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Link between Covid and lung scarring?

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susytish Tue 26-Mar-24 20:13:51

I had Covid just after Christmas, then a chest infection a few weeks later, had 2 lots of antibiotics, told chest was clear, but still have shortness of breath. After chest X-ray was told I have scarring on my lungs and have to see a specialist. Doesn’t sound good.
Can the scarring have been caused by Covid/chest infection. Could it be long Covid? Has the scarring been there a while? Has anyone had experience of this?

M0nica Tue 26-Mar-24 20:57:31

There is a clear connection between COVID and lung scarring.

Google 'covid lung scarring uk' and you will find innumerable studies by repuable uk universities and hospital discussing this.

susytish Tue 26-Mar-24 21:23:35

MOnica Thank you, will look at these.

HowVeryDareYou2 Tue 26-Mar-24 21:25:21

I had Covid, July 2021, was in an induced coma (on a ventilator) for 2 weeks. I was told I've got scarring on my lungs.

susytish Tue 26-Mar-24 21:52:33

HowVeryDareYou2 What did you do? What treatment can you get?

petra Tue 26-Mar-24 22:29:41

There was a piece on Radio 4 Re this subject. Slightly different to this article but the premise is on the same

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 27-Mar-24 08:31:19

I’m assuming that you’ve had a CT scan and are waiting for a consult?
If it’s scarring due to Covid then it seems that it’s reversible, are you on inhalers or Steroids?
When I had a lung problem last year I had an X-ray, CT scan and a consult all within 10 days, my GP put me on the 2 week wait pathway.
If your GP hasn’t suggested this you might want to have a chat about it.

Katie59 Wed 27-Mar-24 08:51:13

Certainly short term - a few weeks proper lung function will recover, after a year or so you can hope for some improvement, deep breathing and inhalers will help.

HowVeryDareYou2 Wed 27-Mar-24 10:43:21

susytish I was initially (when in hospital) on antibiotics, but nothing at all since August 2021.

harrigran Wed 27-Mar-24 11:12:07

I think that is a possibility. My sister's stepdaughter has damaged lungs after having had covid twice. She was not vaccinated.

Thorntrees Thu 28-Mar-24 12:16:36

I have some scarring on my left lung caused by chemotherapy almost 16 years ago.
The consultant told me it would be permanent and indeed it showed up on an X-ray last year before a minor surgery.
It doesn’t cause any problems with chest infections,coughs etc.
I just have to remember to mention it if I have a chest X-ray so it doesn’t cause any alarm.