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Is this a scam or is it the NHS?

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PamelaJ1 Fri 15-Sep-23 13:45:46

I got a message yesterday from NHS-NoReply
It stated that either myself or my husband (there isn’t a name and his medical alerts come to my phone) are pre diabetic. Apparently, although my DH has an appointment for a blood test next week neither of us have had one for ages.

I’m ignoring it but if it had come the week after next I may have been tempted to click on the link.
Anyone else had one?

ExDancer Fri 15-Sep-23 13:51:10

Where does it come from? I know you say NHS, but what's the sender's address across the top?
Is it NHSnoReply, or a line of incomprehensible gobbled gook like NHS13570£&%aHbuwy?
Does it contain spelling mistakes or bad grammar?

Jaxjacky Fri 15-Sep-23 14:09:27

Similar to this, which is genuine?

LizzieDrip Fri 15-Sep-23 14:12:42

Personally I would ignore it. Red flags for me are:

1) No name! Any bona fide health information about you would have your name attached to it.
2) How does ‘the sender’ know you are ‘pre-diabetic’ if you haven’t had blood tests?
3) Any such information / communication would surely come via your GP practice.

Seems like a scam to me - they want to get you to click on the link.

welbeck Fri 15-Sep-23 14:18:44

i have had messages like that which do seem to be kosher.
but it is all v confusing now.
and one reason why i cannot ignore unknown phone callers.
what kind of a link is it.
don't click on it in the message, but can you look up the website it refers to.
or just google the text with, is this genuine.
often nhs messages do not contain my name.
but not having had a recent blood test does sound odd.
unless it's done on previous readings, tendencies, and was in fact a prompt to have a blood test.
when i've queried things like this that's the kind of explanation i get.
it's all in the algorithms. apparently.

PamelaJ1 Fri 15-Sep-23 15:15:39

ExDancer it’s from NHS-NoReply. Exactly the same as in the op.

PamelaJ1 Fri 15-Sep-23 15:20:58

Here it is.

Salti Fri 15-Sep-23 15:27:01

I get text messages to my phone from NHS-NoReply for myself, my husband and his brother. They never say who they are for annoyingly. When I click on the link I have to enter a date of birth and only the date of birth of the intended recipient will work.

growstuff Fri 15-Sep-23 15:52:48

It's from Reed Wellbeing, which is apparently providing pre-diabetes courses for the NHS

It's possible that either you or your husband have had a pre-diabetic blood test result in the past and they've been given your details by your GP.

Personally, I'd ignore it and ask about it next time you go to the GP, especially as your husband is about to have a blood test. You could always ask for a blood test for yourself.

Even if you have pre-diabetes, the course will tell you what you probably already know: lose weight if you're overweight, do 150 minutes of exercise a week, watch your carbs, stop smoking, etc.

PamelaJ1 Fri 15-Sep-23 16:49:06

thanks Growstuff
It must be for him then. I do all the right things and am fairly slim😜

Katie59 Fri 15-Sep-23 17:50:35

If you think you are pre-diabetic buy a test kit from Boots and follow the instructions, if you are seriously high see your GP. Tip, exercise after a meal will lower your blood sugar a lot, maybe walking the dog.

PaperMonster Fri 15-Sep-23 21:36:15

PamelaJ1 that’s no guarantee that it’s not for you sadly.

VioletSky Fri 15-Sep-23 21:50:37

The language seems off to me, I would call your doctor Monday, they will know if they have referred either of you

PamelaJ1 Sat 16-Sep-23 05:54:04


PamelaJ1 that’s no guarantee that it’s not for you sadly.

I think the quarantee for me is that I haven’t had a blood test for about 6 years! I think it’s time I had one of those Well women checks though. My sisters have all had them and I’m the oldest.
VS my DH actually has an appointment for a blood test next week.

bikergran Sat 16-Sep-23 09:21:40

I had similar few wks ago, I thought it was a scam as it did not say enter my dob which normally it does. It is for a follow up appointment which I wasn't aware of. But app it is legit, I think coming nearer the time I will also have a reminder.

pascal30 Sat 16-Sep-23 09:31:33

It's similar to one I got about a medication.I thought it was a scam and deleted it, but when I asked my Dr weeks later about it she confirmed that it had been sent by the practice..

harrigran Sat 16-Sep-23 10:32:58

I got a letter with the same wording a few years ago.
I was referred to the course based on my annual blood test. It takes time to process the information so it does not have to follow immediately after a blood test.

M0nica Sat 16-Sep-23 19:57:21

If in doubt speak to your GP surgery.