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MiniMoon Thu 23-Jun-22 13:14:40

They do have other names too. grin

MiniMoon Thu 23-Jun-22 13:13:47

Cooks Essentials in clearance.

MiniMoon Thu 23-Jun-22 13:09:08

QVC had a coffee pod machine on this morning. It uses any pods or beans. Have a look at their website.
It looked good to me, but I don't need one.

Delila Thu 23-Jun-22 12:04:16

Another vote here for a little Lavazza Jolie a Modo Mio. Makes a good espresso. The organic pods are particularly good.

rowyn Thu 23-Jun-22 11:55:13

I recently bought the smallest Lavazzao Jolie model from amazon.They were doing a deal where it cost just over £50 and included 36 capsules.
It's very simple to use and just makes good black coffee with a sort of crema topping. You can get capsules in a wide variety of intensity. They do a range of ecofriendly ones too.
Warning - you need small coffee mugs/cups as the compartment you put them is not very big.
I wouldn't recommend if you are likely to be making more than 1 0r 2 cups at a time.

NotSpaghetti Fri 27-May-22 11:57:19


I have a Lavazza A modo mio, love it.
The pods are widely available and the milk frother/warmer is excellent

My son has this and loves it too.

Grandmabatty Fri 27-May-22 11:53:12

I have a very basic Nespresso machine. No degree in technology required but it doesn't do fancy coffee.

Silvergirl Fri 27-May-22 11:47:53

I have a Tassimo and absolutely love it. In fact I’m on my second one now. Get really good deals on pods from Costco. Also had good deals on Amazon.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 27-May-22 11:39:10

I have a Lavazza A modo mio, love it.
The pods are widely available and the milk frother/warmer is excellent

Daisymae Fri 27-May-22 10:45:30

I've got the Tassimo. Works well and dies what I need. I do lattes for visitors, which are very popular. You can recycle the pods, I sometimes buy a big order direct and they send bags.

MawtheMerrier Fri 27-May-22 10:41:56


Make sure you get the model with the built-in George Clooney.

Cnash Fri 27-May-22 10:35:04

I am looking to buy a machine for coffee pods which does not need a technology degree to operate. Any thoughts on Tassimo v Nespresso? Or anything else?