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mosaicwarts Tue 11-Jun-19 12:03:29

Hello everyone, thank you for all your support with my house sale.

I saw the new EA this morning, am going to have it marketed for 'offers over £400K', and have a summary of my survey available in my house for any very interested viewers. Two men do the viewings, they are coming to do a 'tour' with me to familarise themselves with its quirks before I go onto the market.

Feeling very optimistic, it was a lovely, positive meeting.


mosaicwarts Mon 01-Jul-19 12:20:07

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!

I'm bracing myself for a bumpy ride with this selling lark. Just had a call cancelling Friday's viewing - the viewer drove past and didn't like the location sad At least I didn't buy flowers yesterday, wanted to wait until Thursday to get the best value. The Sweet Williams lasted weeks, and were worth the effort of much leaf stripping!

I've phoned the roofer again this morning and hope he can come to give me a quote. I checked my diary and I originally phoned him on 6 June. Work people here make promises but always need chasing up.

I have had a happy phone call from my daughter in London, the play is going really well and she's enjoying it all. Full on rehearsals and three days painting the stage set, first performance at Tristan Bates theatre tomorrow night. She's also really pleased for her lovely Uni friend who went on to train as a chef at Prue Leith's cookery school - she's just got a job working with a previous Bake Off finalist.

My son visited yesterday, he's a lot happier too, the new taxi firms have 'hospital runs' where he collects drugs from one, and delivers to another. He earnt the most he's earnt since he started doing it in his first week.

So the only person to 'make happy' now is me! I just don't know what to do with myself.

Have a good day!

mosaicwarts Sun 30-Jun-19 09:24:38

Oh craftyone, I don't think you'd told us about the worry of the wood before. I would love to see your old house one day, when a decent period has passed.

I'm glad you had a beautiful woodpecker alerting you to the deterioration. I had a much less attractive wood wasp showing me my rotten windowsills! The sudden and obvious deterioration of my house is terrifying me. All of the putty has gone from the platform windows at the back, it's all just fallen off over the past few weeks. I must stop being so fearful as the advert does state renovation now, people must expect it. I am just seeing all the faults now. The estate agent viewing ladies loved the house.

Unfortunately I look at my deteriorating bedroom ceiling every night, I'm going to have to move out of there I think, now I know two tiles have gone the rest could just slip off. I'm going to phone the roofer tomorrow as I now have two serious problems with water ingress sad I remember watching a programme about a castle in the highlands where ceilings were coming in and the Chief was so upset about it as he couldn't afford the repairs. I think he died before he managed to restore it. I so wish the EA hadn't pushed the buyer to the point of withdrawing - but he hadn't been honest, perhaps he would have withdrawn later on in the process.

My son is coming today so we'll be going for fish and chips in the small cafe at the harbour in Amble. Lots of lovely eider ducks there swimming around, cormorants, shags and my very favourite, the lapwings. My 'dizzy spells' have subsided so I think it was exhaustion and the cold/cough virus. I saw my doctor in Lidl last night - such a lovely man, he must be about 45, but he's very 'boyish'. I haven't seen him for over a year, he's always on holiday when I try to make an appointment, I think he's got his work/life balance right! He asked me if I'd had any luck selling the house - everyone seems to know!

Did attack a box of photos last night by the way - too sad, will just have to take them all and sort when I've moved.

Sunny and windy here today, off to the beach with my dog in a minute. Old couple who own a garden at the beach entrance were 'treating' a wasps nest last night, I do feel sorry for them, such artistry in making their home sad but it's on the front of their chalet type shed. Both in their eighties and scared of being stung.

Have a good day!

craftyone Sun 30-Jun-19 08:45:07

Btw, it was a single woodpecker who alerted me to the early signs of rot, I saw him banging on a corner, so I climbed the steps and investigated behind that corner. The soil was immdiately against this wood, no barrier and then I saw more and more rot behind, all the way along, metres and metres, everywhere. So it was a bird who told me. The signs are everywhere, of what we should do, we just need to be aware of signs, not be closed. I never saw that woodpecker again, once I started to take action

I do believe that souls are energy, that energy slips out of a body but is still around because it is not confined in a space. I can only imagine how a loved one would try to communicate when it comes to an important decision. Birds, small fluffy feathers, that feeling on the back of the neck which happens soon after a passing. Haven`t we all seen that one bird that sits and looks at us, trying to communicate

craftyone Sun 30-Jun-19 08:33:31

grief madness is very real and it does happen, it is as though frugality and money caution go out the window, `what is the point?` You walk around in a daze for quite some time and should not be making important decisions, I think it takes at least a year for it to subside.

