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Hip replacement - some help and advice needed please

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Yalland444 Thu 21-Mar-24 06:23:34

Hi everyone. I have been a member for a long time but have never added a post so here goes.
I know hip replacement is a subject that has been discussed on your forums may times but I would like to draw on the experience of any of you lovely ladies who have recently had a hip replacement. I had mine done just a week ago and feel that I am struggling. It’s easy to look at some of the stuff on the Bonesmart forums and feel that I am not doing as well as everyone else but I have no way of knowing if this is the truth.
I should have come out of the hospital on the same day but stayed an extra night because of nausea and then home to stay with my sister.
I had the Exeter Hip with posterior approach and I guess over the years opinions have changed as to precautions because I was told there was no 90 degree restrictions - just be careful.
I made a start on 2 crutches but around the house I am better with one so that I can potter around with one hand free. My biggest problem is pain whilst moving. I find it really painful to sit on the surgical site and then again to get up. The dressing is fine - I have plenty of bruising but no swelling or redness. My range of movement has improved but I am still tending to ‘hobble’ as It is painful to put any pressure on the operated leg. From what I can see many ‘hippies’ are able to move about quite well by the second week.
I am going back to my own home on Sunday which will in many ways be better for me as I have a downstairs loo which my sister doesn’t. And of course I will be in my own bed…….always a big bonus. Am I expecting too much of myself? If you have recently had a hip replacement and can reassure me that what’s happening is par for the course I would be really grateful. Jenni

Aldom Thu 21-Mar-24 06:33:19

Good morning Yalland444
May I suggest you look at the Health forum, Hips and Knees. There's a lot of up to date information on there which I think you may find helpful.
I hope you begin to feel better soon. smile

fancythat Thu 21-Mar-24 07:18:53

The person I know had a hip operation a few weeks ago.
Some of what you say seems similar.
But she personally, did not have the pain part.
I have no idea if that was normal or not.
She was on, low dose I think, painkillers, but that was something to do with giving her body in general, chance to heal, to make recovery easier.

Are you having follow up appointments with your GP?

Katie59 Thu 21-Mar-24 07:29:27

You MUST take the painkillers, do not try to manage without them, my OH had a hip in the autumn he was taking Paracetamol 4 times every day plus Codein plus Morphine as needed. He only needed the morphine for a few days

It is essential you do the exercises, if you don’t full movement may not return, avoid flexing hip more than 90deg at first as you get stronger it’s less important.

Aveline Thu 21-Mar-24 07:44:42

My hip replacement was lateral rather than posterior. Pain was not an issue. No exercises were suggested and mobility was not a problem at all. I have a complete range of movement.
Don't torture yourself trying to force movement. With your level of pain I think you need to get back to the surgeon and ask for the hip to be reviewed. Good luck.

Greyduster Thu 21-Mar-24 07:45:09

I reiterate what Katie said about exercises. You absolutely must do them more than once every day. They are your route to recovery. You can expect some pain while muscles, scar tissue and ligaments are healing. If you are down to one crutch, that’s progress. You should have access to some kind of ongoing support and advice from the hospital so if necessary speak to them to put your mind at rest. They’ll tell you what is normal and what is not. Good luck with it all - it’ll be fine, I’m sure.

Aveline Thu 21-Mar-24 07:46:06

Completely disagree re exercises. Look up the research on it.

fancythat Thu 21-Mar-24 07:57:20

The person I know had a booklet of before, and after exercises, from what I know.
Presumably with the amount of times to be done.

She also went to "hip school" or some such name, along with a few others, also due their operations.

Everything was well explained. Before and after the operation. NHS.

Gwyllt Thu 21-Mar-24 08:04:03

Is the research you are talking about saying after 12 months patients who were just told to walk did just as well as those who were given exercises.

Mel1967 Thu 21-Mar-24 08:06:39


Completely disagree re exercises. Look up the research on it.

Do you have any links for research?

Luckygirl3 Thu 21-Mar-24 08:19:45

Just looked up the research which shows no evidence that exercise improves outcomes over simply walking.
What I have observed is that people's recovery is very varied. A member of my choir rolled up last night with no crutches two weeks after his surgery!!! I still have pain after 10 years!
My experience was not just typical as I went into AF afterwards, and also they think a muscle was damaged.
So, as you can see outcomes and speed if recovery varies wildly!
It sounds as though you are jn the middle somewhere!

fancythat Thu 21-Mar-24 08:28:12


The person I know had a booklet of before, and after exercises, from what I know.
Presumably with the amount of times to be done.

She also went to "hip school" or some such name, along with a few others, also due their operations.

Everything was well explained. Before and after the operation. NHS.

Just to say, she found the exercises before the operation helpful. As well as the ongoing after the operation exercises.
She is very elderly. She is moving well.

Yalland444 Thu 21-Mar-24 08:51:43

Thank you all so much for your input. My sister keeps reminding me that at 80 years old I cant expect to be hopping around like a spring chicken and that recovery will no doubt take longer……. If I know that things are on par for where they should be I will be a happy bunny and accept that it will take a while to be moving without too much pain. Will ring the hospital this morning to see if they can reassure me.
I am not now on the strong opiates but am taking codeine and paracetamol. I am not in pain when at rest. As for the exercises I have a booklet telling me what I should be doing . Most of them are fine and I use them combined with frequent small walks to keep things moving…. Would just like a little less pain when I do move.

