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Covid/flu jabs

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Franbern Sat 26-Aug-23 09:05:30

My GP surgery has sent out their first invites for this winter's flu and covid jabs.

I have not replied -- for me end of August is much too early toahve the flu jab (themain one I am really do want to have). I thought these usually had a limited life (about three months). So, usually get this end of October/November hopefully to see me through the bad winter months.

Anyone else being offered these so early???

MiniMoon Sat 26-Aug-23 09:21:49

Yes, I've had an invitation for a flu jab too. I also thought it was rather early to be having one.
I haven't replied yet, I have 7 days in which to let them know.

MrsEggy Sat 26-Aug-23 09:23:47

I have been invited for a flu jab, the date I have been given is in October.

Calendargirl Sat 26-Aug-23 09:25:59

Having my flu jab mid September at Boots.

No news yet on Covid boosters, but will have one asap.

Salti Sat 26-Aug-23 09:40:21

While I was at the surgery in July the nurse asked if I'd like to book my flu jab while I was there. I said yes, but could I book my husband's and brother in law's as well as I drive them to all their appointments. She booked them all for the same day and time, at the end of September. Last year I booked them online individually I think when prompted texts.

MiniMoon Sat 26-Aug-23 09:41:47

Just had a look. I can book an appointment for all dates from now through to the first Tuesday in October. Our health centre is closed utill Tuesday due to the Bank Holiday. I will ring them then and book it.

Ziplok Sat 26-Aug-23 09:46:03

Booked this week for mid October.

FarNorth Sat 26-Aug-23 09:49:15

Not heard anything about it.

Jaxjacky Sat 26-Aug-23 09:52:01

We’re both booked in for October 3rd, although the invite went out recently the earliest dates were mid September.

FarNorth Sat 26-Aug-23 10:06:47

I found this info for Scotland - they'll be getting underway in September.

Thorntrees Sat 26-Aug-23 10:52:41

We got the invite for flu jabs a week ago, booked for Sept 23rd which did seem a bit early,surgery uses local school hall so no choice of dates.
No news on covid jabs yet so doesn’t look like they’ll be given together like last year.

Kate1949 Sat 26-Aug-23 11:37:35

We've booked the flu jab online at a local pharmacy for the end of September. Nothing yet re Covid booster.

Theexwife Sat 26-Aug-23 11:39:34

It suits me to have it earlier as I don't mix so much in the winter so it is less likely that I shall catch it

ExDancer Sat 26-Aug-23 11:45:17

Well they ran out of flu jabs for a while last year (or was it the year before?) so I've booked mine.
We had flu jab in one arm and covid in the other last time and I don't know why they haven't done the same this year - it would save valuable surgery time, and mine!

Cadenza123 Sat 26-Aug-23 15:00:22

Had mine too, but I also think that it's a bit early. I'm thinking more like the end of October.

Aveline Sat 26-Aug-23 15:19:37

I'm booked in for both in September. No problem finding an appointment time to suit.

MayBee70 Tue 05-Sep-23 15:13:06

I’m booked in for a flu jab at Boots in a couple of weeks time but they have heard nothing from the government regarding covid jabs. Given that I can’t easily get to speak to someone at my surgery I haven’t got a clue about what’s happening. It’s as if they want everyone to forget that covid is still with us.

MayBee70 Tue 05-Sep-23 15:20:02

Oh, our surgery website now says we no longer do covid vaccinations please phone 119..

rosie1959 Tue 05-Sep-23 15:31:15

They certainly don't want us to forget Covid they have even brought the vacination programme forward for eligible groups. All information on NHS website

Primrose53 Tue 05-Sep-23 15:35:05

We’ve had emails. I will be having flu jab only.

Jaxjacky Tue 05-Sep-23 15:40:12

I booked ours through the the NHS app with our surgery, flu and Covid.

MayBee70 Tue 05-Sep-23 16:13:15

I phoned 119 and it says bookings can’t be made till 18th September.

watermeadow Tue 05-Sep-23 17:36:59

The flu jab is supposed to give immunity for all of the current season. They’re early this year because it is expected that the flu season will start early.
No guidance has been given yet about Covid so it’s not possible to give those at the same time as flu jabs. The usual shambles.

biglouis Tue 05-Sep-23 17:38:49

Mine are done at home so it will probably be a bit later in the year.

henetha Tue 05-Sep-23 17:46:24

Booked for early October. Just about the right time I think.