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Help calm me. House buying and selling stress

780 petra

Hallway flooring

19 Franbern

Just the loveliest furniture.

26 lemongrove

Moving to Shrewsbury

1 Katbrooks

Help Me Find a Conveyancer I can Trust!!

5 M0nica

South Devon living Dilemma

37 xatajam823

Moving/downsizing one year on

11 Elusivebutterfly

Anyone got a Fire Pit?

24 CanadianGran

blackening lol

27 lemongrove

Which is the Best Energy Comparison Site

29 Whiff

Maw’s fridge challenge!

71 Bellasnana

New Kitchen Sink

8 Judy54

A cautionary tale!

12 lizzypopbottle

Washing a bean bag......Help!!

17 jeffbguarino

Paint colour advice please.

25 CanadianGran

Can anyone help, or is this a challenge too far?

13 Lexisgranny

Cleaning karndean flooring

8 Franbern

I didn't know selling my fridge freezer would end up lifting my spirits :)

17 bikergran

Cordless electric scrubbers

31 Blossoming

Looking for reliable removals and Storage in Redditch

3 Itsnell

Help me to fall in love with my

84 Alexa

New furniture

15 Urmstongran

HELP! Woodlice Invasion

13 paddyanne

Cordless vacuum wanted but which one?

88 Luckylegs

I was horrified to see my

24 Grammaretto

Does anyone have plantation shutters? What are they really like

32 daknoxy

Help choosing a stairlift.

3 craigfer

Replacing tiles with sheet laminate

11 timetogo2016

Ceramic floor tiles.

6 NotSpaghetti

Upright freeer

12 maytime2

I’ve run out of elbow grease and my knees are creaking. Is a steam cleaner the answer?

49 Patsy70

What's it like living on the Isle of Wight?

20 storynanny

Light bulb in oven keeps blowing.

9 SpringyChicken

Residental park homes

61 Callistemon

End of free tv licence for over 75's

47 FannyCornforth

Rose bowl

21 M0nica

Tips for cleaning antique furniture

8 Kseniya

Interflora a rip off

28 anikers

Recycling egg boxes....

30 Stansgran

Sale fallen through

71 Callistemon

Wool mix carpets or synthetic?

27 MayBee70

Washing Machines

39 grandtanteJE65

Coffee Machines - Dolce Gusto ?

16 NanaandGrampy

Vacuum cleaners

13 Trisha57

Do I stay or move to Cornwall.

15 NotTooOld

Have you built a Granny Annexe?

13 Anniezee

They have arrived! the 8 legged things! going to buy some peppermint oil/tea tree

34 Sparklefizz

Advice on bed bases please

21 ExD

Emptying a Magimix!

2 Marydoll

What to do hole in granite worktop

18 FlexibleFriend