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What are the very best 'arthritis' gloves, to help with the pain?

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Maremia Thu 21-Mar-24 12:06:48

Hoping the GNs can advise on this. I have seen lots of adds for bamboo and copper infused versions. TIA.

Cossy Thu 21-Mar-24 12:11:10

I’ve tried several! None made any discernible difference sadly ☹️☹️☹️

When they get really bad I rub Volveral (?) cream pain relief on them.

Lmk if you find any which work for you 😊

Maremia Thu 21-Mar-24 16:34:19

Thanks for your reply Cossy. Is that cream the same as Voltarol?

Cossy Thu 21-Mar-24 16:41:56

That IS the cream, shouldn’t remember the name!!