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Help calm me. house buying and selling stress. Part 5

469 Shandy57

Chippenham close Wellingborough

1 Pippapips

Garage conversion-elderly mother. What would you do?

19 readsalot

Argh - they're back!

14 Callistemon

Water softener- any recommendations please?

5 Moll22

Clean freakery

50 FarNorth

Towpath living

8 EllanVannin

Has anyone done equity release?

63 fuseta

High back chair

8 JuliaM

How to get a delivery slot - one website for all

32 Bathsheba

Buying a New Build Home

25 GagaJo

Fireproof safe just in case

6 Alexa

Whiffy washing machine, advice from my repair chap!

62 Patsy70

Bread machine that doesn't leave a hole?

4 craftyone

Just purchased a Vax carpet cleaner- can recommend

14 Ginny42

Good Housekeeping/Bad Housekeeping!

116 MissAdventure

Help calm me, house buying and selling stress. Part 4

1000 Whiff

Are you doing less housework ?

122 JuliaM

Airbnb vs having a lodger

11 sodapop

Shutter for Windows

13 craftyone

Removal companies charges

31 twopints

Can anyone recommend a vacuum cleaner?

14 EllanVannin

I know I put it somewhere!

3 LadyO

Why didn't my mother warn me?

79 Mardler123

Recommendations for steam mop for 2019

10 Cisco9BESTTOP

Solar trickle charger for car.

19 Davida1968

Warm white or cool white light bulbs

10 rosecarmel

Does anyone live in or next to a vineyard?

16 wiggys52

Who Said...?

22 Davidhs

Reinstatement value vs market value

20 lynx

New roof choices

7 CandaceDrew

Rising energy bills

9 craftyone

Anyone recommend a topper for mattress

22 lynx

Family mortgages to help offspring on housing ladder

9 Franbern

Blackout curtains

9 mary294

Waterproof duvet protector

26 mary294

Oh joy, oh bliss!

2 SalsaQueen

Help calm me, house buying and selling stress. Part 3

996 craftyone

wondering if to change everything.

17 NotSpaghetti

New carpet

28 Callistemon

Interior designer - would you, (have you) employ(ed) one?

58 M0nica

Same energy supplier, cheaper tariff

8 MamaCaz

The future of plastic

63 watermeadow

Bath with inbuilt seat anyone have experience of using one?

5 midgey

Plumber tiler and electrition

2 SalsaQueen

Load of white washing gone pink - advice needed please!

18 Hetty58

Recommendations for new, lightweight vacuum please

7 Auntieflo

Integrated kitchen appliances or not?

35 lovingit62

Starting again - what would you do differently?

51 Chewbacca

Need a new mattress! Sorry it’s boring!

92 cindywinall