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Shingles vaccine eligibility

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hamster58 Mon 09-Oct-23 13:17:32

Hi all. I I turned 65 a few months ago and believed I was eligible for the above as a result. However, when I went to the surgery to book earlier today I was presented with a chart only decipherable by the person who created it but it said I wasn’t eligible until 1.9.27. According to this chart a person who becomes 65 from 1.9.23 until 31.8.24 is eligible NOW. This makes no sense to me as they are younger. Does this make sense to others or can someone else at least explain it more clearly that the chart. The receptionist said she just had to follow said chart. Thanks all

Caravansera Mon 09-Oct-23 13:38:14

You’ve been caught in the transition. Looks like you will be eligible in Year 5.

During stage 1 (1 September 2023 to 31 August 2028) Shingrix® will be offered to those turning 70 and 65 years on or after 1 September 2023.

This is not the same thing but similar to women who were born in the early to mid 1950s caught in the state pension changes. They saw some women who were just slightly older than them getting their pension at 60 while they had to wait longer.

Calendargirl Mon 09-Oct-23 13:43:17

As I understand it, you used to be eligible for the Shingles vaccine when you hit 70.

Now, as you say, you qualify if you turn 65 on the relevant dates, but if you are say, 68 now, you have to wait until you turn 70. confused

It seems crazy to me, that younger people can have it before older ones. No doubt someone has been highly paid to come up with the latest idea.

I was 70 earlier this year, and pleased I had it done.

hamster58 Mon 09-Oct-23 13:56:11

Calendargirl, your third paragraph was EXACTLY what I thought!! And there are plenty of similar things throughout life like it too!

BlueBelle Mon 09-Oct-23 14:09:07

I had to be 70 when I had mine I didn’t realise they had changed it

Gymstagran Mon 09-Oct-23 14:19:51

I somehow got missed for mine but now I've turned 75 I've been offered one. Strange rules!

Whiff Mon 09-Oct-23 15:27:35

There has been a TV advert running for over a month saying anyone aged 65 can get shingles vaccine. I was told I couldn't have it and would have to be 70 by GP surgery. So why are the government spending money on the advert which is a lie.

westendgirl Mon 09-Oct-23 15:31:52

I remember when these came in . You could qualify when you were 70, but each year they only did certain years (and not in numerical order).I know I was in the last group and had to wait about 4/5 years.

Jaxjacky Mon 09-Oct-23 15:32:50


There has been a TV advert running for over a month saying anyone aged 65 can get shingles vaccine. I was told I couldn't have it and would have to be 70 by GP surgery. So why are the government spending money on the advert which is a lie.

Yes, it’s very misleading.

Hymnbook Mon 09-Oct-23 16:37:46

Yes the ad is very misleading. My sister won't be 70 until March next year. She is very prone to Shingles having had it numerous times especially when she's stressed. The ad clearly states anyone 65 and over are eligible.

lizzyb Wed 11-Oct-23 08:43:56

Haven't seen the ad on telly but on the NHS website it clearly states that if you turn 65 from 1/9/23 you are eligible for the vaccine. If you are already 65 (I am), you have to wait till you're 70. Very unfair I think.

Gin Wed 11-Oct-23 09:09:09

I missed having my jab, you have to ask for it, they do not invite you and now in my eighties when it would be a most debilitating condition, I am no eligible. Anyone know why!

lixy Tue 17-Oct-23 20:02:53

Ok I give up.
I am eligible for the shingles vaccination as I was 65 at the end of September this year. While at the surgery to make my appointment I had a discussion with the receptionists' team. They had guidance which shows eligibility as Caravansera sets out up thread, ie anyone becoming 65 between 1st September 2023 and 31st August 2024.

My OH will be 65 in April next year so I made an appointment for him at the same time. He went to see the nurse when called and came out saying that she said he wasn't eligible. She gave him his flu vaccine so it wasn't a wasted trip!

He went to sit in the car to wait for me so I told the receptionists what had happened. There was much discussion and they will 'be in touch'.

Meanwhile turns out I was also eligible for a pneumonia vaccination, so now I'm feeling very sorry for myself having had a jab in each arm - and I can't raise either sufficiently to switch on the light switch. It'll all look better in the morning after a paracetamol and a night with a hot water bottle I'm sure!!
Just a small thing I know in the light of world events but nonetheless.....

Hippie20 Tue 17-Oct-23 21:05:07

Isn't it a nonsense. I booked in for a shingles jab and then the surgery rang me and told me I wasn't eligble until I was 70 but if I had been 65 I could have had it. No sense to it whatsoever. I am 68. My friend who is 67 with no health conditions and lives in a different area to me had it 3 weeks ago. As usual it appears a post code lottery is operating. Unbelievable. Who has made this guidance.

MaggsMcG Tue 17-Oct-23 21:09:38

I think its the way its been worded it so confusing that some GP surgeries are interpreting it in a different way.

Calendargirl Wed 18-Oct-23 05:18:45

Why did they not just lower the age so that people now aged 69 or 68 say could have the vaccination, and carry on like that? Why bring in the 65 age now?

They could have saved the money spent on the misleading ad campaign.


Floz Wed 18-Oct-23 18:53:16

I’ve just been sent the message from the GP surgery, basically telling me I can’t have the vaccine , but people who are younger than me can! Ridiculous! Who comes up with these ideas?

TwiceAsNice Wed 18-Oct-23 22:00:22

I was offered one by my surgery but have already turned 70 in July. I’m still thinking a lot or as Ive had it twice already when I was younger. They offered it me just before I was going on holiday , didn't want it then in case of any side effects

TwiceAsNice Wed 18-Oct-23 22:00:48

About it not a lot

henetha Wed 18-Oct-23 23:11:31

I've never had the shingles jab. Can people in their eighties have it?

Sweetsnbooksnradio4 Mon 13-Nov-23 21:36:37

We’ve just seen the TV ad for the first time - we played it over twice and still had to find the chart on the website. We have to wait another 3 years until we’re 70…

(I got caught in the pension trap too…)