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Covid has eradicated my eyebrows!

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Curtaintwitcher Sat 09-Sep-23 10:12:07

Last year I caught Covid, and one of the side-effects is hair loss. My eyebrows have disappeared, and most of my facial hair has gone. There is no sign of re-growth. I have tried using eyebrow pencil but it looks false. I now have a fringe and wear glasses so I hope the loss is not too obvious.
Has this happened to anyone else, and how do you deal with it?

Elless Sat 09-Sep-23 10:16:08

I grew my fringe out and realised how sparse my eyebrows were, I've managed to get quite a good brow back now by using this -

Aldom Sat 09-Sep-23 10:20:59

At the moment there is an eyebrow thread ongoing. It's under Style and Beauty and titled Disappearing eyebrows. Lots of helpful suggestions on there. Hope this is useful to you.

Greendress Sat 09-Sep-23 10:22:43

I'm not sure if it was the Covid I caught at the beginning of the pandemic or the Covid vaccine but my hair has thinned massively and especially around the hairline. My hairdresser says it has happened to many of her clients. Sadly, I don't have a solution except for trying Rosemary and Castor Oil which may have stopped it getting any worse.