I gave away a good percentage of savings to the 3 AC, I don`t regret it because they were all sensible with the money but I will not be doing that again. I mean I spent £5000 on a 10 day saga cruise, I would never have done that in my right mind. I bought a couple of expensive impulse items and on it goes, until I did the sums after that year, realising that I would have to rely on savings for the rest of my life, to top up my pension. That was a very real lightbulb moment

Then in year 2 of widowhood, after spending much time and money on house maintenance, I realised that all the wood in the garden, including a lot of important and big retaining wooden walls, showed early signs of deterioration, the first stages of rotting wood. I fixed what I could and spent loads on preservative but the signs got worse and I started to have sleepless nights and it took only some more months more for me to realise that I wanted out and the easiest way going forward, was to get a new build with all the guarantees, with a normal roof and no wooden retaining anywhere

I started off with a realistic 450k, then I said I wanted to go down to 425 because any offers had been subject to selling their own homes and of course the nosies came because the house was very different. Nothing much happened and all this gloom in the country, I was mentally prepared for 375 and tbh I would almost have given it away, the wood outside was 3m tall in parts, retaining with a field behind and I didn`t stop worrying

In the end fate took a hand, that one proceedable buyer turned up, offered me 395k and I was insulted at first but next day rang the EA back and said I would take it, nice EA said they would try and get a bit more. They got another 5k and that covered their fees

I got myself a beautiful cosy modern built house, cosy like a cottage for 375k and I thing it was a very good price, none of the 3 here offered any lower than the asking price. I know my builds to some extent and the quality of build and builder shone. I secured it the day I looked, wanted it when I saw just the outside

You know the rest of the story, 4 years and 4 months have passed since I became a widow and I think the time factor was right, I was ready to move and fate agreed with me

mosaicwarts Sat 29-Jun-19 13:09:02

Hello Franbern, stamp duty will be £5K, I noted all the other things you mentioned and I've earmarked £15k in total.

My friend has just bought an 1860 house for £360K and is awaiting her builder's estimates .. from what she's told me I think she'll be looking at a very large bill. She sold to a cash buyer for £450K, and doesn't plan to work so I hope she's gone some left over to see her through to her pension at 66. I'll be happy in a shoebox and won't be making any changes, I just want warm and dry with a garden for my dog's night time tiddle.

My savings are looking extremely small and I'm pulling my horns in now! In the early days I wasted money through the madness of grief, but have travelled quite a bit with my daughter. When Steve died I suddenly felt old, and also felt I could die at any minute too sad

Unfortunately as it was such early days some of it is a bit of a blur. I went to Canada to see my daughter at Uni there, volunteered with elephants in Thailand, New York for my daughter's 21st, Venice for my birthday, and volunteered with monkeys in South Africa. I feel so lucky my daughter enjoys my company, although as I said somewhere else, she has asked me not to share my sadness with her as it makes her feel helpless sad

Anyway ... having worked out moving costs for the sale gave me the strength to be assertive with the builder when I asked how much to do the gutter and he said £250! I asked him what he charged per day, and how long he thought it would take, he was taken aback at the 'new' me! Ended up being £50 and the scary news the tiles have slipped.

Off to get my ice cream, hope there's some left!

Enjoy your day.

Boosgran Sat 29-Jun-19 12:54:50

Oh wow your house is beautiful and well worth asking price - it’s stunning! I love Northumberland and holiday there at least once a year. Best of luck selling it.

mosaicwarts Sat 29-Jun-19 12:43:35

Thanks loopyloo, the garden is a constant worry to me because I start one end and by the time I get to the other it's all overgrown again! I might buy a few sunloungers and a table today, just off to Aldi for their delicious Cornish ice cream with salted caramel. Too hot to walk my sheltie so I'm going to have a huge portion with the 'Billy Liar' film I found in the charity shop. And probably a snooze - I used to hate it when my Mum dropped off on the sofa, I do it now!

Have a lovely day!

loopyloo Sat 29-Jun-19 11:13:41

Mosaicwarts. It's such a lovely house. Must buy more lottery tickets tonight. May I just say that clearing a bit of the garden and creating a patio area might add to its appeal. Nothing fancy or expensive. I have to say, I have sometimes chosen a house because of the garden. Have a good weekend.

