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How long should compression stockings be worn after surgery?

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singingnutty Sat 30-Mar-24 21:17:08

I had surgery 4 weeks ago and have been wearing compression stockings all the time since then. I think it is recommended to wear them for 6 weeks but my left leg is very uncomfortable because I have varicose veins starting just above my knee and the top of the stocking is cutting into the back of my knee. I would be grateful for thoughts and experience on this matter. Also, how long does it take for stitches to dissolve - obviously the ones that don’t need to be removed but are absorbed into the body. Thanks for any help you can give - this was my first major surgery at 77 years old.

dotpocka Sat 30-Mar-24 21:41:55

call your doctor
when i have questions for health beter to talk a pro
just had same was healthy til i was not almost in good shape
took me 6 months cancer and chemo and operation
good luck
can you cut the top inch couple off i notched mine to relieve the same problem

BlueBelle Sat 30-Mar-24 21:44:28

Can’t answer about the stockings but I think stitches dissolve in one to two weeks

singingnutty Sun 31-Mar-24 12:42:41

Thanks dotpocka I have cut notches in the stockings and now much more comfortable.

Purplepixie Mon 01-Apr-24 13:50:43

I had to wear mine 6 weeks after hysterectomy.

Granarchist Mon 01-Apr-24 14:31:58

my physio daughter says the time advice is totally arbitary and has no real basis in fact or research so no one is prepared to either shorten the time or dispense with them altogether. No one wants to take the risk of a clot causing a problem post surgery - its a bit like the 10,000 steps a day - or the five different fruit and veg a day - figures plucked out of thin air - can't harm you to wear the stockings or do the steps - so crack on.