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Help calm me, house buying and selling stress part 2

803 GrandmaMoira

Counter top ovens or Convector dual use microwaves

30 vidoy

New builds or older properties

95 kittylester

computer chairs

29 Jane10

Voiles or vertical blinds floor to ceiling windows?

28 Newquay

Need your help/advice

70 Anniebach

Coffee makers, advice please

61 annep1

Bungalow or house

62 craftyone

Toastie makers

24 midgey

Daughters wedding

57 TrendyNannie6

Help! Which paint colour for dark hallway?

31 Hetty58

carpets shedding

10 FlexibleFriend

Looking for impartial advice

6 Bussy

Bosh smashed to smithereens

26 LadyGracie

Getting hold of workmen

13 Charleygirl5

Cleaning laminate flooring

8 shysal

Painting kitchen cupboards

19 Ellianne


62 MarySunshine

First time buyers

33 Fran3669

Pellet burners

22 CoolioC

Kitchen conversion, help needed please!!!

11 HurdyGurdy

Gas Oven

13 Farmor15

window cleanung

19 Jessity

Clothes Hangers

12 Bussy

Cracked soap.

33 ElaineI

How to clean crystal.

11 CrystalMan

Central heating

30 bikergran

Anyone know to paint dirty garden block wall

22 JaredWelch

Underwear storage

23 Esther1

Carpet pong blues!

12 Callistemon

How could this happen?!!!

24 jeanie99

'Rubbing alcohol'

9 Callistemon

House Security - alarms

14 CameronAustin

Wood moisture meters

12 Wheniwasyourage

Warm Front Heating Allowance, a little reminder.

26 BlueBelle

Cordless vacuum for pets.

16 Countrylife


17 BlueBelle

Advice needed for cleaning wood floors

27 Grammaretto

Lakeland Dry-soon

17 SirChenjin

Hand held Steamer

6 Marilla

Fridge freezers

17 ladymuck

Looking after my step grandaughter aged 1 year old

11 Summerlove

Chair Back Covers/Antimicassars /Chair Arm Covers.

20 felice

That paneling stuff for bathrooms.........

22 therexjohn

How to choose a grey office chair

2 Jane10


9 Kamiso

Looking after a step grandaughter age 1year old

3 MooM00

Lightweight vacuum. What should I buy?

30 Pantglas2

Moving soon

9 Franbern

widowed, older, downsizing, de-cluttering by myself

53 craftyone