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Looking for money-saving tips? Want to know more about pensions? From grandparents' rights to the best discounts for over 60s, we have everything you need to know - and more - in our legal and money section...
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john lewis card is closing

10 NotAGran55

Fraudulent use of residential addresses.

11 Chestnut

65% rise in energy in October!

81 Jaxjacky


5 Oldwoman70

abuse of Power of Attorney

5 visiotrap

Enduring Power of Attorney

21 M0nica

Telegraph headline: set one generation against another

9 Brahumbug

Management Company Repairs

15 karmalady

Switching Bank Account service

8 Bea65

Savings Account or Premium Bonds?

155 Katyj

Can Inherited wealth be taken into account in a divorce settlement.

6 foxie48

Paying off son's mortgage.

10 teifi

Hospital negligence ?

13 Charleygirl5

Which fuel company will credit our £400 payment from October?

3 Mouseybrown60

would a 'No Pets' clause in a lease apply to Therapy Dogs?

17 Franbern

Leasehold Properties

22 Cheeseplantmad

Tax Office

8 Juliet27

Lasting power of attorney

13 Floradora9

I went into a real life bank today....

7 MissAdventure

How to give money to adult children who are at different life stages

83 houstonloans

My daughter wants to start a business, I don't know how to help her.

35 paydayiowa

Occupational pensions and inflation

13 annsixty

Car Insurance HELP!

22 MargotLedbetter

Best car insurance for low mileage

13 M0nica

Dating Agency disappoints

19 Judy54

The implications of a person changing his or her surname

93 biglouis

Closure of bank account

9 Ashcombe

Saving for my grandchildren

16 Georgesgran

Scammers may cost me £9000

65 Franbern

How to remove someone's things from my garage

103 eazybee

Bank details

5 Mine

Shall I jump - is it feasible to give up work?

32 Shoshana

Car Insurance Query.

15 NotSpaghetti

Can you manage on just a state pension ?

213 Sandytoes

House valuation for Probate

11 Katie59

Housing Association Shared Ownership

24 Chestnut

Missing will

9 Grammaretto

Joint bank account with children in another country

12 schnackie

Parental Estate war

26 Germanshepherdsmum

If you had just won £10,000…Adult Children and Energy Prices!

24 BrightandBreezy

energy prices

47 Oldnproud

Health LPA, preferences and instructions

17 kittylester

Out of date coins, what do you do with them?

5 lixy

Savings left after moving

49 biglouis

Lloyds credit card statement

13 FlexibleFriend

Have you ever applied for payday loans?

37 FlexibleFriend

Crypto currency….. have any of you invested yet?

45 ShropshireMiss

Nobody taking the blame?

15 biglouis

Who do you consider rich?

83 Whitewavemark2

Selling sites

6 GagaJo