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Kateykrunch Tue 03-Oct-23 09:18:06

Good Morning, happy to say, I have won £50 today and Hubby won £150. Hope you have been successful as well, good luck. (Just to feed my conspiracy theory, Hubbys 2 wins were for bonds with exactly the same numbers except the last three digits, but even they were not that far apart!).

GrannyGravy13 Tue 03-Oct-23 09:25:33

Both of us won this month £100 me, £25 DH

Kateykrunch Tue 03-Oct-23 14:58:33

Congrats GG13

Liz46 Tue 03-Oct-23 15:04:03

£350 this month.

srn63 Tue 03-Oct-23 16:39:49

£300 this month.

DanniRae Tue 03-Oct-23 16:45:22

£125 this month smile

Pittcity Tue 03-Oct-23 17:00:58

£200 here.

Enid101 Tue 03-Oct-23 17:05:54

Ah nothing for me 🙁

Auntieflo Tue 03-Oct-23 17:58:20

£50 for both if us this month. DH is so pleased .

Primrose53 Tue 03-Oct-23 18:07:41

£175 for me today and £250 for husband. 🎉🎉

Jaxjacky Tue 03-Oct-23 18:37:14

£100 for me.

Charleygirl5 Tue 03-Oct-23 19:16:01

£150 for me, that is the most I have ever won so I am delighted. Mine has gone back into the pot.

Justwidowed Tue 03-Oct-23 19:22:18

Nothing for me.First time I've missed this year.

tanith Tue 03-Oct-23 20:43:55

Zilch! For the third month running which is unusual for me. Well done everyone who won something.

recklessgran Tue 03-Oct-23 20:49:59

£300 for me and £50 for DH. Collectively happy with that and running at 4.3% for the year so far which we think is quite good. We know we can get more elsewhere but we like the excitement of checking each month.