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Cataract query

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Aveline Tue 12-Sep-23 13:46:59

I'm having cataract ops in both eyes next month with a two week gap between each one. My query is how do I manage when one eye is 'done' but the other isn't yet. Will I be able to see well enough with just the 'new' eye? I'm not expecting to be driving just everyday activities. Help anyone?

Mazgg Tue 12-Sep-23 14:22:17

My friend has recently had hers done and had the lense removed from her glasses on the eye that was 'done'.

Aveline Tue 12-Sep-23 14:24:14

Thanks. I wondered about that.

BlueBelle Tue 12-Sep-23 14:31:49

Your brain adjusts very well
Because I have a hole in my macular when I first had the cataracts done the words of say a street sign or a number plate were all hippety hoi on different levels just like a drunk person would see them They assured me my brain would adjust to it all and it has

grandtanteJE65 Tue 12-Sep-23 14:41:44

I had no difficulty seeing with my former glasses after having a cataract removed from my right eye. But then I had seen very little with that eye before the op. so being able to actually see things on my right was an enormous improvement.

Good luck.

M0nica Wed 13-Sep-23 14:35:25

I had the lens replaced by plain glass until such time as was recommended to get my eye retested and a new appropriate lens put in the frames.

Aveline Wed 13-Sep-23 15:05:32

Thanks. I'm really just wondering about the two weeks between replacing the lenses. Just don't know.

Marydoll Wed 13-Sep-23 15:10:49

I also wondered about the lenses in my glasses, when I get mine done.
Thank you for the info.
I hope your op goes well Aveline.

M0nica Wed 13-Sep-23 16:34:25

I was told to wait six weeks before I had an eye test and after that it took a week or two for my glasses with the new lens to arrive, so I was without a lens for nearly 2 months, so having a plain glass in made my glasses unremarkable.

If you are wearing glasses befor the op, I assume the surgeon will be putting in a near completely corrective lens, so your post-op eye strength will be close to normal anyway.

Aveline Wed 13-Sep-23 16:46:15

Yes I'm having full corrective lenses fitted with two weeks between each op. I don't know if perfect vision in one eye and the old vision in the other will scramble my brain! Will have to wait and see.

Aveline Wed 13-Sep-23 16:47:11

I'm hoping that after they're both replaced all will be well but it's the two weeks in between that worry me

M0nica Wed 13-Sep-23 21:29:55

Before my first cataract operation my left eye was nearly twice as weak as my right eye. the left eye was done first and the operation made it 1 dioptres stronger than my right eye.

The following morning when i took the patch off my eye, the adjust ment was almost immediate. I put my usual glasses on, the left side now with plain glass and was fine.

I did not need to have the right eye done for nearly another 7 years.

FoghornLeghorn Wed 13-Sep-23 23:10:07

If there is a big difference between both eyes, removing a lens from your glasses won’t work. You’ll just get double vision. I found I could manage perfectly well with one ‘done’ eye. It takes over from your ‘undone’ one. The only thing I didn’t do was drive.

Aveline Thu 14-Sep-23 06:32:17

That's what I'm hoping Foghorn leghorn. There is a big difference between each eye now.

Allsorts Thu 14-Sep-23 06:51:16

When I think of my gran, in her nineties and couldn't afford glasses and now these wonderful operations to restore sight, it seems a miracle. Know so many who have benefited, we are so lucky having that opportunity.
Good luck Aveline, it will all go well.

Sapphire24 Thu 14-Sep-23 06:58:01

I had my right eye done last year and can honestly say it's one of the best things I've ever done. I then had to wait 6 weeks before getting new glasses, and although I did need them I actually managed quite well with the current glasses, and that's with a full time job working on the computer all day. Oh and I was driving the day after surgery. :-)

M0nica Thu 14-Sep-23 07:22:48

Foghornleghorn You may have had a problem with double vision, but I had none at all and was allowed to drive (safely and legally) as soon as the patch was off my eye.

BlueBelle Thu 14-Sep-23 07:28:00

Foghorn exactly the brain adjust to the best eye and you can manage fine and between ops I had a -12 and a -2 but the new good eye and the brain overtook the still rubbish eye

Aveline Thu 14-Sep-23 08:13:51

It's only two weeks. I'll just have to wait and see (literally!). Just reading the bumph about the op it seems like there are so many potential risks. I know they have to cover themselves but if I wasn't so very short sighted and getting worse I'd think twice about going ahead.