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BBC Two- Surgeons: At the edge of Life

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BigBertha1 Fri 29-Mar-24 12:16:34

Did anyone watch this it was the most amazing thing I have watched on TV in living memory. The skill of both of these surgeons is beyond my comprehension and the application of technical support allows them the most intricate and life saving surgery. Both patients were young - one was in his twenties. Both needed cancer surgery and their bravery in undergoing this surgery is just breathtaking. I really suggest watching this it really isn't blood everywhere... there are some incisions but again it is so precise. Its amazing to see the complexity and delicateness of their work. I am in awe totally. Fabulous work by the camera crew. Just cant tell you. Wonderful!!!

Jaxjacky Fri 29-Mar-24 12:44:11

I didn’t watch it BigBertha as I would hide behind a cushion, I did see clips and its Southampton General. We are fortunate to live not far away, both my parents and son have been patients there, it’s a well known teaching hospital too.

readsalot Fri 29-Mar-24 13:24:17

I watched it too. I am in awe of their skill.?

Gossamerbeynon1945 Fri 29-Mar-24 14:07:27

Did'nt see it. I have AMD and my husband can't speak at al,l he has severe aphasia since he had a stroke. Don't you think it is about time they found a cure for AMD. At least I would be able to see then. Don't know what to say about severe aphasia. One hospital in London,got them all together for weeks, and re-taught them how to speak. Some people returned to work.

EkwaNimitee Fri 29-Mar-24 15:29:56

There have been previous series of this. It’s a serious program, very well done. I watch it to be in awe of what human beings and their science and skills can do, and to admire the courage of the patients.
The bloody bits, though, I watch through my eyelids!

MissAdventure Fri 29-Mar-24 15:54:49

I think I must have seen on the previous series, how they went about removing a huge tumour from someones face, which had grown into his sinuses, ears, and basically the whole of his head.

Just amazing what can be done.

Grandma70s Fri 29-Mar-24 16:07:06

I watched it, and was equally astonished by the skill and courage involved. How does anyone have the confidence to cut into another person? It’s beyond me, but I’m grateful that some people can do it.

MissAdventure Fri 29-Mar-24 16:11:22

With the guys head tumour, they made a 3d image of it, to work out what could be attached to where, as previous surgery had left some of the facial bones paper thin and like honeycomb.

They took weeks to plan how it was all going to happen.
(If it wasn't the same programme, it was something just as awe inspiring)

Vito Fri 29-Mar-24 20:02:01

Yes there has been at least a couple of series, for me it's an absolute must see. Not enough superlatives to say how great the surgeons and patients are. Fantastic programme.

cornergran Fri 29-Mar-24 20:06:28

We’re both fascinated by these series. Somehow because it’s real the gory bits don’t bother me as they do in a drama. I’m too interested and in awe of the skill and dedication.

cornergran Fri 29-Mar-24 20:09:58

Posted too soon. Mr C had open heart surgery last year. Some may find this odd but I was really helped by seeing an open heart procedure. It helped me to properly understand some of what was happening when surgery day came. I was much less anxious.

bridie54 Fri 29-Mar-24 20:13:13

Yes BigBertha1. I am in total agreement with you on these surgeons and their skills. Fabulous programme I record so as not to miss.
I’ve no blood phobia so watch every minute and have watched every series. One featured surgeon last night became a cancer surgeon after suffering cancer himself at age 3.
My brother is a retired orthopaedic surgeon now suffering with bad RA and I thought of him last night when one surgeon commented on his sore back after a marathon surgery. I hope they look after their own health.

dogsmother Fri 29-Mar-24 20:17:44

Fascinating stuff. It takes a certain type to be able to that kind of thing and I don’t believe they get nearly enough acknowledgement or respect. This goes for the whole team involved.

mrshat Fri 29-Mar-24 20:47:39

Yes - it was an excellent programme. I also watched the previous series.

harrigran Sat 30-Mar-24 07:03:33

I must watch this series, I find surgery fascinating.
Before my last operation I watched a video of the procedure so that I would understand what had been done.