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Help calm me. House buying and selling stress

899 Shandy57

How do I use Pinterest for ideas?

36 Kalu

A Deep Clean

7 Teacheranne

Household Electricity

21 MamaCaz

Vinyl wrapped kitchen cupboards

21 Jennifermichal

Impatiently waiting

30 Germanshepherdsmum

Hot water dispensers

54 Luckygirl

Silent electric fan heater?

11 cornishpatsy


29 Katie59

Heat Pump

15 Katie59

Best hard floor cleaner

14 BabyLayla

In House Security Cameras

16 TrendyNannie6

Converting an old shed into a nice summer house… well that’s the plan! 🥴

55 Shinamae

Decorating - do you sometimes think you are too old to do this stuff!

67 Kali2

Shower Curtains, Love or Loathe

37 Itsawelshthing

building work

6 Infinity2

Inspiration please.

31 Nannagarra

Big gilt mirror over fireplace.

16 NotTooOld

best cordless hoover

23 Ethel27

Dilemma - advice on using burglar alarm please

16 Nonogran

Moving to Durham

10 MaizieD


10 cornishpatsy

Feeling sad about moving

28 Juicywords

Folding dry washing

75 Annana

Pillow talk

22 NotAGran55

Help. My Dyson has died - recommendations please!

67 Shandy57

Buying a new kitchen tap.Really don’t know what to do.

19 Lovetopaint037

What makes a house feel comfortable

89 coastalgran

Has anyone tried a Roomba?

54 MissAdventure


28 GagaJo

drying washing

63 mokryna

Home air conditioner

30 AlexCrowlen


3 Fleur20

Bed linen

9 Ellianne

Outdoor cushions

16 glammanana

Toilet seat covers - are they a thing of the past?

107 Franbern

Fitted furniture companies - worth it?

18 varian

What to use instead of a carrier bag to store food in the freezer

28 Theone

Laundry detergent sheets

9 Shandy57

Theft insurance

12 MerylStreep

NHS & George cross

32 Aveline

Is it possible to dye a faded fabric sofa?

17 Namsnanny

Settlement vs Subsidence

8 M0nica

Please could you recommend a portable air conditioning unit

9 mokryna

How much should I offer on a property?

28 Germanshepherdsmum

I feel sorry for my son…

27 Shinamae

kitchens, lifestyle choices, appliances and storage

46 Spice101

Ideas for kitchen wall tiles

31 susytish

Kitchen Cupboard doors handles or not

8 joesephkern

Is it possible for a house to be too tidy?

99 Shropshirelass