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lizzyb Wed 27-Sep-23 12:15:15

Anyone else reluctant to have another Covid booster? Have had them all up to now but just not keen on having another one!

Doodledog Mon 02-Oct-23 14:36:24

Duoboots do eight different calf widths, and are available online.

Doodledog Mon 02-Oct-23 17:06:22

Sorry - I've asked for that to be deleted - different width boots won't help with Covid. I hope all poorlies get well soon flowers

Janetashbolt Tue 03-Oct-23 14:04:20

I had a Pfizer booster and had exactly the same nightmare that night thst I had with my previous booster. Won't have any more, I get quite ill for two days after each time

twiglet77 Tue 03-Oct-23 14:54:14

I had the Pfizer booster last week, I’m 67, no side effects whatsoever and I’m glad it’s done, having the flu jab next week. I haven’t had Covid and don’t want it!

twiglet77 Tue 03-Oct-23 14:55:26

Just to add, I do realise the booster won’t stop me catching Covid but hopefully it would reduce its severity.

DamaskRose Tue 03-Oct-23 15:05:42

It wouldn’t occur to me not to have a covid and/or flu jab. I had long covid for four months last year and have never experienced anything like it, certainly much worse than any cold or flu I’ve ever had.

NfkDumpling Tue 03-Oct-23 17:46:50

I called in at the surgery this afternoon to cancel my appointment for tomorrow as I'm still coughing fit to bust. Another was made for ten days time - plus, when they heard my cough, instructions to contact triage for an urgent appointment with the asthma clinic!

Biscuitmuncher Tue 03-Oct-23 18:12:01

I've not had a single covid jab. They absolutely terrify me

LovesBach Tue 03-Oct-23 18:14:17

Covid frightens me more.

Jaxjacky Tue 03-Oct-23 19:10:37

Flu last Saturday, covid today.

Thorntrees Tue 03-Oct-23 19:58:54

We had our covid jabs yesterday.
Quite a chaotic set up at a community centre,no one wearing masks except us so we asked the vaccinator to wear a mask which she did.
Cant understand why the NHS is desperate for everyone to have their jabs but doesn’t then protect their vulnerable and elderly patients by wearing masks
We felt the most at risk than we have ever done so keeping everything crossed no harm was done.
I have a hospital procedure on Friday morning so will wear my mask and hope others do as well.
No reaction to the jab not even a sore arm.

Nanatoone Tue 03-Oct-23 20:54:01

Regarding precautions, my daughter is a secondary school teacher and she is very unwell with Covid. Had she only had it mildly she would have gone in to work (as required) although she did say she felt terrible about the idea as so many kids, teachers and their families are vulnerable and this is a nasty version. As it is she’s far too Ill to go in.

Biscuitmuncher Tue 03-Oct-23 21:04:57

Thorntrees I think everyone has realised how pointless masks are

karmalady Tue 03-Oct-23 21:17:13

Not pointless, everyone stays away in the shops if you are the only one with a mask

maddyone Tue 03-Oct-23 23:31:11

I had my Covid vaccine on Friday afternoon. By Saturday afternoon I was not feeling 100% but by Sunday I felt ill. On Monday I was better, which is a good job since my daughter and her three children were arriving from New Zealand on Monday afternoon and so it’s pretty full on in the house at the moment.

Doodledog Tue 03-Oct-23 23:46:57

Enjoy your time with your family, -*maddie*. I had mine on Friday too, and had a similar reaction to you by the sound of things. It’s fine now, and I’m pleased I am protected for another 6 months.

Whiff Wed 04-Oct-23 07:10:18

I had my Covid jab on Wednesday . And when I did my LFT test like I have to every Saturday as part of my health care. I must have been incubating Covid when I had my jab . I couldn't believe I tested positive so did the test again. But apart from feeling very tired and my limbs hurting worse those where my only symptoms. But I strongly believe have the Covid jab helped lesson my symptoms.

And no you can't get Covid from the jab as it's not an active vaccine. Will test this morning to see if I still have it or not.

To be honest the cold I had a couple weeks ago was far worse than having Covid. (I tested when my cold started as I felt so ill but it was negative so just a cold.) But I put that down to always having the Covid jab and my flu one. I started wearing my mask again last week and glad I did as it protects others also keeps my face warm.

Only had sore arm for 2 days with both flu and covid jabs.

rafichagran Wed 04-Oct-23 08:20:01

My partner and I had our covid/flu jabs yesterday afternoon, I have two very sore arms, and partner seems unaffected.

Marydoll Wed 04-Oct-23 08:23:13

maddy, I hope you are having a lovely time with your family!

Whiff Wed 04-Oct-23 11:09:02

LFT was negative. So will go out tomorrow. Think I got off very lightly symptom wise. But very glad had my Covid and my flu jabs.

maddyone Sat 07-Oct-23 09:13:42

Thank you Doodledog and Marydoll.
We’re having a lovely but very busy time. Thank you so much for your lovely, kind wishes.

Northernlass Sat 07-Oct-23 11:51:12

According to Covid boosters provide immunity 7-14 days following vaccination

OurKid1 Sat 07-Oct-23 11:54:49

lizzyb I feel much the same. I've booked mine as I know I should have it done but I'm in two minds about it. I have been lucky and not caught Covid, but I'm well aware that others have suffered. I probably will have it, like I had my flu jab today and wondered about that right up till the nurse stuck the needle in.

Patsy70 Sat 07-Oct-23 12:56:57

‘Flu last Saturday, no ill effects, COVID on Thursday, again no side effects. My OH had both yesterday, and said he felt a bit ‘hot and cold’, but he’s gone to his Thai Chi class, so can’t be feeling too rough. We both had the Pfizer vaccine. I do hope those who are feeling unwell get better soon. 💐

Netherbyg84 Sat 07-Oct-23 13:52:23

Not so simple as some posters are suggesting. The Pfeiser booster 18 months ago has left me with a horrible condition for which there is no cure - Hives and angiodoema, all day every day ; I take 6 anti histamine daily which, of course, make me drowsy. We were under great pressure during the COVID crisis to get vaccinated without a word about possible side effects. See REDDIT discussion forum if you don't believe me.
I call it, sarcastically, the gift that keeps on giving.