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Blocked Eustachian Tubes

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Margomar Tue 05-Sep-23 20:49:59

Since having Covid a year ago I have had this problem, causing pain , tinnitus and feeling of pressure in my middle ear.
Have seen ENT consultant, after loads of different sprays etc from GPs , who recommends an operation to open up the tubes by inserting a tiny ballon and blowing it up. I’d have grommets put in at the same time under general anaesthetic.
Would be interested to hear from anyone who has had this op, if it was effective and with lasting improvement?

Shelflife Wed 06-Sep-23 00:32:19

Margomar, I have no experience of adults with the balloon technique or of adults having grommets put in. I can only say that my son now mid 40s ( how did that happen!) had lots of ear problems as a child and a hearing loss, also needed speech therapy. He had grommets in at age 3 and a half , and the improvement was amazing!!! Grommets made a massive positive difference. He eventually had long stay grommets in, he was 12 before he no longer needed them . His Eustachian tubes were blocked, having Covid has clearly given you the same problem. In your situation I would take the consultants advice and go for it. No doubt you now have a hearing loss so hopefully grommets will address that issue.
My son is absolutely fine now ! Good luck whatever you decide. Let us know how you get on .

sassysaysso Wed 06-Sep-23 09:50:07

I haven't had the operation but I did have a blocked eustachian tube. I went to a private audiologist to have my earwax cleaned out and discussing the possibility of a blocked eustacian tube she recommended a device called otovent where you blow up a balloon through your nose which evens up the pressure between eustachian tube and middle ear. I used it for three days and my hearing was restored. Available on Amazon.

Oldbat1 Wed 06-Sep-23 12:00:55

I personally would love grommets! My children had two sets of grommets each which were excellent and drained “glue ear”. I have always suffered with my ears.