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Obligation to give details of my father's and my finances.

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Newby52 Tue 09-Oct-12 20:54:05

My father has been taken into a nursing home and after some argument he got full NHS funding.
We live in the same house and the Social Worker has found it is jointly owned.
I did not fill in the form detailing my father's finances.
The social worker has demanded I fill in the form detailing my fathers finances and another detailing my finances.
I have asked the reason and she said that if at any point my father did not qualify for NHS funding the council will want to know what expenses have been incurred by both of us since he went in to care.
I can understand to some extent Social Services wanting to know about my father's finances but not mine.
Does anybody know if I have to give details of either of our finances as Social Services is paying out nothing at this stage.
I have spoken to the doctor and he has said the chances of my father being alive next year is very slim. That is when his next assessment will be due.
Also does this mean I have to keep a record of my expenditure as well as my fathers?.


Anne58 Tue 09-Oct-12 21:10:05

I'm afraid I don't know the answer, but you could have a look at the DirectGov website, or try your local CAB.

You may also find some good advice from Age UK, who probably deal with lots of queries like this.

Good luck.

POGS Tue 09-Oct-12 21:21:33

Newby 52

I know this is very frustrating but if you don't mind me putting a slightly different slant on this subject here goes.

I do not know the answer to your having to give your personal financial details but have you thought having complied with the social services request, it just might, be financially beneficial to you and your father?.

All I know is when my father was taken ill 2 years ago I went along with social services requests and they were fantastic, obtained all the financial help my father was entitled to. Try and be calm and look to see if there are benefits to be gained you may not have thought of, you never know you might be spared problems further down the line. It is all too easy to read bad reviews of social services but I found them knowledgeable and at the end of the day the system is what the system is.

ninathenana Tue 09-Oct-12 22:06:44

If your father is being assessed for LA funding, they cannot take your finances into account.

They will however need an assessment of your father's finances. We are in the process of this with my mum who has been in CH for 3 wks now.

Nelliemoser Tue 09-Oct-12 23:09:10

I dont think they can make you pay for his care as such, but they might need to look at your finances, to establish the legal details about the joint ownership arrangements for the property and the way in which you both shared the costs involved in the property running and maintenance etc.

Newby52 Wed 10-Oct-12 08:16:20

Hi Nelliemoser

The problem is I have been living with my father since 2003 and I have not kept accounts of all the expenditure.
Generally I have paid for the car replacement / maintenance, holidays which Dad and myself go on, Dad's and my BUPA cover but as the direct debits were on Dad's account for the Gas, Electricity, Water, Council Tax I have left these expenses to him.
From the point of view of the cost I have more than paid my way. Dad's Bupa cover cost's £3,000 per year is only 1 example.
I have had to take Dad to many hospital appoints using the car many of them being a 35 mile round trip.
It is clear on the land certificate we are half and half owners of the house.
Looking back I am wondering if I should have paid half the house expenses and charged Dad for half the car running expenses etc as he was in the car for most of the time.
I inherited half the house from Mum who worked and earned about the same amount as Dad.

Nelliemoser Wed 10-Oct-12 08:53:55

newby52 you need some proper advice here have you looked at the AGE uk or perhaps SAGA sites ?

As he is on full NHS "continuing care" funding as you say social services are possible worried that if his condition does change they would have to pick up the costs.
I would suggest you collect together whatever records you have from now of yours and his expenditure, going back as far as you can and keep very clear records.
I would though be very reluctant to hand over these records at this stage purely on the basis on that they might be needed. I would question the need to provide this right now with a letter to senior management.

I think that with the house and local authority funding requests the period of time and the evidence it was left to you by your mother should at least make it clear that half your home is not one of your father's assets rapidly disposed of to avoid such costs.

I dont know what your social services is like, but in my area the number of qualified social workers in the adult care team was seriously reduced about 3 years ago to be replaced by unqualified, box ticking "care assessors" at a clerical grade.
I am afraid they tend to work on a call centre model and have a script to follow. Using initiative and questioning the requirements is frowned on and flexibility ruled out.

Good Luck.

absentgrana Wed 10-Oct-12 08:57:42

Newby52 You say in the OP that the reason given is to do with expenses incurred since your father went into care. Presumably, that was relatively recently, so expenditure going back to 2003 wouldn't be relevant or necessary. The request still doesn't seem to make a lot of sense so I think you would be wise to consult CAB or some other informed body. Good luck.