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Staples in the head…

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Shinamae Mon 11-Sep-23 17:29:29

Had a lovely holiday with my friend in Santa Eulalia Ibiza, unfortunately on the Friday before I was due to come home, I slipped on a marble step and crashed back on my head!
I don’t know whether it was shock, but I just wanted to get straight up, but my friend made me stay lying down and got a paramedic or a medic from the hotel to have a look anyway apparently it wouldn’t stop bleeding so long story short had to get the Doctor who said I would need stitches and go to hospital because they could not stop the bleeding so off to hospital. I went in an ambulance had to have a CT scan And only three staples
obviously not a pleasant experience, but I think I was very lucky. I did not blackout and I have not even had a headache and thankfully we were able to travel home yesterday as planned so all in all I can say I think I’ve been very very fortunate..
I would add a photo, but probably not for the squeamish 😎
All in all the cost was about £900. I am insured and was advised by the Doctor to get my friend to put the claim in while we were actually at the hospital so just waiting to hear now.

crazyH Mon 11-Sep-23 17:36:34

You’re very lucky to have escaped, with just a couple of staples. A head injury could have been so much worse. I too had a tumble recently in my home and have escaped with just bruised ribs. This is why a good Travel Insurance is so important.
Hope you will soon make a full recovery flowers

CanadianGran Mon 11-Sep-23 18:40:44

I'm glad to hear you are ok, and that it was a good experience overall. A friend of mine was witness to a similar incident in Mexico, where a woman slipped and hurt her head. She sat with her for quite a while while a ambulance came. Luckily the woman also had her husband with her so had company and assistance at the hospital, It can be quite overwhelming to need medical assistance while travelling.

Shinamae Tue 12-Sep-23 10:04:59

It just happened so quickly, and yes, I was very very lucky because it could’ve killed me, if it had been in a different position on my head…

silverlining48 Tue 12-Sep-23 10:09:26

Pleased for you that you are now ok. Safe trip home and take care

Margiknot Tue 12-Sep-23 10:31:44

I hope you are recovering well.

dogsmother Thu 14-Sep-23 10:51:42

💐 so glad this wasn’t more damaging. Head injuries can be awful but also if it’s more skin they do tear and bleed awfully too.

Shinamae Thu 14-Sep-23 11:07:43


💐 so glad this wasn’t more damaging. Head injuries can be awful but also if it’s more skin they do tear and bleed awfully too.

Thank you.My friend told me afterwards that her and the Doctor were looking at each other, and not saying to me but the blood was actually gushing from my head,
I could see quite a few clothes and towels appeared to be soaked in blood, but luckily I’m not the panicking and type. 🤓