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Teacheranne Tue 09-Aug-22 02:34:39

Yuck! I was reading late tonight and at 2.30am went to the bathroom before settling down to sleep. As I glanced at the bedroom carpet I saw a fairly large slug just near the foot of my bed! Following its trail, I saw that it had been wandering underneath my bed but could not see where it came into my room. Obviously I chucked it outside and wiped up the slime trail but now I can’t sleep for thinking about others that might be here!

I did see a tiny one in my bedroom in June but I had just been out to the bins and assumed I had brought it in on my shoes or the hem of my long dressing gown. But i came on from the garden at about 8 pm today and spend an hour or so in the kitchen before coming into my bedroom so I doubt I brought it in with me.

I live in a bungalow so my bedroom is on the ground floor but I need to try to find out where they are coming from - or I might have to move house!

BlueBelle Tue 09-Aug-22 03:44:33

Don’t move house you might take them with you as they can get in anywhere 😀
I have found them inside when I ve had no doors open they seem absolute masters at getting into mad places
Last year my friend found a trail in her living room about four mornings on the trot we never did find where the little darlings came from or went to
As yukky as they are they ll do no harm just pop them outside and try and forget about it

Teacheranne Tue 09-Aug-22 12:22:58

Thankfully slugs do not move fast so it’s easy to scoop them up and get rid of them. I’d love to know where it came from though so I can block up the gap but after hunting around this morning it is still a mystery!

Rosalyn69 Tue 09-Aug-22 12:26:46

Interesting because I had noticed a real lack of slugs in our garden this year. Maybe they have all moved indoors!

Teacheranne Sun 14-Aug-22 02:11:53

I give up! On my now nightly slug hunt in my bedroom, I did not find a slug but I did find a very big fat spider, the type you usually see in the Autumn! I did forget to close my bedroom windows until very late so I guess that’s where it came in.

I got my trusty Lakeland spider catcher and approached it cautiously. However as I got closer, I tripped up, dropped the catcher, it fell to pieces and the battery that powers the vacuum sucker upper became detached! I did manage to trap the bugger in the tube and tip it up so the spider could not climb up the smooth tube while I ran to to the front door. Mindful of a TV programme I saw about spiders returning back into houses if deposited close by, I ran into the street to release it.

I don’t think the dog walker who was passing by expected to see a very over weight elderly lady wearing a very short pj top and knickers running up the road at 1.30am!

I needed a gin and tonic to calm myself when I got back into bed!

tanith Sun 14-Aug-22 08:04:16

No slugs indoors and a decided lack of them in the garden this year. Last night I went to unplug my tv before bed and there sat on it was a large spider, I ran to get my Dyson hand held vacuum from the kitchen and the darn thing disappeared by the time I got back so I spent 20 mins searching but it was gone, now sitting down to watch tv I keep ‘seeing’ it out of the corner of my eye it’s very unsettling I just want it to show itself so I can despatch to my neighbours garden 🤣

Aveline Sun 14-Aug-22 09:57:44

On two occasions over the past few years, when up to the loo in the night, I found a black slug on the inside of the toilet bowl. What a fright as it waved it's little horns at me. We live in the fourth floor of a block of flats. No slugs out with the toilet bowl. How did it get there? Do they climb inside pipes in very hot dry weather? Such a horrible thought.
I flushed them away.