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Claiming back costs of residential care for my late Mother - before the deadline- can anyone help?

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chrisseward Wed 01-Aug-12 10:18:54

Hello - I am really new to Age Concern forums and need desperately help on this subject please - as I am about to try and claim back over £40000 that my late Mother paid for her care from the Primary Care Turst and there is a deadline of 31st September 2012 which has been kept very quiet!

She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over 10 years ago, and was in residential care from January 2011 until her death in March 2012 and used ALL of her savings for her own care.
Also have a deferred loan of in excess of £20000 (accruing at 8%!) outstanding on a legal charge to Hampshire County Council on her flat that we had to take out to pay bills when she ran out of money!
Flat is Mccarthy and Stone (Peverel) and have reduced price from £155,ooo to £80,000 and STILL cant sell due to excessive management charges.

Anyone been successful in claiming fees back - without using rip off solicitorss please?

GradGrind Thu 20-Sep-12 01:16:56

Chris - If you have not done so, yet, you should write immediately to your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) and lodge your claim for a review of your mother's charges. ( be aware that the dead-line is 30 Sep 2012).

In the 1st instance, just your mum's name and address, DoB, and the name of the home where she died, will suffice. The PCT will send a claim form and it all seems to take a long time BUT GET THAT CLAIM LETTER WRITTEN AND POSTED NOW!

GradGrind Thu 20-Sep-12 01:31:33

Hi Chris, it's me again. I hit ENTER accidently and my letter got posted before I had finished.

To continue, there is a web site called 'Money Saving Expert', run by Martin Lewis, who has been covering this topic recently. I'll try to find the links to it in the morning and post them here.

GradGrind Thu 20-Sep-12 01:51:54

Hi Chris - I found that link.

Read through it but only AFTER you have sent in your claim letter

I, too, am new to GransNet and have also just sent my claim to my local PCT, though my claim is for a lot less money than your's.

Stay in touch and swap notes?

GradGrind Thu 20-Sep-12 02:40:44

Hi Chris - me again. I really should go to bed but your letter has made very angry.

I've found 2 more links to advice on reclaiming care home fees; this time from Paul Lewis (no relation to Martin but both men offer help and support to consumers on financial matters).
Paul's 2 links are AND

I'm struggling a bit with these links; they don't seem to work.
No, those don't work either.

If your on Twitter, follow @paullewismoney and look for Paul's tweet to @mjCurnow on 14 September. Those links do work and will take you to a SAGA magazine site, giving more info on care fees.

If you don't follow Paul and Martin, @MartinSLewis, you really should do.

I'm definitely Orf to bed, now.

FlicketyB Thu 20-Sep-12 09:13:16

Once you have done what GradGrind suggests and filed your claim go and speak to Age UK. Their staff will be able to give you all the help you need.

The Radio 4 programme on Thursday 13 September had a long item on reclaiming care home fees and I seem to remember, on balance reckoned you did better if yoy used a solicitor. It also advised on an acceptable level of the repayment for the solicitor you use to take for his fees.

Personally I would ignore any of the 'ambulance chasing' type solicitors who advertise, especially on broadcast media. DD is making a compensation claim after being seriously injured in a road accident and we googled local solicitors and reviewed them thoroughly online before deciding to use a sizeable local firm with a specialist personal injury department. We have not regretted our choice. We decided to take the risk of paying fees rather than no win no fee, but that is an entirely personal decision.

Elegran Thu 20-Sep-12 09:39:17

chris and Gradgrind I have fixed those links for you.

It looks like they were archived somewhere else.

Good luck, both of you.

Ps - ticking the tick box below the message box before you postit will blue links and convert them automatically.

GradGrind Thu 20-Sep-12 23:15:14

Well, will you look at that! I left some broken links here, last night, and the Elves have around and fixed them for me. Thanks, guys. The Bros Grimm live!