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Struggling with Hives

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crazyH Tue 23-May-23 15:38:33

Went to son’s house for lunch. Beautiful day ! Sat out on the patio and watched the farmer ‘mowing’ their field . It was so beautifully choreographed, one large tractor cutting the grass, another fancy vehicle collecting the cut grass and then spewing it into a lorry, which then took the cuttings to wherever. I have never seen anything like that, never having had a farm or lived near one.
BUT, I returned home and since then my body is covered in hives. Saw the pharmacist who suggested antihistamines. Yes, I am better now, but I still have itching, under breast, and legs and my skin looks angry.
Can anyone suggest any home remedies ? Has anyone suffered from similar? And how did you alleviate the symptoms? Thankyou xx

Hithere Tue 23-May-23 15:48:03

Oatmeal bath?

Hithere Tue 23-May-23 15:48:43

Calamine cream?
Oatmeal based cream?

Yiayia4 Sun 28-May-23 08:53:42

Hi *GrazyH.I’ve had hives on and off for the last few months.I have antihistamines and steroid cream. It started when I was reducing steroids but stress plays a big part as we are moving house, it’s not good at the moment.
It’s miserable.Maybe your doctor can give you stronger antihistamines.Also cool showers may help plus I find aloe vera gel very soothing.Take care.

lemsip Sun 28-May-23 09:08:10

there is a moisturiser called Childs Farm it is for babies but after seeing it on another thread I use it all the time even though my skin is alright now! try it. It's unfragranced

crazyH Sun 28-May-23 09:22:12

Thankyou all. The problem has resolved itself but, it was pretty nasty while it lasted . Took antihistamines. I have yet to identify the culprit, so that I can avoid it. Was it the grass-cuttings from the field or the dust/paint from my newly decorated bedroom. ? t

Farmor15 Sun 28-May-23 10:30:41

Less likely to be the grass as when cut at this time of year it won't have gone to seed and released pollen- usual culprit for hay fever. But lots of trees are in flower now and tree pollen is a major cause of allergies. Could also be something you ate or drank at son's house- some red wines have a lot of histamine.

It's often hard to pin down the cause of hives and other allergies - I had a few episodes of being covered in hives after swimming in the sea and thought there was something in the water. It then happened after getting very cold watching a parade - I mentioned it to GP, who diagnosed "cold urticaria"- I was allergic to cold!