GrandmaMoira Sat 29-Jun-19 11:02:35

Rightmove has a moving cost calculator which is useful.

Franbern Sat 29-Jun-19 10:06:07

mosaicwarts - What does the 5k cover? Just the actual removal costs? Have you also worked out Solicitors fees (both for selling and purchasing), also the EA's fees? 5k is not nearly enough to cover all of these. Solicitors will give you the figure when you arrange with them to act for you. The EA fees you can work out for yourself as you will have been told the percentage they will take of the sale.
I would have thought that a figure of 12-15k would be more realistic to set aside from your sale, and then what is left then is what you can use for purchase. Also remember, that any new property you move into, you are almost definitely going to want to carry out some changes, maybe some new furniture. Should also allow for these.

mosaicwarts Sat 29-Jun-19 09:59:04

I often wonder what my husband would have thought about Brexit. Thanks for the info about stamp duty craftyone, I'd looked up the costs when Franbern said to work out what I needed to move and have allocated £5K, I hope to buy a £300K property.

I was pleased to receive my 'viewing figures' yesterday. With my previous EA on Zoopla, the viewing figures for the nine months were 6,400. In fourteen days on RightMove, the viewing figures are 3,400. Quite a difference! Lots of people will be looking out of curiosity, I know. One of the Station master's had seven children, it must have been very hard work for his wife keeping all the fires lit. I do miss my old EA's personal touch though - I've just received an email for my first viewing on 5th July. I used to get a phone call with a follow up email. Saying that, I'd better acknowledge I've received the email.

Had bad news yesterday about the roof. The builder came yesterday to clear the gutter ... but sadly it's not that affecting my bedroom ceiling, there are two tiles slipped in a very difficult place to access without extensive scaffolding. No sign of the roofer who was going to give me a quote.

I still haven't tackled my clutter boxes but must today - I've ordered a christmas present and all my hidey holes are full! Must, must do it! If anyone else is thinking of christmas/birthdays I've got my son's girlfriend an alpaca walk - I'll be tucking the voucher into a pair of alpaca socks. Unfortunately missed a half price Wowcher voucher, but I'll keep an eye on them, looks as though they get some great offers on there.

Off to the beach with my ever patient sheltie, should look forward to it but sometimes find it a chore!

Have a good day smile

Franbern Fri 28-Jun-19 16:42:23

I would not so optimistic of a housing bonanza when Johnson becomes PM as craftyone appears to be.
The housing market has been in depression ever since the whole Brexit farce started, and has got worse. More likely to worsen again with talk of no-deal Brexit.
So many people so unsure of their work and financial futures. Many people who thought they were settled in this country now seriously looking into going back to their original countries of residence - and many of these needing to sell their properties here.
Stamp Duty is such a small part of what determines a happy housing market and peoples ability and desire to obtain long term mortgages are more important.
For those of us who wish or need to sell/buy we just have to go along with however the market is at that time. So, the house I am selling should have been worth more if it had been a good market - but then so would the flat I am purchasing - swings and roundabouts!!i

craftyone Fri 28-Jun-19 11:22:01

News today: if Boris gets in, stampyduty will be slashed. I think it will happen first budget, upside is that the house market will explode into activity, downside is that, until then, buyers will hold back buying. Having said that buyers will be looking and ready to react to a property they might want. Once we get the timeline of what if, Boris taking charge, budget potential date. My guesses, Boris takes charge end july, puts his cabinet in place during august and budget mid to end september. Just in time to stimulate the housing market with a bang

mosaicwarts Fri 21-Jun-19 23:12:23

Just a quick recommendation for the Stan & Ollie film - I've shed a few tears tonight! Beautifully acted.

Patsy70 Fri 21-Jun-19 21:14:34

What a beautiful house! If it was in my area, Pratts Bottom, a village on the borders of Kent/London, it would be in excess of 2 million, easily! Good luck, Mosaic.

