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Loving the dishwasher, but......

12 SpringyChicken

Dishes for everyday

92 Katyj

Help calm me. House buying and selling stress. Part 6

482 craftyone

More decluttering

63 JackyB

Comfortable but supportive sofa and chairs

18 honeyrose

Property equity release: opinions and/or experience of, please.

18 Jane43

Blue line from hot water tap on enamel bath

7 Sparkling

Sofa bed - recommendations needed please

15 fevertree

House hunting pain

24 JenniferEccles

how do you store bags? I don`t have an excess

92 Callistemon

yoghurt maker,advice please

24 avitorl

new carpet

9 J52

Need a new kettle

19 Elrel

Smelly washing machine!!

15 Doodledog

Broken House Sign

9 MiniMoon

Extending Leasehold

22 loopyloo

Loft extension

9 MawB

Dishwasher blues, verse 3!

7 JackyB

Flying ants

12 Grandmabatty

Shower screens, best way to keep sparkling and smear free? 😕

42 H1954

Best cotton sheets to buy? Help!

54 RonSpivey

How to choose a good tapered candles

7 geekesse

Saucepan set for induction hob recommendation?

13 Gardenersdelight2

Carpet moths

6 Auntieflo

Gas Oven

16 MawB

Mice or rats in loft


Painting wood furniture

7 craftyone

Dilemma,vertical or horizontal ?

16 Shelmiss

I have been re chuffed! (Dishwasher blues, second verse)

23 phoenix

Any advice on what size house to buy?

59 Franbern

What is your favourite classic car

39 Gingster

Advice with choosing flooring please

15 Alexa

Wallpaper or paint

16 avitorl

Clothes Airer

6 Tweedle24

Best cleaner for laminate floor please

23 jaylucy

Anyone sucessfully cleaned a limestone fire place

3 NotAGran55

New boiler needed? Any opinions please?

31 FoghornLeghorn

Norfolk good bad ugly

58 Coppernob

Range cooker with tall narrow oven.

4 J52

New Kitchen

15 Purpledaffodil

Under the stairs

39 Witzend

My washing machine is driving me dotty!

21 Toadinthehole

Best cordless vacuum cleaner

25 ladymuck

Changing electricity supplier

50 timetogo2016

Grease on sofa

8 quizqueen

Damn flies!

31 TrendyNannie6

Selling house quickly

4 dontmindstayinghome

Curtain eyelets too big for pole

27 Katyj

Replacing kitchen vs changing cupboard doors etc.

76 Flygirl

Farrow and Ball paint anyone used their pinks

1 TrendyNannie6