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Cracked ribs- how long to recover.

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Margiknot Sun 10-Sep-23 13:31:33

Hi I tripped and fell hard on my side/ head a week ago and have cracked a couple of ribs. I have a lot to do at present with a house move and a very long journey in a weeks time. Fortunately I retired 2 weeks ago so don’t have to struggle into work. I’m also a carer for a dependent adult child.
I’m in my late 60s and quite petite. Any idea how long it will take to repair? Has anyone found ways to reduce the pain or help cope?

The things I find difficult apart from sneezing coughing and breathing are laying down, stretching up eg to peg the washing out or things away, opening drawers and carrying things! Any tips?


Hetty58 Sun 10-Sep-23 13:42:23

Margiknot, oh, you poor thing! My only tip, though, is to stop doing the things that hurt, whenever possible, and get somebody else to do them.

Shelflife Sun 10-Sep-23 13:44:46

Poor you ! Sounds painful and you have responsibilities too caring for your son / daughter ,also a house move and a long journey ahead ! I have no experience of cracked ribs so not in a position to advise other than to say take it easy , don't push yourself too far!! I send you good wishes for a speedy recovery 💐

Grandmabatty Sun 10-Sep-23 13:45:09

It took me at least six weeks to feel more comfortable. I feel your pain! Sympathy. Turning over in bed was not possible either.

sodapop Sun 10-Sep-23 13:57:13

That is painful Margiknot and not a lot to help except time & rest. Hetty had good advice if you have someone to help. Hope you recover soon.

tanith Sun 10-Sep-23 13:58:14

I had cracked ribs from a car crash it took a good month to stop causing a lot of pain. I hugged a pillow to my chest if I needed to cough or sneeze. My physio told me to make sure to practice deep breaths (with the pillow hugged) to prevent a chest infection from continued shallow breathing. I’d also say stop doing stuff that hurts.

nanna8 Sun 10-Sep-23 14:13:44

One of my friends has broken ribs from a fall and it has been 6 weeks so far and not a lot of improvement for her. She is in her mid 70 s and they were quite badly broken so maybe harder for her.

crazyH Sun 10-Sep-23 14:30:27

Me too - tripped and fell 12 days ago. Hurt my nose and side on the doorframe. My ribs are sore but I don’t think they have cracked, because there’s no pain as such. I hate hospitals so I haven’t been for an X-ray. But I think I’m ok , fingers crossed. Anti inflammatories are my answer . Hope you feel better soon

Redhead56 Sun 10-Sep-23 15:21:28

I know it's so painful I fell and cracked some ribs about five years ago. It took about four weeks for the pain to ease off definitely no lifting or stretching.

Margiknot Tue 12-Sep-23 10:34:43

Thank you, all. Hugging a pillow helps for coughing and sneezing.

Callistemon21 Tue 12-Sep-23 11:05:04

Poor you, yes, I did about two years ago and I'm sure one was broken not just cracked. No sympathy or help from the surgery at all!

It took about five or six weeks, I think Margiknot and you do need to take it easy if you can.

A front fastening bra was easier to put on and comfy clothes. Lying on your back to sleep or have a pillow handy by the side of you in case you move on to your side at night.

Paracetamol to ease the pain.

foxie48 Tue 12-Sep-23 11:19:40

You have my sympathy, I broke several ribs in a riding accident + 2 vertebra. Fortunately I had a stable fracture of the vertebra and after a few days I was fairly pain free but the ribs were agony. I'm afraid they just take time, I took maximum doses of painkillers and squealed a lot! Accept any help that you are offered, I couldn't go to the loo without help for the first few days after I came out of hospital as I couldn't pull my pants down and I needed help to dress, slept in an upright position and just tried to avoid doing anything that required me to bend or twist. After a couple of weeks I was pretty much independent but it took six weeks to be painfree. Try not to get a cold or cough.