Lazigirl Fri 21-Jun-19 20:59:18

That's an interesting article craftyone and illustrates the fact that many large building companies are intent on making as much profit as possible, by cramming as many small cheaply built dwellings as they can manage on to sites. The new house we bought was built by a small builder and structural is ok but some of the plumbing and electrics leave a bit to be desired, as after 10 years some plastic fittings are starting to fail. However I think it is a fact that fittings are manufactured out of cheaper components nowadays. On the whole we are happy with our house because it is well insulated, warm, economical to run, and no major structural repairs or worries to deal with and are glad we moved as it will be easy to manage as we get older and more decrepit smile

craftyone Fri 21-Jun-19 19:14:26

mosaics, there are some builders to avoid, persimmon for one.

This article is a bit negative but there are good builders out there, mine is. Even though it is negative, it pays to be fully armed with information. I love my new build and ran a mile when looking at some other new builds full of bling so you can`t think and beware of the high pressure sales talk. Loads of important info here

mosaicwarts Fri 21-Jun-19 18:22:27

Lazigirl, thank you for your warm wishes.

I've been looking at new builds today, there is such a variety to choose from isn't there! I will be renting initially whilst I look, I couldn't cope with the sale/purchase at the same time.

Have a lovely weekend, my suncatcher mobile is spinning rainbows around my kitchen smile

mosaicwarts Fri 21-Jun-19 18:18:13

Franbern, you are inspirational! As I have my dog I haven't considered a third floor flat, but may move to one when he passes - so much less noise, and much nicer views! I've made a mental note of all your tips - especially the second bedroom not always housing a double bed.

Craftyone, that's a very, very nice surprise! Stupidly I used my barclaycard before probate came through, and taking Martin Lewis's advice, moved it to a 0% interest card which I don't touch. I think I started with about £3K. I've been paying off £60 per month for what seems forever, I think it finally ends in February 2020. It made me realise that I'd borrowed for four years into the future for quite piddly purchases which I can't even remember now, and won't ever do it again.

Off to the beach now, then pizza and popcorn with Stan and Ollie DVD. Have a great weekend smile

Lazigirl Fri 21-Jun-19 17:49:09

Nice unexpected windfall craftyone Am sure you can find something to spend it on in your new house smile.

Lazigirl Fri 21-Jun-19 17:46:39

I feel so sorry for those of you suffering the stress of selling and moving, especially doing it alone. We downsized to a new build 10 years ago, and although there are drawbacks I wouldn't want to do it again - especially alone. It sounds like your beautiful house needs a lot of money spending on it, which must be so stressful if you haven't got it, and the garden sounds a full time job mosaicwarts. Unfortunately what suits and makes us happy at one stage in our life, isn't right for the next, so reluctantly we have to move on. You will still retain the wonderful memories of your family growing up in the house and your DH. I do hope it goes well for you and someone comes along who loves it as much as you do.

craftyone Fri 21-Jun-19 17:22:21

re the unexpected 000s amount from hmrc. I had claimed the excess stamp duty back and made an incorrect calculation, they corrected it and I had a surprise extra £3000, out of the blue

craftyone Fri 21-Jun-19 13:18:14

franbern, I admire your forward thing, about your flat and about family

craftyone Fri 21-Jun-19 13:16:04

leave the bronze lions mosaics, surely they give character to the house. I left several huge and expensive stone planters containing lilac and crabapple trees, worth quite a few £00. The reason I left them was because I really did not want the extra hassle of selling them or even giving them away. They quietly went on the list of things I was leaving, including all blinds and curtains, some outdoor furniture, a very heavy base and an almost new large sun umbrella. I always found that karma came my way after giving things away and I think I have had very good karma since then. The extras I did not know about in my new house, the fact that I just had a price for the very large extra patio and it is less than half what I was expecting. There are only 3 properties at my end and we all get on amazingly well,more karma. Give to the universe and the universe gives back in multiples

I sold nothing, all the stuff I downsized, I gave away and mostly to a hospice shop. It was a relief to me and again last week I had a cheque for several £000 from the tax office

Franbern Fri 21-Jun-19 10:06:04

Modaicwarts, with regards to your lovely bronze lions, what I would do is to start finding out how much you could sell them for independently. Then, having got that figure, round it down slightly and tell any would-be purchasers that they are 'extras' not included in the price, but they could purchase them for the reduced price. (let them know the full valuation for them). If they do this, then great - if not then sell them AFTER you have a firm offer going through for the purchase.
Your daughter, is very young, and just does not like to see thing she remembers from growing up not still being with you. But these would probably not be suitable for any more modern type property, and this is the time to get rid of many things from the past.