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MargotLedbetter Tue 26-Jul-22 13:54:01

Talk to a broker. They will tell you what your options are and look around for best quotes. Once you know how the land lies you can decide whether to apply independently online.

I think someone has already said that your company car's NCB won't count and I suspect that after eight years you may well find yourself starting out from scratch. A broker will know.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 26-Jul-22 11:43:49

You won’t be able to get Insurance online if you are trying to get a no claims discount from a Company Insurance Policy.
You have to go on the phone to an Insurance Company or go via a Broker.

We had to get a letter from the Insurance company that MrOops company used, fortunately there were only a couple of Named drivers on the Insurance so they were able to confirm that MrOops hadn’t had any accidents whilst driving the Company Vehicle for over 20 years.

We then forwarded this to our chosen Insurance company and they gave him a discount.( I don’t remember how much it was but it wasn’t 50%).

Callistemon21 Tue 26-Jul-22 11:21:23


gabriyaljajus Tue 26-Jul-22 10:58:26

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Aveline Thu 07-Jul-22 15:41:27

Speak to an insurance broker rather than directly to a company. I found this out too late after years of overpayment. The broker found me excellent cover at £100+ less than any insurance company I spoke to.

muse Thu 07-Jul-22 15:38:34


Try NFU car insurance. They are British and a person in Britain answers the phone! It’s the National Farmers Union but they do good car insurance.

Brilliant on price. We’ve 2 cars and house insurance with them.
Find your local branch and have a chat.
Good luck.

Susie42 Thu 07-Jul-22 15:31:45

I'm insured with LV and always manage to speak to a real person if I have a query.

beautybumble Tue 05-Jul-22 15:37:04

Thank you so much everyone, I really appreciate it. Some good advice here and will help i'm certain.

J52 Tue 05-Jul-22 14:43:40

Liverpool Victoria are very helpful and have real people based in the UK, who answer the phones. They might give you an introductory discount due to your safe driving history.

Teacheranne Tue 05-Jul-22 14:20:40

When I got divorced, my ex kept his no claims bonus from years of driving a company car which then enabled me to get full no claims from our private car company where I had been the named driver. I just needed a letter saying that he did not want to be insured through our insurance company so it could be transferred to me.

Liverpool Victoria have local people answering their phones, I phoned them recently to get a quote.

NotSpaghetti Tue 05-Jul-22 14:12:47

BTW, they found a deal for my Mother-in-law a few years ago that was better than I could. She was 90 I think.

NotSpaghetti Tue 05-Jul-22 14:11:27

I think it's unlikely from our family experience- but still worth checking.
Why not call an independent broker and get them to quote?
They tend to have a wide knowledge of the marketplace and whilst they are a bit more expensive, if they can find a deal you would not otherwise discover, great!
Good luck!

GrannyLaine Tue 05-Jul-22 13:48:59

beautybumble you just need confirmation from the company that you had the company car with to state that you made no claims. I did that when I retired and kept my full no-claims.

Georgesgran Tue 05-Jul-22 13:09:36

Most insurers will give you 50% no claims bonus, if you’ve been driving a company car accident free. I’m with Saga and speak to a human.

midgey Tue 05-Jul-22 11:54:54

I had only been driving a mobility car for several years so like you had no no claims so I just started again. If you go to Moneysaving Expert they have an insurance tool to help you get cheap insurance. The best time to renew is twenty three days before the old one runs out….who knew that!

Marydoll Tue 05-Jul-22 11:51:01

You can also speak to an agent at Admiral. I changed from Esure to them and the service is excellent.

Honeysuckleberries Tue 05-Jul-22 11:47:09

Try NFU car insurance. They are British and a person in Britain answers the phone! It’s the National Farmers Union but they do good car insurance.

ExDancer Tue 05-Jul-22 11:43:00

I understand Direct Line pride themselves on NOT being an online company. Phone 0345 246 8701 .
I don't deal with them myself but am thinking of giving them a try when my insurance is next due.

Maximillian Tue 05-Jul-22 11:39:14

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Grannynannywanny Tue 05-Jul-22 11:36:11

Sorry, I can’t answer your question. But not all insurance companies are online. I go out of my way to avoid those who are only online. My car insurance is with M&S and you’ll get to speak to a human there. You could ask what you need to know even if you end up buying your insurance elsewhere. I think Saga also have a human on the end of the line.

H1954 Tue 05-Jul-22 11:33:39

Why nor try calling a few insurance company's, they don't all solely deal with online enquiries.

beautybumble Tue 05-Jul-22 11:29:36

Hi. I've just bought a car and I'm trying to insure it. My problem is that I have questions but there are no actual humans I can call for advice. I tried typing in a question and it came back "try a shorter question". So maybe you could help?
I cancelled my last insurance 8 years ago because I would be driving a company car, which I was just a named driver. I was the only driver for that car. I've never made a claim in 53 years, so can I still claim my no claims bonus for all that time or doesn't the named driver insurance count? If I have to start a new insurance from scratch, its going to cost a lot I'm guessing. Please help if you can as I don't have anyone else I can ask. Thank you.