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Dental bone graft

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spottybook Mon 04-Sep-23 13:27:18

Anyone else had this? My teeth are not in particularly good condition despite looking after them and I am having laser treatment for a gum infection. At the last appointment my dentist said he thought there was significant bone loss and he will do a scan to assess the situation. I have had an implant before on the other side of my mouth which didn’t require a bone graft and wondered if any of you have had this done. I take great pride in my appearance and perish the thought of dentures but, like most of us, we are on a fixed income and can’t keep paying out indefinitely for implants.

crazyH Mon 04-Sep-23 13:30:24

You obviously are young or have good gum density. As far as I know implants are only given for younger people.

spottybook Mon 04-Sep-23 13:36:44

Not that young crazyH. I’m 72 smile

Oldbat1 Mon 04-Sep-23 13:42:28

I had 2 implants in my late 60s as my front teeth crowns failed. I had a bone density scan of my jaw before the implant and dentist said i needed a bone graft. When my crown roots were removed he placed some bone (not my bone) before stitching my gum. This was allowed to heal and allow the bone grafts to grow and in the meantime had a denture. It took months! Started in Jan and completed in Sept. No pain involved at any time but did have bruising under my eye and cheek. Wish i could afford other implants but they cost a fortune!

annsixty Mon 04-Sep-23 17:05:41

My GD who was born with a very severe cleft lip and palate had a bone graft when she was 11.
This was to enable her second teeth to grow and for other dental remedial work.
Bone was taken from her hip and it was ground into a paste and injected into her palate which had been repaired when she was a few months old.
I don’t know if the same procedure is done on older people.
It was very successful.

Jaxjacky Mon 04-Sep-23 17:26:56

I don’t know why you perish the thought of dentures spottybook many people are quite happy with theirs and they look fine?

Bluefox Mon 04-Sep-23 18:25:16

I had a bone graft when I had my implant, they harvested my own bone, bit of a grim scraping noise but all fine.

spottybook Tue 05-Sep-23 11:16:38

Thank you all for your encouragement.

Jaxjacky Apologies, I didn’t want to offend any denture wearers. My “horror” stems from seeing grandparents’ pink dentures sitting in a glass overnight by the bed. Plus arriving home from school and seeing my lovely Mum lying on the sofa, bowl of blood at her side having had all her teeth out in one go because of gum disease. I realise times have moved on.

Jaxjacky Tue 05-Sep-23 11:18:34

No offence taken spottybrook I just wondered!