Aveline Thu 21-Mar-24 09:00:11

I went via the Nice guidance and Cochrane data. I think we all feel that we must do something ourselves but it seems that legs and hips are meant for walking rather than passive repetitions of exercises. So just walk. Practise going up and downstairs when you feel up to it. Just have a go.
Maybe age comes into it. My DD had a hip replacement at age 40 and never used a stick at all. (Our local hospital does not advise crutches).
I am concerned at OPs pain level and think she should take it up with the surgeon.

foxie48 Thu 21-Mar-24 09:22:20

I've not had a hip replacement but recovery from any sort of trauma to the body varies according to age and general level of fitness. Don't compare yourself with others but focus on your improvement. Do you have less or more pain now than a week ago or is it the same? Can you walk a bit further now than a few days ago? How do you feel in yourself? Keep a little chart and monitor your progress. Hopefully, you'll realise you are improving, even if slowly, if you aren't then it's definitely time to contact the hospital/GP. Good luck with your recovery.

Luckygirl3 Thu 21-Mar-24 09:24:43

I confess to being wary of repeated abnormal movements as a way of getting well. Our legs are made for walking and that seems to me to be the best exercise, and research bears that out. So please do not do anything that is causing pain.

I would certainly ask about your pain levels with the medics. You need to be reassured that all is well.

Good luck with your recovery.

Charleygirl5 Thu 21-Mar-24 09:33:58

I am with Aveline I also am concerned re your pain level and feel that should be checked. It should be improving each day. Is it worse than your pre op pain?

Good luck

Gwyllt Thu 21-Mar-24 09:41:26

Following my hip replacement x2 I was told just walk that’s the modern advice.
However I went to a physio who also worked for the NHS she was very good at realigning my posture
Her complaint was that with North Wales policy of no physio. Nine months or so patients were referred to her for continuing pain due to poor posture. Which of course is much harder to sort out after a delay. So yes I think good physio is essential not just a hand out with exercises

Aveline Thu 21-Mar-24 09:57:37

After a hip or knee replacement it's useful to change your shoes. They can be worn down by your pre op gait.

Gwyllt Thu 21-Mar-24 10:19:25

Totally agree
I was knock kneed and for a short time had arch supports till I developed the correct muscles
Have noticed a number of people who become knock need after new hips

Mel1967 Thu 21-Mar-24 16:30:32

Exercises are a big part of post operative recovery.
I’m concerned that there are comments to say otherwise.
Please only ever work within your own pain levels/limitations.
Never be in pain or have uncontrolled pain.
Please always follow the guidelines given by your Consultant 😊

Farzanah Thu 21-Mar-24 17:31:56

My OH has had 2/THRs and was not advised specific exercises apart from walking. I think it’s dependent upon the procedure and consultant. He now walks with normal gait and can manage around 8-9 miles hill walks, but everyone is different.

If you continue to have marked pain on weight bearing you should get medical advice, and don’t compare to others at the same stage, it varies so much.

silverlining48 Thu 21-Mar-24 17:49:14

Hello Yalland. Congratulations on your new hip, its very new, only been a week. I think you need to rest a bit and not worry too much about progress.
I am not surprised that you have some discomfort on sitting and standing. I felt like I was sitting on a golf ball for ages.
I began a thread on hips and knees 2 years ago, it’s still going strong, and there are a couple of people who have had the op recently or about to as well as lots of others who had the operation weeks/months/ years ago. In a couple of weeks it will be two years for me.
I had always thought I had no problem snd was walking miles after a week or two, but I made notes at the time which I came across the other day and clearly I have been kidding myself. It didn’t take long but wasn’t as fast as I thought. It’s major surgery so be patient .
If you want to have a read you can access it on the health forum look out for the 👯‍♀️ and do post there because there is a wealth of experience at your fingertips.

Visgir1 Thu 21-Mar-24 18:20:52

Yes SL 48 I found that thread brilliant with a raft of info thank you.

I too had the Exeter Hip replacement Aug 22 it's Brilliant. I had a Knee replacement 6 months prior to the Hip and my other Hip was done 9 years ago.
You pain should have gone by now, is it Hip or muscle pain?
I stopped with Painkillers after a couple of days.
I did pay for a few sessions with a Physio as I was getting back ache, but I was aware I had a bad habit in the way I was walking and sitting , we all compensate for the pain, but with x2 recent replacements I needed advice.
I had to retrain that Memory Walking Muscle, not they way I was holding myself so taught.
I have now been back in the Gym for about 18 months, my Hip is perfect I can even sit cross legged.
So be kind to yourself, take your time, your fixed.
Do the exercises you were discharge with if you can afford to see a Physio for a few sessions will be worth it?
Best of luck..

Aveline Thu 21-Mar-24 20:12:53

Mell967 I stand by my comments re physio. Check the research. My consultant agreed with me.