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Bee allergy?

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Treetops05 Mon 05-Jun-23 13:38:48

As a beekeeper I was rushed to hospital with anaphylaxis last night and must now carry an Epi-pen at all times and consider whether to continue beekeeping. Has anyone been in the same boat? I love bees...and would love to continue but bees can and will sting through anything if unhappy so is it worth the risk? I've kept bees for 12 years.

MiniMoon Mon 05-Jun-23 14:05:03

My brother in law was a bee keeper. He was on call to collect swarms and went to schools to explain about keeping bees and making honey.
He was attending his bees one day and like you, the bees got into his protective suit and he was stung several times. He managed to make it to a house and fortunately the occupier was at home. He called an ambulance and my brother in law was treated in hospital. They kept him in for 3 days. He was issued with an epi pen on his release. He gave up the bees, giving his hives to another bee keeper.
He is now very careful around stinging insects.

Sago Mon 05-Jun-23 14:36:03

I think it’s time to say goodbye to your bees.

AGAA4 Mon 05-Jun-23 16:14:58

It's not worth the risk to your health. Bee keeping is not for you.

Shelflife Mon 05-Jun-23 17:37:03

Treetops, do sorry this has happened to you , however.......I do think it is time to let your beloved bees go to a new venue. You must make your health a priority!!

Rosie51 Mon 05-Jun-23 17:48:41

Inside you know the answer Treetops, time to say goodbye to your bees and just enjoy the memories of 12 years happy bee keeping. The increased risk from being around such huge numbers of bees just isn't worth it, sad as you'll be to lose them.

Floradora9 Mon 05-Jun-23 21:49:29

A friend was stung by a wasp and almost died of AS . He has been on a course of injections to make his less likely to be so ill again but also has to carry an epipen . Do not know if the same is possible for bee stings but he will never be completely cured .

Hetty58 Mon 05-Jun-23 22:01:39

An allergy (to anything) can develop at any time. As anaphylaxis is so serious (potentially life-threatening) I'd say it's time to stop now.

Urgent treatment is needed to protect your airway, so being alone with bees, away from others, access and buildings is just too risky.

In the past, I've both fainted and gone into shock with reactions - luckily at work, at home or in company - so even having a mobile on me would be pretty useless.

Norah Mon 05-Jun-23 22:20:56

Allergies needing epi-pens are so serious, I'd quit any hobby that involved carrying an epi-pen. Many in our family are allergic, makes me nervous.

Treetops05 Wed 07-Jun-23 11:26:07

Thank you all, I knew it but didn't want to acknowledge it. We are keeping them until autumn then giving them to a friend. Thank you for reminding me to be safe xx