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Ezetimide - anyone on this?

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Grannybags Thu 28-Mar-24 09:47:53

My DH has tried Rosuvastatin and Atorvastatin and both upset his stomach really badly.

He is about to start Ezetimide and wondered how others have found it

Sago Thu 28-Mar-24 10:44:53

Truly awful…sorry.

Grannybags Thu 28-Mar-24 13:59:21

Oh dear that doesn't sound good, Thanks!

Emerald888 Thu 28-Mar-24 14:25:36

I was put on it as well as Atorvastatin to lower my cholesterol . I had no problems and it worked well. After six months I no longer needed it.

Doodle Thu 28-Mar-24 14:26:51

DH is on this as he couldn’t tolerate other statins. He is on on it.

midgey Thu 28-Mar-24 14:31:54

I take it along with the maximum dose of Atorvastatin, no problem so far!

Cathy04 Thu 28-Mar-24 15:30:54

I was prescribed Atorvastatin but had awful side effects. I then tried Simavastatin, same problem. Then Rosuvastatin, same again.

I started taking Ezetimibe in January. No problems so far. I had a blood test last week to see if it had made any difference to my cholesterol. Unfortunately it hasn’t gone down as much as I would have liked, 5.1 from 6.5.

I looked up t my results on line and noticed that my Dr has put ‘no action’ so as I am moving soon and will be changing surgeries I will leave it at that.

GrannieBizzle Thu 28-Mar-24 15:42:16

So far so good - 3 months in

Bridie22 Thu 28-Mar-24 15:54:46

I have tried it, could not tolerate it, upset my stomach badly!