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Nerve pain in tooth

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travelsafar Mon 18-Mar-24 22:58:03

Every now and then I get a really sharp pain in one of my teeth. It's not the same throbbing relentless pain of toothache. It is a twitching really sharp pain. It has been going on for a year now and at my 6monthly check ups had it checked out and xrayed but dentist can find nothing to account for it anyone else ever had this and found a cure for it?

Allegretto Mon 18-Mar-24 23:03:50

I occasionally get nerve pain in one tooth. The dentist has said that the tooth is healthy but that the deep filling in it is causing this occasional nerve pain. I smear the tooth with sensodyne several times a day until it settles. The other option given to me was to have a root canal filling to remove the nerve. My dentist is reluctant to do that (as am I) when there is no decay. Good luck with it. Nerve pain is horrible.

Coolgran65 Tue 19-Mar-24 03:14:13

I had constant nerve pain in a back molar, grumbling for several years. Eventually it required attention. It had a very large filling and an x-ray showed a dark area where the filling was pressing on a nerve. .I started root canal treatment. The nerves wouldn't freeze. What should have been two appointments became four, each lasting one hour. Dentist drilling and me squealing and saying... Keep.going keep going. Arms in the air and heels drumming on the chair. After the four appointments and £500 lighter all was done. £500 even though I was using my dental insurance. That was in January of this year. Today I can feel part of the filling is missing. I'm wondering will he charge to fix the filling. I think he shouldn't but there always seems to be some reason to be able to charge.

travelsafar Tue 19-Mar-24 17:09:59

Contacted my dentist this morning and have appointment for Monday as there was a cancellation.

Shelflife Tue 19-Mar-24 22:55:54

I have recently had something similar, when it comes it is like an electric current shooting through my tooth. Fortunately it is over in about 3 seconds. Told my dentist and she could not detect a problem. It is definitely not toothache, very strange and unpleasant! Touch wood I haven't had it for two weeks now - probably jinxed it now ! Fingers crossed 🤞it stays away.

LinAnn52 Wed 20-Mar-24 15:08:37

Interested to read of your experience Shelflife. I started getting that electric shock feeling about two years ago while brushing teeth. Went to the dentist who x-rayed and found nothing wrong. She suspected it was trigeminal neuralgia. This was eventually confirmed by doctor and neurologist at the hospital. I now suffer terrible pain which can disappear for a while before returning. At the moment I struggle to eat, talk, brush my teeth. I have prescription tablets but they are making no impression just now. I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this condition.

Shelflife Sun 24-Mar-24 18:14:01

LinAnn,that sounds dreadful and very painful! Fortunately for me my pain has not returned! You poor lady!
The pain I had was severe but very short lived, it disappeared then returned a few days later - for me so far so good! If it returns I will remember your diognosis so thank you for that. I have been under stress so that might have a part to play - however I hope my ' shock pain' stays away. I wish you well and hope your pain subsides very soon . Pain is very debilitating and lowers your mood . 💐

travelsafar Fri 29-Mar-24 09:34:44

Dentist checked all my teeth and could find nothing wrong. I was given an appointment for the following day for a clean. Touch wood it seems to have done the trick . Been advised to use cordosyl mouthwash regularly.

Sparklefizz Fri 29-Mar-24 10:07:36

LinAnn52 I had something similar and dental X-rays showed no infection so GP diagnosed Trigeminal Neuralgia. I had shooting cutting pain up my cheek, close to the side of my nose and under one eye.

Eventually I found out about dental CT scans which can't be done by a normal dentist, and I would suggest researching these to see if you could afford one. Mine cost £175 but that was 13 years ago. The scan showed that I had really weird long nerves from an eye tooth and that I did have a dental infection at the end of these nerves, hence it didn't show up on the normal dental X-ray.

I then had dental treatment to deal with it and have had no more pain.

OLLYgr Sat 30-Mar-24 22:16:45

Not posted before and couldn't find where to post so hoping someone may be able to help.
I am 70 years old and my front tooth fell out today. It has actually broken and left some fragments in which will have to be removed. My dentist told me two months ago it was slightly loose, but I didn't expect this to happen so quickly. I damaged my two front teeth four years ago when I fell over my dog's lead.
When he told me it was loose he rushed through some scenios, implants, dentures, etc but I am sure he said I would be left gummy for a while until it healed. I keep reading on some dentists adverts about a temporary tooth until the real one can be replaced.
I am so distraught tonight. Dentist won't be open until Tuesday. It looks so awful and I have already cancelled tomorrow's Easter outing and I have my granddaughter's wedding in three weeks time. I would be so grateful for anyone else's experiences. Thank you.

crazyH Sat 30-Mar-24 22:28:27

Yes Ollygr , I think you can get a temporary tooth.

Coolgran65 Sat 30-Mar-24 22:45:09

I have had a denture fitted the same day as the extractions with no difficulty.
A denture can be made very quickly. Quite comfortable. Perhaps a little tender to start, not even tender, definitely not painful.
If you can get an emergency appointment I'm sure your dentist will be able to sort this.
Sometimes it may need relined after a while when gums have healed. My reclining last year cost £100 privately.
Good luck.