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Does anyone take Collagen? And is it effective for anything e.g.joints,skin problems?

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Delia22 Fri 15-Mar-24 16:34:21

I was thinking of starting taking Collagen powder for a minor skin problem.I have spoken to my g.p.about it and all she could suggest was a mild steroid cream and moisturiser. I have started to use both but I thought I could help things along by taking Collagen as well as the topical treatment. Thanks.Any advice would be welcome.

CanadianGran Fri 15-Mar-24 17:56:32

Collagen contains anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help with improving skin and joint health. I'm no health specialist, but I would think collagen may help with the general health of your skin if you have issues. It can be fairly expensive, though, and will take some months before you see any differences.

I do take collagen, both for skin, nail hair and joint benefits.

Delia22 Sat 16-Mar-24 11:17:59

Thank You CanadianGran. How long have you been taking Collagen? What sort of benefits have you had? Yes it is pricey but I would be prepared to continue with it if anyone has had results.I have been taking it for almost a month so far.

mlynne239 Sat 16-Mar-24 11:42:33

I was recommended to take collagen in a French pharmacy for osteo arthritis. Hard to know if it works but have had less i tense hand pain this year but it has been warmer? I buy it online to get the best price

shysal Sat 16-Mar-24 13:48:26

When my knee became painful with a crunching feeling about 3 months ago, I started to take collagen capsules a well as doing leg strengthening exercises. I can't say there has been any improvement, but it is no worse. I read about Flexiseq on another thread recently so also tried that. After rubbing it on for 2-3 weeks my skin reacted badly so I have stopped it. We clutch at straws don't we? smile