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Dylon fan Is it worth the money?

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Sofa Tue 05-Jul-22 16:34:55

I’m thinking of buying a good silent, efficient fan. Is it worth paying for a Dyson one. If so which one would you recommend?

Sofa Tue 05-Jul-22 16:36:09

Sorry Dyson!

damek1ndness Tue 05-Jul-22 16:40:37

I bought the Meaco desktop fan for about half the price of the Dyson - it’s been excellent over the past three summers. Very quiet and easy to use with a useful timer

ShazzaKanazza Tue 05-Jul-22 16:45:15

We have the Rowena Turbo Silence Extreme fan. It has a silent night setting and doesn’t disturb me. We just couldn’t warrant the cost of the Dyson one.

Grandmabatty Tue 05-Jul-22 16:49:46

I won't buy anything from Dyson after his stance on Brexit then moving his company overseas.

BlueBelle Tue 05-Jul-22 16:50:15

I thought this was about Bob Dylan when I saw the headline

CanadianGran Tue 05-Jul-22 17:19:37

I know they are exorbitantly expensive, but I have one at work which is a fan/heater and Hepa air filter. My DH suffered with allergies this spring, so I am thinking of investing in this type.

For just pushing air around in the evening at home, we have a typical oscillating table-top variety which is not noisy on the low setting.

Auntieflo Tue 05-Jul-22 17:33:12

We have a Dyson fan/ heater, bought when our heating was on the blink one winter. Now it is kept upstairs, and it is nice knowing that on the timer it will switch off when we go to sleep.
Downstairs we have a NETTA oscillating fan that has been very good value.

In DH study and my sewing room, we use two old type fans inherited from family, and they still do a good job.

karmalady Tue 05-Jul-22 18:33:22

I have two dyson fans, one is a pedestal, both can oscillate . They are very quiet to use,on the lower speeds, I used them a lot when we had the searing heat during the last few years, the pedestal one in my bedroom as I liked the air to flow over me. I put the timer on and they switch themselves off. Expensive but very good products

Elizabeth27 Tue 05-Jul-22 18:41:37

I have the fan/heater one, it is very efficient and quieter than most, would definitely recommend.

sodapop Tue 05-Jul-22 22:16:59

I can recommend the Dyson fan too. Quiet and effective, doesn't look intrusive in the living room. I can't bear the heat so our fan is well used. Also easy to clean with no areas to trap dust and dirt.

Daisymae Tue 05-Jul-22 22:35:04

I don't have a Dyson fan but have 2 floor standing ones. One expensive, powerful and another very cheap as it was all I could get at the time. The cheapest is the better as it's quiet and at a low setting can be left on all night as it's very quiet. I have a Dyson animal vac, but it has a washable filter that needs replacing every few months at a cost of £30. I've started to buy fakes at a fraction of the price. I feel that they have built in obsolescence.

crazyH Tue 05-Jul-22 22:41:09

I have a table-top fan in the living room but had a ceiling fan installed in my bedroom….best thing I ever did. It’s remote so no need to get up from my bed to turn it off.