra Mon 10-Apr-23 11:06:41

Stretch tendons
Buy supportive indoor shoes
Use arch supports in outdoor shoes

Buttonjugs Mon 10-Apr-23 11:07:01

I use a massage gun on my feet and it is far and away the best thing I have tried. I think I have tried most of the standard solutions but none of them really helped that much. Then I bought the massage gun and it feels so good, your feet tingle afterwards and you wake up pain free. I am not saying it will work for everyone but its been a godsend to me.

Patsmith2 Mon 10-Apr-23 11:07:30

I bought arch supports from Amazon for about 瞿7, wore them in all shoes and it went. I have recommended this approach to others and it worked for them too.

inishowen Mon 10-Apr-23 11:08:03

I bought arch support insoles from the podiatrist, about 瞿10. They worked for me. She also told me to freeze a bottle of water and roll my foot over it in the evening.

Readog Mon 10-Apr-23 11:10:52

Stretches worked really well for me. Also rolling my feet on a cold can of juice straight from the fridge.

Babs758 Mon 10-Apr-23 11:14:40

Rolling foot in a tennis ball, arch supports and patience..

kwest Mon 10-Apr-23 11:15:16

I had this condition about 4 years ago. It made me feel miserable as the moment my foot touched the floor when I got out of bed each day I was in pain. I joined Silver Swans ballet classes for older people (like 60-90 years of age. It cured it completely. When the Covid lock-down came I folled a similar class on Youtube run by a youngish woman and her mother who was probably in her sixties and looked like many of us with a few extra pounds, which made it much more relateable. They now charge for their classes but I think the free ones are still on Youtube. No trouble with PF since.