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Can anyone help regarding a swimsuit

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DutchDoll Thu 25-May-23 20:07:50

I have rheumatoid arthritis. My physio wants me to have aqua therapy at hospital pool.
I can't swim, so have no swimsuit. I'm 4'10" and size 22. I'd like to be covered up as much as possible. Do any of you kind ladies know of any suitable swimwear? I tend to shop online because of very poor mobility. Any help gratefully received.

Redrobin51 Thu 25-May-23 20:15:05

I'm having hydrotherapy at the moment and it's really helpful. Amazon have plus sized costumes that have a kind of skirt effect which would cover you up more. Hope you find something suitable and the therapy helps you.x

BlueBelle Thu 25-May-23 20:52:17

You don’t have to wear a conventional swimsuit a long
tshirt or nice floaty top over swim bottoms would be fine Google swim ideas for larger ladies there’s plenty as we women come in all shape and sizes Muslim women swim in cover ups too
Be proud and glad of what you have and dont worry

Wyllow3 Thu 25-May-23 20:56:24

Landsend, online.

or up to larger sizes

Susynan Thu 25-May-23 20:58:06
Couple here -


DoraMarr Thu 25-May-23 21:05:02

I have top and bottoms from Landsend. The top reach to the waist of the bottoms, so I have full coverage. I have swimming shorts and a pair of bottoms that have a shirt attatched. I find them much more comfortable than all in one suit, because they don't ride up. Lands end have 50% off swimsuits at the moment:

Wyllow3 Thu 25-May-23 21:05:20

Good value - black swim dress go to M n S website and put in search engine

Padded Plunge V-Neck Swim Dress
Product code: T528944


Wyllow3 Thu 25-May-23 21:06:51

Landsend are great for comfy flattering swimsuits. I buy the long length ordinary swimsuit as it gives good bum coverage. Yes they are a bit more expensive but vv good quality.

Also better underarm not acres left to bulge over...

MiniMoon Thu 25-May-23 23:38:20

I bought a swim dress from Swimwear 365. They have a wide range of swimwear from mix and match bikinis to full body cover suits.