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Ladies itching down below help

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Elizabeth1 Fri 30-Jul-21 08:45:24

I’ve had a terrible time with down below problems when at first I thought I had cut myself I had a small bleed and thereafter I’ve been prescribed an antifungal cream which didn’t work I’m now apply thrush cream on the itchy parts which appear to be working. When do you think the time is right to use a pessary. Please don’t advise me to let the doctor have a look as I’m struggling to recover from stroke my down below bits will be difficult to reach blush

JaneJudge Fri 30-Jul-21 08:49:11

Elizabeth, you could be seen by the nurse instead? they have seen everything believe me, they wont be seeing anything new.

Use a pessary now though if you are uncomfortable and see if it makes a difference

MerylStreep Fri 30-Jul-21 08:55:58

First of all you need to be taking some form of oral medication. Thrush starts in the gut.
It is basically candida which thrives on sugars. If possible illuminate all sugars from your diet.
Thrush also thrives in moist warm areas ( a doctors words to me) when possible wear loose clothing with no underwear.

Lesley60 Fri 30-Jul-21 08:56:00

I’m sorry you are suffering with this, I can sympathise as I used to have to scratch a terrible irritation down below
I realised when I looked at my medication that this was one of the possible side effects, so I stopped the meds after discussion with my Gp.
It maybe worth reading up on your meds to see if this is the case but if so please discuss with dr before stopping them as he may be able to prescribe an alternative

timetogo2016 Fri 30-Jul-21 08:59:37

So sorry to hear about you having a stroke Elizabeth1.
I hopr you make a full recovery very soon.
As for your problem,it doesn`t sound like thrush ,but you really do need to see a medical professional,it may be linked to medication you are taking,an allergic reaction ?.
Sorry i`m not much of a help.

Redhead56 Fri 30-Jul-21 09:13:39

I have had thrush and been given prescription for different creams. Some times I just get a random itch that I know isn’t thrush. I use Sudocrem in a little grey tub and it does work to alleviate the problem. Especially if you have broken the skin with itching its available in most supermarkets by baby products.

Antonia Fri 30-Jul-21 09:21:25

Itching 'down there' can be a symptom of diabetes. You should get it checked out.

ElaineI Fri 30-Jul-21 09:21:54

Sorry to hear about your stroke Elizabeth1. With thrush it needs treated from higher up vaginal tract so you need the pessary for higher and cream for outside bits. You can get cream for vagina with an applicator but it is fiddly. You can buy in bigger supermarkets or chemist but seeing practice nurse would confirm it. Treatment costs about £14 to buy.

lemongrove Fri 30-Jul-21 09:29:37


Itching 'down there' can be a symptom of diabetes. You should get it checked out.

Good point Antonia
Trimovate is a cream that works really well, but will have to be prescribed by your GP.If it isn’t thrush then using a thrush cream will not help, unfortunately.Use only tepid water on the area and keep extra clean as uric acid will irritate things even more.A barrier like vaseline may help a little too.
Hope you can get some help Elizabeth

MoorlandMooner Fri 30-Jul-21 09:34:22

Do you wash with soap or perfumed shower gel? This can be really irritating. Switching to aqueous cream might help things be less sore and scratchy.

Liz46 Fri 30-Jul-21 09:39:05

I agree with MoorlandMooner. Also, do you know anyone with an aloe vera plant? The gel inside the leaves is good but watch out for the spikey edges!

B9exchange Fri 30-Jul-21 09:40:39

Pharmacists are not supposed to sell thrush treatments to the over 60s because the irritation might be caused by post menopausal drying and shrinking of the vulval and vaginal skin. It is essential that you get this checked out, ask to see a female GP. The embarrassment of a few moments is nothing compared to the relief when you receive the proper topical treatment. Please do not suffer any longer. flowers

MissAdventure Fri 30-Jul-21 09:41:27

You can buy an all in one pack, containing a tablet and some cream.
Pharmacists won't sell to women over a certain age, though, because it's recommended that you get it checked out.
Perhaps try the treatment once, but then ensure you see a gp if it doesn't work.

