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Covid booster

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lizzyb Wed 27-Sep-23 12:15:15

Anyone else reluctant to have another Covid booster? Have had them all up to now but just not keen on having another one!

Netherbyg84 Sat 07-Oct-23 14:04:44

the COVID booster has left me with a horrible condition for which there is no cure - Hives and Angiodoema. 18 months ago - not a word from the government about possible side effects. I take 6 amti histamine daily which, of course, make me drowsy.
The gift that keeps on giving!
No more vaccines for me, thank you.

Doodledog Sat 07-Oct-23 16:00:17

Sorry to hear that, Netherby. It sounds awful, and must be really uncomfortable. Are the doctors certain that it was the vaccine that caused it?

Marydoll Sat 07-Oct-23 19:01:36


Sorry to hear that, Netherby. It sounds awful, and must be really uncomfortable. Are the doctors certain that it was the vaccine that caused it?

How awful for you?
Did you report it to the Yellow Card site?

I did twice, because it helps the scientists in their research into side effects of the vaccines. However, it t still won't prevent me having more vaccinations.
I'm between a rock and a hard place.

Marydoll Sat 07-Oct-23 19:05:33

I found this report about your condition, Netherby.

I too have multiple allergies to medication, but my reaction was to Astra Zeneca, which was later found to be unsuitable for those who are immunosuppressed.
Once I changed to Pfizer, the side effects were much less.

Shelflife Sat 07-Oct-23 19:59:05

Had flu and Covid vaccinations today, flu in right arm Covid in left. So far so good ! Was anxious about having both vaccinations and was asked if I wanted them a few weeks apart, but decided to go for it. Feel absolutely fine - fingers 🤞.

henetha Sat 07-Oct-23 23:26:02

Same here today , Shelf life. Except flu in left arm, COVID in right arm.
Feel fine so far, no reactions.
Yep, fingers 🤞 crossed..

downtoearth Sun 08-Oct-23 17:15:43

Flu yesterday ,really tired and achey today,but at least my arm isnt sore.

karmalady Sun 08-Oct-23 18:14:28

Lizzyb, I have finally decided, no covid jabs for me. From now on my own immune system will take control. I have had them all up to now and just cancelled the next one.

Shelflife Mon 09-Oct-23 11:09:45

Had flu and Covid vaccinations on Saturday. Very tired yesterday and ' under the weather ' went to bed at 8pm , feeling better today. One arm
( Covid) is red and sore but other than that all us well. .

Nanderin Mon 09-Oct-23 11:44:38

Has anyone had their covid at a chemist.

Jaxjacky Mon 09-Oct-23 11:46:28

Nanderin MrJ had his at our chemist yesterday, perfectly fine.

Siope Mon 09-Oct-23 11:50:50

I had mine at the local chemists, this year and last year. Both times were fine.

Nanderin Mon 09-Oct-23 11:51:07

Thanks I had mine at Drs but husband booked in chemist. Would rather be Drs but they didn't get delivery so wasted journey.

twiglet77 Mon 09-Oct-23 11:54:00

I had my covid booster a fortnight ago at the NHS pop-up clinic in an indoor shopping centre. No side effects at all.
My flu jab is at Boots tomorrow.