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Kitchen dilemma. Will I won’t I ?

191 Doodledog

en-suite renewal

11 Witzend

A very random query.

37 M0nica

Sticky worktops- what to do

25 grandtanteJE65

Why bungalows for sale are so neglected?

287 honeydo

A Trusted American Mortgage Lender

2 Aveline

Bungalow on an awkward plot - to buy or not?

154 NotSpaghetti

Autumn cleaning?

65 travelsafar

Slugs and snail

15 Wheniwasyourage

When you say “its in the drawer”, just which one?

2 Kateykrunch

De-cluttering, the never-ending process

433 Cabbie21

Getting the last home

66 Grantanow

Help calm me. House buying and selling stress *Part 10*

204 Whiff

Dehumidifier recommendations needed please

15 Starof1972

Mould on bathroom ceiling

36 ExDancer

ENERGY SUPPLIER has reduced my monthly debits

98 Caravansera

fitted wardrobes

24 Georgesgran

Fatigued after moving

19 RusBun

Age UK Handyman service

43 Nannashirlz

Useless floor washing fluid.

53 JackyB

Removing smell from carpets

18 Tanjamaltija

Simba hybrid mattresses

15 Georgesgran

“THE” kitchen drawer

75 Callistemon21

Beware of unknown Gnomes

4 V3ra

Home decor

5 Hetty58

Two single instead of one double duvet experiences, please.

58 RusBun

Eufy security doorbells

5 Pittcity

Beach huts. Do you have one?

60 Witzend

Does anyone still have an old fashioned window cleaner?

63 Whiff

Future Flooding

39 Hetty58

Painting kitchen tiles

4 Doodledog

Spiders! 🕷 🕷

61 MayBee70

Have we lost the ability to make our homes comfortable and cosy?

249 DaisyAnneReturns

Buying a property

27 Brigadoon

Please show me your wall mounted postboxes

31 Hiraeth

Help with choosing plants please

11 Liz46

Duvet suggestions

61 deedeedum

Moving on from how much freezer space.

1 dogsmother

New pans

3 mokryna

Cleaning sole plate of iron

5 rosie1959

Wasp nests

37 MayBee70

Shared Ownership schemes..Would you ?..Have you ?

75 Germanshepherdsmum

I'm impressed!

59 MayBee70

Calgon or washing soda?

14 grandtanteJE65

A Lightweight Hoover

10 Aveline

Boots Online Ordering.

11 Calendargirl

Mini Oven or Air Fryer - what do you think?

16 Hetty58

Jewelry cleaner

7 rafichagran

Living in Filey

11 Kateykrunch

Should I put my trainers in the washing machine?

42 Dickens