Luckygirl Fri 30-Jul-21 09:44:31

I am sorry to hear of your stroke.

This does need looking at. If the business end is hard to reach at the moment, then that is the doc's problem! - a challenge for him/her!

Seriously, someone should take a look at this and make a proper diagnosis. It is most likely thrush, but there are lots of other things it could be.

PinkCosmos Fri 30-Jul-21 09:50:36


I have had thrush and been given prescription for different creams. Some times I just get a random itch that I know isn’t thrush. I use Sudocrem in a little grey tub and it does work to alleviate the problem. Especially if you have broken the skin with itching its available in most supermarkets by baby products.

I find Sudocrem very good for external itching. The joys of being post menopause hmm.

I also use Replens for vaginal dryness and never use anything but water for washing 'down there'.

You can buy both of the above products in the chemist or online. They would be worth a try initially.

As B9exchange said, it could be down to vaginal atrophy rather than thrush.

Lincslass Fri 30-Jul-21 10:00:26

You need to see a trained professional, there are infections, other than thrush, that can cause irritation, and require antibiotics. The Dr, or Nurse is an expert in reaching awkward areas. Please do go. Hope all will be ok for you

Elizabeth1 Fri 30-Jul-21 10:09:15

Thank you everyone I’ve tried sudocreme for a cut and it really worked the thrush cream at last seems to be working on the itch . I think because I used scented panty liners they caused the itch in the first place, (so beware ladies)I’m using a cold damp cloth to sooth things . I’m no longer using scented soap for washing bits down below I’m seeing a lovely doctor in a few days once I get my bloods checked, and if I’m still itching I’ll be forced to tell him help ma boab blush

Luckygirl Fri 30-Jul-21 10:17:54

Definitely tell the doc when you see him. The perfect opportunity to get this sorted.

Nancy0 Fri 30-Jul-21 12:39:09

I had similar problem a few months ago and had tried all types of creams from doctor Canestan ...Daktacort ... Trimovate Dermovate ...nothing worked. Went to a different (female) doctor and she recommended organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil far it's been terrific ...very soothing and no itch. Definitely worth a try!!

Esspee Fri 30-Jul-21 12:40:03

May I echo Luckygirl. Please tell the doctor. Your symptoms can be easily fixed with the correct medication.

Caleo Fri 30-Jul-21 13:25:12

Is there a discharge? If so, is it frothy, or is it thick and white?

The little I remember from my nursing days is that vaginal infections are caused by various germs, and the patient needs to have a sample of her vaginal discharge sent to the laboratory to find out what causes the discomfort. Once it's known what is causing the problem then the doctor can prescribe the best treatment.

Elizabeth1 Sat 31-Jul-21 08:27:28

Well that was some night after discreetly under the duvet inserting a pessary my you no what felt like it had gone 5 times round the ring (forgive the pun) with Mike Tyson.

I’m very pleased to say all has settled down on awaking. Fingers crossed I’ll not need to do that again.

You try and insert a pessary one handed it’s amazing what tricks I can get up to using the one hand wink sorry whoever said “hope you can get back to normal soon” .thanks Won’t ever happen after stroke or so said the doctor on admission to hospital.angry I’ll just have to prove them wrong though there’s still determination in this auld burd

Tea3 Sat 31-Jul-21 09:17:21

Well done! It’s such a struggle to get the show back on the road after serious illness but you sound like someone with the strength and ingenuity to fight back. All the very best.

Elizabeth1 Sat 31-Jul-21 16:31:45

Tea3 thank you so much for your encouragementflowers I’ve been feeling pretty low these past few days

Oldbat1 Sat 31-Jul-21 17:24:27

I suffered with thrush many years ago which happened after being on antibiotics - well known as a cause. How miserable a time it was. I was prescribed lots of different medications but natural yoghurt slathered on was a life saver. Eventually thrush disappeared. Hope you get some relief soon.