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We need a new duvet. Should I be eco friendly?

21 SueDonim

Help calm me, house buying and selling stress part 2

175 craftyone

Fridge freezers

15 BlueBelle

Anyone else put their heating on?

136 M0nica

Best kitchen colour for a contemporary home

32 harrigran

Moving soon

8 glammanana

Magnetic paint

2 phoenix

Altering clothes

6 Lilypops

Retirement Apartments

32 BlueSky

How could this happen?!!!

22 rosecarmel

Neighbours making life hellish.

122 bingo12

Shower cabins or pods

6 Willow500

House Security - alarms

13 Teacheranne

BIBO Hot and cold water dispenser

2 Franbern

Why it pays to Google for price comparison!

3 phoenix


51 craftyone

Central heating

18 fizzers

Drawer divan beds

33 eazybee

Does anyone have plantation shutters? What are they really like

31 craftyone

Itchy, scratchy new bedding!

69 Witzend

Projector protection for outdoor use

9 SueH49

Paint recommendations needed please

3 wildrose

That paneling stuff for bathrooms.........

21 Royalwilson

fitted wardrobes

11 GrandmaMoira

Paint sprayers

4 Lukas

Help, calm me. House buying and selling stress

1000 mosaicwarts

Grandaughter scared of my 2 dogs

107 LondonGranny


5 Grammaretto

handheld clothes steamer

4 sunnydayindorset

Bumpy bits on cashmere and wool

8 Doodledog

Phone and broadband packages

7 Fiachna50

Do clothes moths have predators?

58 Witzend


26 Gonegirl

How do you wash your raincoats?

46 cas58

Moving to Surrey front Essex

16 dragonfly46

Fruit flies

28 GabriellaG54


10 Butweam1952

Estate agents.

8 GagaJo

Induction hobs 2

8 grandtanteJE65

My husband is just like his new phone setting...

5 M0nica

Bathroom revamp, advice appreciated!

58 Grannyflower

Ring/Camera Door bells anyone.?

15 SirChenjin

Plantation style shutters

9 Labaik

Sorry, more bathroom advice needed!

24 phoenix

Caple Kitchen Equipment

9 Gr8dame

Persil liquid smells different!

13 Val14

Flash power mop

5 Newquay

Shower Trays

12 annep1


5 Callistemon

Taste or follow convention?

64 M0nica