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Ethical money. What is your bank doing?

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GabriellaG54 Thu 10-Jan-19 20:17:12

Having a share dealing account and investments, I often wondered how this money and that in my bank accounts was used by those tasked with investing it.
I found this website, and it's a mine of information for those who want to make a difference.
Besides each bank is a system of coloured dots which show how ethically your money is invested and, interestingly, the percentage of female board members.
Banking, pensions, mortgages, student finance, insurance, credit cards, investments/ISAs and child trust funds are covered.
If you're minded to be more ethical/ greener, I recommend looking at this site. It may encourage you to change where your money goes.

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 20:23:56

Thanks Gabriella
I think another poster was asking about ethical funds on a thread.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 10-Jan-19 20:26:37

Thank you Gabriella I will certainly have a look.

GabriellaG54 Thu 10-Jan-19 23:59:29

You're welcome, ladies. smile

grannyactivist Fri 11-Jan-19 00:05:26

Here's the link for those who are interested:

GabriellaG54 Fri 11-Jan-19 12:40:17

Sorry...couldn't post link from my mobile. sad

Kalu Fri 11-Jan-19 12:56:28

Just had a look at the small print at the end of the link. Due for an update etc.

watermeadow Fri 11-Jan-19 18:08:44

I used to bank with the Co Op because the big banks are to very unethical. I changed to the Nationwide because I wanted a local branch.
Since then most bank branches have closed in my area. I am happy with Nationwide, who are still here and give great service.

notanan2 Fri 11-Jan-19 19:51:26

I switched my investments pension to ethical funds about 18 mths ago and it out performed ALL previous years this year.


IreneAdler2 Mon 28-Jan-19 15:18:18

I've started investing in a 'sustainable future' fund that has sustainability and ethical criteria for choosing its holdings. Its outperformed the benchmark over the last five years.

Alexa Mon 28-Jan-19 15:33:25

I got a letter from Barclay's bank, typed on green notepaper. Strikingly altruistic it was to inform me that some unknown person had withdrawn a large sum of money from my account and Barclay's had knidly noticed and thought that I should be made as aware of it as possible. Barclay's Bank had also managed to include a photo of what this crinimal had spent the money on. The photo was of a Belfast sink. Then I woke up.

IreneAdler2 Mon 28-Jan-19 16:08:08

Just looked at the yourethicalmoney website and some of the information is out of date. The sustainable future fund I invested in is there, but under the wrong company name as the fund managers were transferred to a new company last year.

mcem Mon 28-Jan-19 16:24:04

Please correct me if I'm wrong GG but on a recent thread about investments didn't you list a few companies which would never be included in a list of ethical investments?
Have you had a change of heart?

Izabella Tue 29-Jan-19 10:34:21

Investments and share accounts? None of those here so not a problem.

BoringMoney Mon 18-Mar-19 09:46:19

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Benred Thu 30-May-19 14:39:27

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Heruc Thu 30-May-19 14:41:17

What do you mean? Of course you must make investments. Did you study anything about it?

Benred Thu 30-May-19 14:41:28

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Heruc Thu 30-May-19 14:41:44

At this point the most important thing for you is avoid investing the big sums. Examine the market and read some literature-I cannot precise it in brief. Or, you can work at platforms such as – there you can earn even without substantial capital, as the system is very simple.

bluetrigger1 Sun 21-Jul-19 11:30:01

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