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Do you have questions about your Will? Ask Cancer Research UK’s expert solicitor Rebecca Massey - £200 voucher to be won

111 Nannan2

De-cluttering, the never-ending process

163 Aldom

Companies that offer to biu 'Any House'

14 GagaJo

Help! How to deal white spots on oak furniture

6 maytime2

Navy sofa

21 maytime2

30 bags in 30 days decluttering method

595 Doodledog

Help calm me. House buying and selling stress *Part 10*

150 Jackaranda

I hate my hoover!

54 Aveline

Freezers, frost free or manual defrost?

41 crazyH

Old sofa - fabric dye advice needed

6 PinkCosmos

A New Front Door. Ideas please.

12 MayBee70

Vinyl flooring for kitchen

3 Scribbles

Coverings for kitchen table top.

4 Lovetopaint037

Anyone have Corian in the bathroom or kitchen

31 Norah

Boiler cover

25 M0nica

Anyone growing a pomegranate in the UKplease?

3 NotSpaghetti

Getting ready for ......

51 Aldom

Caravan parks

19 Foxgloveandroses

The men load the dishwasher

102 nanna8

Coloured Toilet paper

127 Grantanow

Can anyone recommend a gas cooker please

11 25Avalon

Thermal cooker anyone?

2 M0nica

AirFryers again - liners

8 M0nica


14 NotSpaghetti

Portable air conditioning unit

29 Norah

Has anyone dared to turn their heating on yet?

319 MayBee70

Strange smell in kitchen

26 Farmor15

Defrosting freezer - HELP

47 silverlining48

Should I replace my windows with UPVC

52 Elusivebutterfly

Bath Out, Shower In

120 Magrithea

My towels have seen better days - recommendations please?

36 PiscesLady

Fitted bedroom furniture

45 Gwan1

Coloured Bathroom suites

45 PamelaJ1

Kitchen Cupboard Doors - an update

3 Charleygirl5

Cleaning flower vases

19 grandtanteJE65

Smudgy mirrored microwave door

13 Caleo

Moving from house to flat

6 Germanshepherdsmum

Swept away

12 Ohmother

Buying a new sofa

32 Grammaretto

Clothes steamer

7 AreWeThereYet

Water meters

26 SusieB50

In praise of VINEGAR

78 AreWeThereYet

Have you built a Granny Annexe?

17 karmalady

Batch cooking - ideas please

74 Norah

Do you make your bed as soon as you get up?

66 Kalu

Kitchen towels.

59 Witzend

Moving from house to flat

71 Allsorts

Gas meter

14 Callistemon21

Never putting laundry away

111 DollyD

Carpet or not?

102 InTheCove

Paint colour

52 hulahoop