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railman Thu 23-May-19 10:18:38

I received a letter from HMRC yesterday, which said, "Our records show that you need to send us a Self Assessment ...."

I checked with the Government website where it's possible to identify whether you need to fill in a return or not. After completing the questionnaire the online service said I did not need to send in a return.

I decided to check by telephoning.

When the voice service responded it stated if I had a technical problem with access to the online service, I should check the links at the HMRC/Gov web pages.

So if I have a problem with accessing the online service, I should check online!!

Clearly the IVR script was written either by a gerbil, or a Trump type character.

Having run a small business successfully for over 10 years, and completed online tax returns for almost all of that time, I think recent UK Gov changes in online tax advice/guidance/submission options are patently failing.

Anyone else 'enjoyed' the benefit of online Government services? Customs maybe?

railman Thu 23-May-19 10:33:18

Hooray - just got through on the phone - only a 20 minute wait, and I actually spoke to a person.

My day is made smile

gillybob Thu 23-May-19 10:43:55

Strangerailman but my DH got exactly the same letter yesterday telling him he needs to fill in a self assessment online tax return . We have both filed self assessments for as long as I can remember . I absolutely HATE dealing with HMRC !

Being left “on hold” for 45 minutes is not uncommon .

Fennel Thu 23-May-19 11:58:46

We've had one of those letters too. We get one every year about this time.
But as far as I know the last date for self assessment statement on line is the end of Jan. next year. We always do ours in Jan.
I think the letter is a formality - unless they've changed the law.

Witzend Thu 23-May-19 12:05:00

I've done a SA (online) return for several years, but they still send me a letter telling me I need to do one.