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Starting again - what would you do differently?

7 M0nica

It's cheap, and it works!

6 jo1book

Help calm me, house buying and selling stress. Part 3

758 Ellianne

Parking nightmare.

82 SalsaQueen

White walls in homes

63 kittylester

Matt or satin paint for interior walls

20 NotSpaghetti

Biggest 'Modern Day' Friend

54 Callistemon

Tips for having a smooth loft conversion project

16 Oopsadaisy3

Searching for unbleached toilet paper

1 eddiecat78

Who owns garden fence? Neighbours say not them.

23 Dillyduck

Toilets, lavatories, whatever you call them!

46 dahlia

Help needed, which kitchen manufacturer would you recommend?

88 Patticake123

"Feature wall"?

24 Glorybee

Artificial plants......would real ones be much better?

16 BradfordLass73

Changing electricity supplier

47 aprilrose

Heated clothes driers.

25 BlueBelle

It looks so wrong!!

33 Party4

Clothes coming out of the washing machine with dirty marks on

28 Lilypops

Changing electricity supplier

3 gerry86

House Security - alarms

16 Floradora9

Help! I can’t cook any more!

53 anxiousgran

Artex ceilings

23 Alexa

Battery fabric defuzzer

21 Stansgran

Spinner mop/floor polisher

6 aprilrose

Thoughtless people at a tribute band concert,

2 Chestnut

Moving to Surrey front Essex

17 NanaPlenty

Equity Release Warning

12 NanaPlenty

Open plan kitchen or separate kitchen?

47 Doodledog

Retirement Flats

43 Grammaretto

Nervous in a house rather than a flat?

46 Jane10

Replacement parts for vintage tea sets?

13 fourormore

Decluttering my wardrobes

32 Callistemon

I can’t declutter!

27 Wheniwasyourage

Counter top ovens or Convector dual use microwaves

34 Franbern

Where is your kitchen situated?

121 travelsafar

Steam Mop Recommendation

27 Jojoh

Storm damage

20 Mapleleaf

Chipping Campden?

7 Factfinder

Would you move to the country?

114 Caro6699

Hot water dispenser or kettle?

44 Franbern


18 MissAdventure

Decorating mistake

10 Ngaio1

Paint brush or roller?

23 GracesGranMK3

Wood worktops

23 FlexibleFriend

Living on a Narrow Boat

36 gardenoma

Oldest kitchen?

86 absent

Boxt boiler company

28 starshine

Recommendations for a carpet cleaner

2 Franbern

Stains on carpets tried most things any ideas

18 Franbern

How to clean a tv screen?

62 M0nica