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Emergency Alert Pendants

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starshine Thu 06-Oct-22 19:26:03

Could anyone kindly recommend an effective emergency alert pendant, or a company that sells them please?

We need one with just one button that would go through to my phone in an emergency and that has a fall alert if my relative is unable to press the button.

Is there such a thing? Where would you start looking?

We need to get this up and running immediately hence the request for recommendations alongside the research I may have to do.

My relative does not live with me and needs a degree of independence but will wear an alarm during the night.

Thank you.

Charleygirl5 Thu 06-Oct-22 19:44:20

Try looking on Amazon. I also am thinking of similar for myself but I do not have 2 willing people who would answer an emergency call if eg I fell.

midgey Thu 06-Oct-22 19:48:28

It may be that the local council run a scheme otherwise AgeConcern certainly advertise pendants and alarms. I would start with the local council, they will be able to point you in the right direction for help.

midgey Thu 06-Oct-22 19:49:17

Just try Google to start with! Good luck.

CotswoldGrannie Thu 06-Oct-22 19:58:47

You need to Google your local services, not buy one independently, as they are part of a telephone network which will be installed into your home.
The wrist or pendant alarm (whichever you prefer) will be part of the package and it will be linked via a modem added to your landline which will be linked directly to a registered care company who will answer the calls, if and when activated, 24 hours a day for any emergency.
You have to pay a monthly amount for this service, obviously, and the equipment is unobtrusive and can be installed in minutes and similarly can be removed easily.
If you fall, for example, and press your alarm the Careline operator can call your registered contacts, i.e. friend, family member, neighbour, etc., or call emergency services on your behalf.
For peace of mind and reassurance it is a fantastic and effective system, not just for you but also for your loved ones as we all fear somebody falling and not being able to get to a phone to summon help.
Most local councils will have details on their websites about the local providers.

Serendipity22 Thu 06-Oct-22 20:32:40

My local council have them.

My mum used it then when she forgot she had it on, i rang the council to exchange it for 1 for dementia sufferers....

Look at your local council online..

All the best.


Barmeyoldbat Thu 06-Oct-22 21:21:59

My daughter lived on her own and had one, it was wonderful if she had a fall it went through to a 24 hr service desk and they could speak to her and call an ambulance, they would keep in touch until help arrived>. The best people to contact are social services as they usually have deal with one or the other. My daughter used Suresafe

starshine Fri 07-Oct-22 03:04:57

Thank you all so much. I shall start making enquiries today. It will be used in the event of my relative having a seizure. We hope to find something that would just directly call my phone rather than an agency but will go with whatever is eventually recommended for our particular situation. Charleygirl15, it makes me sad to think you have no-one to help flowers

starshine Fri 07-Oct-22 03:06:29

* Charleygirl5 not 15 - sorry!

Whiff Fri 07-Oct-22 07:25:43

Is it safe to wear an alarm during the night especially as they are usually wore round the neck? If the person tosses and turns could strangle themself. And also set the alarm off in their sleep.

Alarms are a good idea. But my mother in law had one. And it got caught round her neck when she wore it at night. Plus she forgot she was wearing it during the day and was always setting it off by leaning on it.

Would a voice activated alarm be better? Just putting another point of view.

starshine Fri 07-Oct-22 07:57:35

Thank you for those points. The alarm would be worn on the wrist and only at night. I am leaning towards a Suresafe device.

starshine Fri 07-Oct-22 13:40:07

Thanks again to all who helped and advised. I have bought a Suresafe Go wrist worn device to be family monitored. It has a fall alarm which is something I foolishly almost overlooked! I wonder if anyone is familiar with this particular device and find the fall alarm reliable?