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5 Teacheranne

Water Meters- Should We All Have One?

137 Yangste1007

Help calm me. House buying and selling stress *Part 9*

572 karmalady

Where does the dirt lie in and around your home?

173 Kate1949

Is there a really quiet room fan?

9 Wheniwasyourage

Washing Machine Water Usage

12 Caleo

Coldness to current interior design

120 M0nica

Fridge freezer Split

9 Franbern

Lincolnshire? What is it like?

16 Fleurpepper

In what did you start your married life ?

81 Tizliz


20 Nannagarra

Glut of apples! Any good peeler corer gadgets for me to buy?

7 Auntieflo

Shower screen shattered spontaneously

21 Nandalot

Ryde Ilse of white

13 ElaineI

Long Handled Window Opener

16 Caleo

Which juicer should I buy

8 Shinamae

Space saving dining table

46 Doodledog

Share your ideas please!

22 Flaxseed


13 Grammaretto


95 Lovetopaint037

Bamboo sheets

21 NfkDumpling

Wren Kitchens -

38 Mollygo

Off-road parking

7 MawtheMerrier

Slippery Shower Tray - self adhesive discs?

20 Lovetopaint037

Ebac washing machines. Does anyone have experience of them?

11 SueDonim

We completed yesterday. My body is broken!

36 M0nica

Shredded Paper.

72 AreWeThereYet

Does he need a flat survey

9 RichmondPark1

Would you out of date tin?

101 nadateturbe

Delay on Neff oven

3 Cheeseplantmad

How my move turned out!

22 RichmondPark1

Cleaning the oven.

113 globalexenviro

Sports bras gong stiff

2 PollyDolly

Neighbours a law unto themselves

19 biglouis

Missing items: thank you Rory Stewart….

5 Oldnproud

Personal Assistant by calling

4 Georgesgran


41 M0nica

Burton Waters

3 Judy54

Recommend tumble drier, condenser or vented?

20 SueDonim

Roller Blinds Advice!

2 Baggytrazzas

Large sofa recommendation

23 Dotty123


4 Elizabeth27

What are the most useful labour saving devices in your home?

30 BigBertha1

High gloss white kitchen cabinets - cleaning

20 cornergran

Garden rooms, anyone got one?

25 NotSpaghetti

New white denim jeans gone yellow.

30 VioletSky

Rug Doctor?

18 Chrisks

Food Banks - from the other side

22 HousePlantQueen

Plantation shutters

28 MissAdventure


3 Beautful