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Hot flushes at 77!

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Genevieve489 Mon 11-Sep-23 07:50:15

My menopause began 23 years ago and I still get hot flushes. It's been like this for all of those 23 years. I can cope during the day - I suppose I'm distracted - but at night I seem to wake up two or three times then get an almost pain-like feeling in my gut - as though everything is squeezing - before the heat begins and then the sweats. The last few nights it's been bad enough with the hot weather without having to cope with this as well. And, of course, it affects my sleep.

I'd welcome any thoughts. Do others have this problem? Is it worth going to the GP? Could I take HRT at my age?

DanniRae Mon 11-Sep-23 09:12:32

I am 75 and a few weeks ago I started having hot flushes. Day and night. But not every day? I came off HRT many years ago when I had a hysterectomy ..... I am also suffering from anxiety. I wondered if I could go back on HRT? Or am I too old?

MiniMoon Mon 11-Sep-23 09:18:50

I've been having hot flushes and night sweats for 20+ years. I've never had any HRT. I just cope with the flushes the best way I can.

Ziplok Mon 11-Sep-23 09:21:57

It’s definitely worth a visit to the GP as it’s having an impact on your life. Whether they’ll prescribe HRT I couldn’t say, not being medically trained, but at least they are in a better position to offer you advice. Good luck.

HelterSkelter1 Mon 11-Sep-23 09:25:00

If you have lost weight unintentionally...have a word with the GP. This has been Lymphoma Awareness time amd those are 2 of the symptoms. I know from personal experience. Don't be scared but you have asked for advice.

shysal Mon 11-Sep-23 09:29:04

You have my sympathy. I have been having hot sweats since I was 50, am now 77! I count myself lucky that I had no other menopause symptoms, so never consulted the GP.
The only recommendation I can make is always have cooling gel pads in the bed, available on Ebay, Amazon etc. They do warm up if in contact for any length of time, so I have 3 lined up along the side of the bed and one under the pillow. Just reaching over with a foot, leg or arm is bliss!

Wenmore Mon 11-Sep-23 09:52:05

There is no age limit to prescribing HRT, nor do you have to stop taking it due to age. Apart from HRT there are other medications which can reduce hot flushes. British Menopause Society, Newson Clinic and others are excellent sources of information. The GP guidelines NICE are worth quoting to GPs not up to date with current HRT prescribing.

Genevieve489 Mon 11-Sep-23 11:39:14

Thank you all for your replies.
No, I haven't lost weight recently, HelterSkelter1, but thank you for mentioning this. The fact it's been going on for so many years reassures me that there is nothing more sinister going on.
I'll have a look at those cooling gel pads, shysal, thanks for that.
I'll also read up on the sites you mentioned,Wenmore before I see my GP. I didn't realise that there were other medications for hot flushes apart from HRT.
Thanks again.