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Nuffield Hospital, Oxford. Parking.

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fancythat Wed 17-May-23 08:56:46

I know someone who is likely going to need to visit there, with two very young children, for several weeks this Autumn.

Apparently, parking is awful. And next to no side street parking either.
They will be coming from quite a number of miles away. Mum doesnt drive yet. Dad will be at work much of the time.

I know virtually nothing about the area.
Can anyone advise the best thing to do, transport wise, please?

Witzend Wed 17-May-23 09:11:25

I’d look on the hospital website for transport info - there is probably a reasonable bus service to the hospital. Not as convenient as driving, though, I know. Buses in Oxford are generally pretty good.

Dd1 lives in Oxford and has had 3 babies at the John Radcliffe hospital - buses to the JR are very frequent, as I’ve often seen when visiting there, so 🤞ditto for the Nuffield.

If she’s going by train, it’s obviously more expensive, but how about a taxi from the station? We’ve needed to take taxis in Oxford now and then - they’re considerably cheaper than around here (SW London).

fancythat Wed 17-May-23 09:31:22

Thank you for the reply.
I will look into all your suggestions.
I suspect it will end up being a variety of ways that they use. Depending on what help they can get.

Fairislecable Wed 17-May-23 09:31:59

There is a bus service to Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre from the Oxford Parkway park and ride.

If they are coming into Oxford by train then it is quite straightforward from there.

If it is the Nuffield Manor hospital there is a car park but I don’t know the bus services to there.

Aldom Wed 17-May-23 09:34:23

Stagecoach and The Oxford Bus Company run services to The Nuffield (The NOC) as it is known locally.
It may be helpful to this lady if she Googled the bus companies for information regarding busses to the hospital. I feel for her having to make the long journeys, especially with children.

fancythat Wed 17-May-23 09:44:40

It is the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre. Entrance is from Windmill Road apparently.
Thankfully they have time to prepare, for how they are going to handle things.

boheminan Wed 17-May-23 10:17:16

I frequently visit the NOC and yes, parking is practically impossible without a blue badge, as there's a lot of building work going on. The bus service from Oxford City centre is reliable and is probably at the moment the least disruptive way of getting to/from the NOC.

shysal Wed 17-May-23 12:10:27

I bus or use Thornhill Park and Ride into Headingto, and walk down Windmill Road. A bit of a trek with children though. The car park has spaces if you arrive very early, but that means paying for a longer stay.
I hope they work out a good strategy.

fancythat Wed 17-May-23 12:40:18

The more I am looking into this, the more I am thinking they are going to need car, or public transport/taxi combination.
Especially if it rains.
Small children who will need feeding, and long journey anyway, they need to make it as least awkward, and most direct, as they can.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 17-May-23 14:30:53

Car to park and ride, then bus to the Nuffield.

It’s going to be difficult with small children whichever way it’s done. Not cheap either.

If they are coming from a distance then train and bus would be the best option.

MissOops was there on Sunday morning, she couldn’t have parked without her Blue Badge.

Oxford Hospitals are a nightmare to get to and to park in.