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Looking for money-saving tips? Want to know more about pensions? From grandparents' rights to the best discounts for over 60s, we have everything you need to know - and more - in our legal and money section...
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Winter Fuel Allowance

86 Jane10

Why would my 65 year old Mum want to have a power of attorney

43 Kittye

Energy costs

4 HootyMcOwlface

Power of Attorney Disclosure of Financial Information.

11 Smileless2012

Questions re writing a will

10 Teacheranne

Unidentified Bank credits

19 Auntieflo

Son looking for money.

92 Allegretto

Partner using my house, not paying

98 SJ23

Advice and thoughts please

72 TerriBull

Donald Trump Election Defense Fund

3 Ramblingrose22

DH unaware he is an Executor

10 M0nica

Jury Service......again

12 dragonfly46

Yet another scam warning

6 felice

How to find a rent guarantor

6 tattynan

Registration of title

7 Davidhs

Another inheritance question

23 parkersheen

Securing finances preceding divorce. Can anyone help?

6 DiscoDancer1975

DH dragging his feet re a new will.

58 Lizbethann55

Premium Bonds. No wins.

86 Charleygirl5

State Pension - surprise increase

16 Auntieflo

Renewing/extending a property lease. Any advice or pitfalls?

5 Charleygirl5

Cost of a will

17 vegansrock

Age UK change the Domestic Abuse Bill - please sign

5 M0nica


17 Davidhs

Strange Letter from Barclays

11 mumofmadboys

Another fraud warning

4 Lucca

How has Covid affected your finances?

20 PamelaJ1

Beware unsolicited premium rate texts


Cashline cards

8 Daddima

Equity release or BTL mortgage? Anybody clued up?

14 PamelaJ1

Deprivation of assets

69 kittylester

WASPI appeal fails

78 Callistemon

Divorce costs

40 Franbern

Mortgage advice

10 hazel93

Equity release

4 Barbs1

Capital Punishment / Execution

113 MissAdventure

Holiday refund using Section 75 and or chargeback

4 Cfaz49

Pot of money for 18 year olds

4 ayse

Very worrying email

149 Gfplux

Do I need a landline?

91 BelindaB

Deciding to get rid of car - has anybody?

36 twinnytwin

The Utility Companies, are they ripping us off?

5 fevertree

Old £1 coins.

2 Callistemon

Son just told me he’s in debt!

47 blue25

Writing a will

3 wondergran

Power of Attorney

42 allium

And away we go ..

2 Framilode

Change of mind about will.......

72 JenniferEccles



Care tax for over 40's - what do you think?

4 allium